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I love the school spirit from the parents, staff, and my fellow classmates. I love that we have the opportunity to begin college courses and have college prep. I wouldn't change anything.
My experience with Center High School was fairly great for the most part. Center High School has several career classes that can help you explore more into your career choice and/or help you begin looking into a career. You also get core classes and get to try for extra curricular.
One thing I wish I could see change with Center High School is that I wish teachers or school counselors would go more into detail about what each career class is about. I barely got to start exploring during my Junior year because I was not properly informed about the career class options I had, but I fortunately had enough time to find a career class that caught my attention.
Center High School offers many diverse college courses to students and many students take college courses. Saving students money and time after their high school years.
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I like how everyone is really friendly . They help you with stuff that to be done. They school is so safe. The teachers are really helpful and the principles are really friendly.
During my 3 years in Center High School I have made my second family due to how traditional and welcoming my school is. Center High School did not make me feel like I was a burden, instead everyone in the school had their opinions when I needed help. I have experienced a lot of changes that my school system made and did not work therefore Center High School still has a lot of work cut out for them. The only thing I could recommend to change would be to have a 40 minute period with each senior and getting them all caught up on deadlines and looking into colleges.
What I like about my High School is that I have the opportunity to get college credit from Panola Junior College and SFA. I am currently taking English Composition 2, Psychology, and Elementary Statistics through Panola and Biology through SFA. The teachers are also very supportive and willing to help and answer questions. The counselors are always willing to answer questions about college and help me choose a college best fit for me. I am glad I have had the opportunity to go to Center High School.
I liked the amount of extra-curricular activities available and the amount of support they get. Everyone can find a club that is well-suited for them because of the amount available. I would like to see the support of academics increase. The school will pick sports over academics every time.
Center High School prepared me for college. Not in all areas, but by a few select teachers who put their hearts into preparing us for life. There are wonderful teachers there who are fixated on preparing students for standardized test, but to prepare you for your future.
Center High School is a good school. While academics can sometimes leave much to be desired, the school does try to help its students and give them opportunities. Students can take free college classes or dual credit with SFA or Panola and they have AP English and AP Physics. Unfortunately, CHS's main focus is on athletics rather than academics and it can be very blatant. Especially when the budget is tight and funding for "non-essentials" like Journalism is cut to make way for new football uniforms. I have heard the Life Skills program and help for students with ADHD or dyslexia is very good.
Center High School is very good for athletic students who want to be noticed by colleges and we do have a flex lunch which can allow new clubs to be created by students like a K-Pop Club, Anime Club and Naptime Club.
Center High is a very great place to get an education and to be able to graduate here with great people. The administration is great and having Panola College right next door is a great source to be able to get a look at a college life. It is a good place to get your education and there are great teachers to help you reach your goals. They are great listeners and are always willing to help.
No school is perfect, and that's the same with Center High School, but I wouldn't give it a bad rating. Overall, it provides the students with high technology to make learning easier and tries its best to improve when it can. There are some great teachers here, but not all are.
I graduated from Center High school, and it has prepared me greatly in my college career, they where able to find me and get 4,000 dollars in scholarships. It has great faculty and students, I wish to go back for the sake of community.
Although high school isn't anything like it is in the movies, Center High School was pretty close. The school itself is overwhelming, with huge hallways and excessively high ceilings. The excitement and team spirit for any athletic event are one of a kind at Center High. There is a huge variety of clubs to join We also are lucky to have what most schools in this area don't have, a Carrer and Technical Education wing. We have so many classes that vary in so many career fields from phlebotomy to welding to culinary. In future years, I hope Center High can improve its student section, which isn't the best one in this area.
The school itself is an average school with not much student nor parent involvement. Most of the school year you go through the motions until senior year. They offer college credit classes and they do a good job at showing you what paths you can take to help you graduate. Some of the teachers here are great people who actually try to establish a bond with the student.
Overall, my four years at Center High School have been very smooth. I've never had any issues concerning my experience here. Teachers have been very lenient in times where I didn't understand and did a very good job in making sure I understood the course content.
Teachers at Center High School try their hardest to provide the best material for us students to prepare us for college and our future, which is something I love about CHS. I would love to see CHS change their mindset, however, because CHS is mostly focused on sports and FFA instead of academics which is not good in my personal opinion.
Center High school is awesome because Teachers are nice and also they are helpful to all students. When I have few questions about things I don't know, I was asked my teachers and they told me answer that matched with my questions. Thanks to all my Center High School teacher for all their helped. What I will like to see things change in Center High School are student to respect one another and show more respect to adult who are older them he or she.
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Center high school is one of the best schools in Shelby county. The athletic department is by far on of the best. This school is a very competitive school and strives for the best in the lives of students.
Good academic school overall, however administration/staff could be more accepting and helpful to students.
My experience at Center High School has consisted of more good than bad. When a students walks into the school, they immediately will see people of all different races and cultures. It was a privilege to attend a school that doesn't see people for the color of their skin, but instead, for their knowledge, kindness and determination. Our school offers the most academics and extra curricular activities than any other school in our county. You have the opportunity to take college courses, several extra curricular activities, and participate in many clubs and organizations. The overall atmosphere is very easy to subside into. However, there are things that I did not like, and things that I wish were different in the school system. There are several fantastic teachers, but also some who I had that didn't actually teach me. I wish I would have been more challenged so that I would be better prepared when I begin college in the fall.
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