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I like how simple it is and the fact that its in a small town. I also appreciate how the teachers are.
I liked how the classes are small and you can have a more professional experience and to focus more also students can focus more
What I really liked about center high school was being able to get to know the teachers and get that one on one help with anything you needed. I also liked how all the teachers pushed you to get more out of you.
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Center High School is fun because it is a small school. Everyone here is pretty close being that you grow up together in a school of about 130.
Academics are certainly good , what kills the school experience is how there is barely school spirit.
My experience at Center High School over all was pretty good. The teacher I had all four years helped me to success throughout the years. They pushed me to work hard in my classes, and pushed me to get good grades. Center High School had classes that challenged me, but with the help and support I got from teachers I was able to learn. The culture of the school was friendly, and hardly ever were there bullying or violence that occurred. The class sizes weren't too big either, which gave teachers the opportunity to work with students one on one if needed. My only complain about my school district would have to be the lunch, the lunch on most days were appetizing and hardly ever taste bad. But there are a few items on their menu that most students in the school disliked, and a few items were so common throughout the week. The school gives hamburgers at least 1 a week, and the serving sizes aren't large enough for the high school students.
I have been in Center most of my life now, and it has become very dull. I have seen the same faces so many times now that it seems
The schools is great and friendly staff. There is a class for all seniors that prepares you to go to college. This school makes sure all students eat healthy have some kind of physical activity.
The school promises many things, yet fails to fulfill such promises. The school has very strict policies that makes me feel as if I am in jail. The food is tasty, but even during lunch time I feel like I can't be myself.
I really like how this school does everything to make sure the students are doing good in class and they try very hard to help us succeed. I wouldn't change anything about this school everything is great here. I really like being here and I have been here my whole life.
Learning in Center High school can be really difficult. Sometimes people here can be annoying. A lot of the teachers are nice ,but they can also be really strict. i don't really like it that much. Overall though this school is nice. The change i liked to see from my freshmen year is how different we play sports. We use to be bad at not fighting till the end ,but now that i am a senior. We play sports together very well.
Pretty nice school with some nice teachers. Some may say its not the best school to attend but i think its great as the students get to have a one on one connection with their teachers. I feel like we are being taught a lot at this school and is almost always calm all the time. Not a lot of fights and drama is pretty down on the low.
Being a student at center high school always gave me a chance to express myself around classmates and staff. The teachers are amazing, They make sure you are getting the educated you need.
Everyone in the school knows each other and gets along well with other. There is hardly any bullying at our schools because the kid's don't like labeling each other.
I love this school. I've been going here my whole life. I would just say we need to work on our school spirit.
what I did like about being at the center high school is that I made a lot of friends and I really enjoy being in school talking to my teachers
my experience here at center schools is a 10/10, because ive been going to this school for the best 12 years.also i like this school because it has given me the chance to study here and i also have support from peers and teachers.
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center high school is an average school that is taking leaps to make center a safer place for students but i do believe that the restriction of freedoms do not equal freedom.
I like all the resources they give for our learning, like computers, tablets, etc. And everyone there is so friendly and accepting.
Center high school is a great school as it is small and classes are small too. The only thing I would change is diversity because most students attending Center High School are Hispanic.
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