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The school is nice, people are cool and all round good education. Some teachers lack in what they teach and it makes students irritable. Campus is a bit dirty due to the amount of gum on the floor. Admin is nice and food is alright. Needs to support other programs besides sports like band, arts, and dance. We are very lacking in those categories. But all in all a good school.
A great school that is very diverse. I would recommend attending. Sports is very good, especially this year due to our football team that won all their games. 4/5!
Center is in my opinion honestly one of the best high schools you could possibly go to. It is above the national average with its test scores and all of the teachers are very welcoming. The sports teams also have a great coaching staff who make you feel welcomed but also push you. We have great diversity and everyone pretty open to new things, bullying is very rare and there is a place for every person no matter their shape, size, color, religion, or race. Its been four of the greatest years of my life.
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I liked Center's spirit; homecoming week, rallies, and close-knit classes helped contribute to the inclusive nature of my campus. There are options for both athletes and honor's kids to follow their passions, though sports programs and AP classes, along with MCA classes for those who are looking for a more social environment. We follow a block schedule that makes it easy to rotate classes, 4 on one day, and then the other 4 on the next day, rotating between the two. Block Schedule makes it easier to balance school with extracurriculars and to make up absences.
In addition to college-prep classes, Center High School has a wide range of electives. I am in a couple of classes that use the Project Lead the Way program, which focuses on STEM subjects. I am interested in the Science, Technology and Math classes and have benefited from some excellent teachers. I joined a club called Best Buddies this year. It is a program that partners special need students with peer students, which I am enjoying. The one thing I would improve is to add more opportunities for students to meet one-on-one with teachers for extra help.
I would like to see the food and lunch environment change. There were many days where I would starve during the school day because I would refrain from eating the school lunch food. In addition, the teachers did not do anything to prepare their students for college rigor. They expect too much out of the students, while they themselves neglect to do a good job themselves.
I like a lot of the teachers who are very helpful when you need the help. The different classes are very diverse from art to computer technology to media. The students are decent. There are a lot of different sports and outside school activities for everyone.
My teachers have been awesome! Very caring and accessible. Always available after school to help or answer questions. Tons of activities to get involved in. Smaller environment so student cohesion is a big part of what makes Center great!
I loved going here, I had great teachers, particularly my AVID teacher that put me in the best position possible for post primary school education. Moderately diverse school, offers many honors and AP courses for students and parents looking to come into college with credits. Also college and career center packed with resources for students to learn about life after graduating.
Excellent teachers who care about students success. Offer great programs for STEM, media and also a 911 dispatcher program.
High school experience depends on you. You want to be involved go for it, you don’t want to do anything your choice as well. I took (7) AP classes and the teachers put in maximum effort to make sure we understood the material and passed the exams. After those classes GE in college right now seems like a breeze. The teachers for the most part are caring and will help you out. For me the atmosphere and people were laid back and chill, everyone minded their own business. It’s a really diverse school but people tend to group up by ethnicity, at least that’s how I saw it.
Center is a unique school and also a very strict school. I graduated in 2018 which was great but now from what I hear from others the teaching and management is very strict. Depending on what class you have teachers can be great or horrible its a hit or miss.
My experience with Center High School has been very good. Alongside the common girl drama and stressful exams, the fact that I have been involved with Dance Team and participated in things like Homecoming Decorations has made my almost 4 years 10x more enjoyable.
My experience at center high school thus far has been okay. I am involved in several sports and I really enjoy that part of my high school career. The teachers are average but some are really amazing and they really care about the students. The diversity at center high school could be better though, seeing as I am an African American female, I don't see very much representation when it comes to staff or just the student population in general. At Center High school you make the high school experience you want and I feel that this high school does a great job of giving students the tools they need to do so. I feel that the college preparation here is very helpful. I am getting a lot of help with the questions and processes I have to get me to college and there are also programs on campus that specialize in this as well. In general, I am having a great time at Center.
My experience at Center High a school is pretty nice. It’s a great place that has lots of school spirits. Teachers are nice and fun.
My experience at Center High School these past 4 years have been amazing. What I like about this school is that the experience is like the high school in the movies and the sports, games, rallies, dances, clubs, and all the school spirit is amazing! What I would like to change about Center is that there should be more diversity among the teachers, because majority of them are white, but besides that, I've had a great experience at Center.
It’s a pretty good school overall, with teachers and other staff that are ready to help you plan for college.
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Every teacher I had was caring about their students, encouraging us to do our best, and willing to help to the best of their ability.
I loved the campus layout. It is park-like which contributes to feeling calm between classes. I like that the buildings are grouped by department which made the campus feel cohesive. The course work is rigorous and the teachers set high expectations which spurred me to work harder, learn more, and develop critical thinking skills.
I would like to see more emphasis placed on helping the students prepare for 4-year universities, not just preparation to get accepted but preparation to be successful in their undergraduate career. The teachers at Center mainly focused on showing students how to pass exams instead of facilitating critical thinking and problem solving. Both the teachers and families need to reform their teaching strategies to encourage students to appreciate education as a tool to cultivate the mind and strive to improve their individual selves along with increasing the welfare of their communities.
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