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Center is a great school with a diverse community. There's a lot of ways to get involve and have fun. When you go to center you meet a lot of different people and the teachers are very helpful.
When I was a freshman, the seniors were so spirited that the school activities were so much fun. After moving up grades the school spirit and quality of the school went down. The teachers are replaced with ones that don't know even know how teach the subjects given to them and the school is getting more and more strict about little things.
I like Center High school because of its diversity and size. The school isn't too big or too small. The teachers there are amazing and actually care about your activity and success in their classes. They will do their best to try to teach you and help you when necessary.
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I just moved houses and transferred to Center High School for my Junior year, and am now a Senior. The experience is great, everyone from students, teachers, and administrators, were nice and welcoming.
I love my school because it is very diverse and all of my teachers have been committed to helping me learn in the best way possible. I don't think change is needed.
I enjoy attending Center High School. Its not a bad school. The teachers care and the staff do what they're supposed to. That says a lot compared to other schools.
The staff and the environment is so welcoming and uplifting! Everyone is very nice and does their best to ensure your happiness.
I have been at Center High School since I was a freshman, and now that I am a senior I feel like I know the school by heart. My favorite thing about my high school is how we have the most caring and understanding teachers, and the diversity we have between both the staff members and students. Center High School is a very spirited school, so it's close to everyday that we see smiling faces (even when its finals week). In addition, it's nice to see that Center High School teachers taking time off their day to be sure that students who are having trouble can come to office hours before or after school, and if there are any conflicts whatsoever, the staff solves it so...smoothly. However, with the good, we always have the bad. Something that Center High School chooses to ignore, whether intentionally or unintentionally is its homophobia and bullying that is caused by the students. While the students all love each other, there are some who goes behind their back to spread ill wills.
Center High School was a school with very little funds but a good atmosphere. There is some downsides to the school but what school doesn't come with horrors? I found myself having fun when I joined clubs and more after school stuff with my friends.
Center High was a very diverse school that valued inclusivity. It had great academic programs with great teachers. There was a good range of AP classes that were beneficial in eliminating some general education classes in college. The athletics were mediocre. They were not the best but they were not the worst. Overall it was a decent school to attend and be apart of.
My overall experience at Center High School was ecstatic! I can't potentially even describe the rollercoaster that I went on. I had so much fun with enjoying the time I had with my friends and peers that I came to be even more grateful for them. I only realized what I had lost after covid-19 had made school be online. As I look back on it, I had great teachers who supported me and I appreciate the bonds that I made with certain teachers. I also loved all the clubs that I joined and the new people that I got to meet while going on trips. One of my favorite parts about Center High School was how they offered a program called Upward Bound in which I got to meet one of the most influential people in my life. I can't simply put into words what Center High School was like but I would definitely describe it as four years of growth that I would repeat in a heartbeat . Go COUGARS!!
My experience at Center High School has been great so far. I am very involved when it comes to spirit and voicing my opinion on ideas to make the school a better place. I attend lots of football and basketball games and enjoy cheering on my fellow classmates. I am a part of the MCA program and believe joining it was the best decision I've made. The teachers genuinely care about their students and make learning fun. I wake up excited to go to school just because of my teachers.
Center High School has multiple different electives to choose from. unfortunately, MCA and sports are biased within my school, along with pleasing seniors. Even though each school has their struggles, I learned lots of information once I bonded with my teachers. Due to remaining in healthy and diverse friend groups, I came to see how other students were blissfully ignorant to other minorities specifically the LGBTQ=+ community. Plus the lack of helpful information in health ed assisted my fellow student's ignorance within LGBTQ+ sex along with safe sex and modern-day drugs. Along with every schools negative attribute, Center High school did have its great teachers. Ms.Galloway served as the school's underpaid therapist to all the damage and needing children. Ms. Stout opened her room to any student in search of a safe place to eat lunch, amounts. few other teachers who equally emotionally and physically put in effort into their students.
I like how Center High prioritize their students needs. I like how the teachers and other staffs take care of us. Their number one goal is to give us a good quality of education while we enjoy studying.
Great community, family based school. Very diverse and accepting of all people. Always takes into account the opinions of not just the students but the parents and staff as well. Handled the COVID-19 pandemic carefully and thoughtfully.
I love Center high school because all the teachers treat us with respect and they teach us to the best of our abilities.
My experience here varied from year to year. I started off loving the school since I was making friends as the new kid. But that slowly started to change as I got bullied a lot and lost all of those friends. However, towards the end of my second year to the beginning of my junior year, I ignored the bullying and it slowly stopped since they weren't getting the attention they wanted from me.

Overall, my experience wasn't the best from the students who attended, but the teachers and the events were good.
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I liked the academic focus, shown through the inclusion of AP classes. However, my school could be improved with better school lunches, a more caring administration, and a higher standard for teaching.
Though the school is quite small, in my opinion it makes it a better experience. Everyone knows each other even in different grades and for the most part we all treat each other as family.
Center High is one of the best high schools out there! They are diverse, spirited, and accepting. They offer many classes ranging from arts to even medical sciences!
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