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I wish the school was more focused on learning rather than sports and numbers. Mental health is not a top priority at the school.
I have mix opinions on my time at CGHS. The school is a good place if you wanted to go into AP classes or do dual credit. But the school lacks in things the students want. For example, after my sophomore year the school got rid of many of the drinks that were coffee or energy based. These drinks were extremely popular and very helpful for people that were staying up late getting homework done or studying. Many students were upset over this and no matter what they did the school wouldn't do anything about it. They also did the same thing with the unequal heating throughout the school. Many students complained about it but the school didn't acknowledge it. But besides that it's a decently good school academically with a lot (not all) teachers that're willing to get to know their students and help them with school or figuring out how to apply to colleges.
The education I received was fantastic. The curriculum and courses prepared me for my college academic experience. However, I felt that most of the staff did not care for the students. Student athletes were "favored" and almost never received discipline when they clearly broke school rules. Any over student would receive punishment, but never a student athlete. It was very evident Center Grove cared more about athletics than anything else. Also, during over half of the school year, the school was under constant construction, inside and outside, causing confusion and havoc to students trying to get to classes. Don't get me wrong, some teachers I had were exceptional and had all students best interest at heart. The administration was the problem.
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Center Grove is great and all. The learning process is quick and on track on every lesson. Teachers are great and very kinda, homework is in between and thge aera is amazing.
Center Grove is really just an ordinary high school; however, I will say that there are a lot of opportunities here. The Early College program that allows students to graduate with some college credits or an Associate's degree in general studies will benefit me when I head off to college next year. The teachers in this program have been with me throughout all four years of high school, and overall I have loved every bit of it. Classes can sometimes be boring and stressful, but my time at Center Grove has allowed me to gain some friendships that I know have shaped me into who I am now.
I liked all the opportunities at Center Grove High School. There was an early college program that offered dual credit classes which I took advantage of. I have saved a lot of money for college because of the early college program. There are many acitivties and clubs to be a part of as well as sports.
I liked the opportunity to receive my associates degree while in High School. The course load was challenging yet manageable. The instructors were helpful and supportive through it all. I enjoyed the smaller class sizes and the consistency of same classmates each year. I was nervous to apply but I would encourage anyone thinking about it to just do it and stick with it.
I have special needs and I needed to have accommodations that help me stay focused and driven. Center Grove High School administrators, teachers and students went above and beyond to include me and to help me with my education and athletics.

My teachers were more than accommodating and made sure to follow my IEP to the letter. My resource teacher made sure to include me and my parents in the decision making about my educational experience and athletic experiences while at Center Grove High School.

During my four years at Center Grove I maintained a 3.65 GPA and just received my core 40 diploma. In addition, I was voted Homecoming King and Prom King.

I was the manager of the JV and varsity boys basketball team and even was asked to play on the varsity team my last game as a senior. Outside of Center Grove I became the United States Youth Ambassador to Special Olympics Indiana.

I am currently at UIndy today because of the caring teachers and students at Center Grove.
I like the classes that are offered here because there is a lot to choose from. The students and their behavior can be questionable.
Center Grove High School offers many opportunities to help students grow as a person. Including higher-level education and a variety of classes to choose from. Besides the education, Center Grove offers extra curricular activities for any type of student.
I love the opportunities I was provided socially, academically, and athletically. All the teachers I have ever had have prepared me for not only furthering my education, but to succeed in life.
Center Grove High School has provided many opportunities for our children both academically and athletically. We love the early college program and what it is providing for our daughter's future. The only improvement I wish they would make would be in communication with the parents.
I really do like this school. It is very large so there is a place or friend group for everyone. The teachers are also very kind, professional, and work hard to help us succeed. There is a very large club and sports evolvement, which allows for students to peruse their passions and hobbies. We are seen by other schools as rich snobs, but in reality the people here are quite inclusive and we try our hardest to succeed.
The teaching staff is wonderful here! The only downside is that the building is quite crowded with the amount of students that the high school has.
I enjoyed being at Center Grove but only because of a select few teachers and some friends. The administrators were more of a nuisance to students that weren't popular. I've had issues with my mental health and some of my friends have bad homes lives and every one of us was subject to bullying and threats. The administrators didn't care and there was no confidentiality. I've been told other students' information that I've had no connection with and many friends have had counselors call their parents asking if they were abusive which might be the worst thing you can do. They claim to be anti-bully but there was no action taken when we showed proof of threats on school devices. None of us were ever taken seriously and there was obvious favouritism. If it wasn't for a few amazing teachers then half of us might not be here today.
Center Grove provided many challenging courses and had a wide variety of classes students can take. Earning dual credit has helped me become more prepared for college. The teachers are amazing and dedicate much time to students. Overall, Center Grove is a great high school.
I like working on the publication for the school. I would like to see more effort to prepare me for a future without a parents help ie.. resumes, job applications, thank you letters, etc.
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This is a very well organized school with good leadership which means teachers are happy and motivated. They run excellent progams for performing arts and sports as well as a high standard or academic teaching. The parent involvement is very high which gives a great sense of community. It must be hard for families who are have to work more or who have a lower income to feel they can participate in some of the expensive activities.
Center Grove is an amazing school. I'm currently a junior at Center Grove. I'm President of CG's HOSA Future Health Professionals chapter. I'm also in one of CG's varsity show choirs, Debtones. I always feel like my teachers care about each student so much. There are plenty of clubs and activities for everyone to join and our administration is always open to creating more. My school has also done a great job in helping the students during the COVID-19 pandemic. The school has been in constant communication with both me and my parents. They gave the students many resources to help with the all the overwhelming emotions we've been feeling. CGHS is a beautiful and safe school. We almost always have a new construction project going on to make sure our school is up to date. I love going to Center Grove. I always feel safe and welcomed.
Good school with great teachers and a safe environment. Very involving school with strong academic and sports programs led by kind coaches and teachers.
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