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As a 4 year student at Center Grove High School, I have grown to love the people and opportunities within the school. I have enjoyed attending a campus that allows creativity and originality.This school has helped prepare me for what life will be like outside of my home town. It has taught me to keep my held high when times get tough and how to overcome adversity.
The school is filled with great peers, but the teachers are very laid back in the way they teach such as showing movies every other class.
Very nice, lots of opportunities. Some teachers care about success and others don't. Lots of money thrown into football while some classrooms need updated. Hate using the ipads for everything. Need to require all students to have a laptop instead. Library is very nice. Students are stuck up though and some are very mean. I'm pretty ready to be done but I feel prepared for college at least. Teachers push you but some are awful. Also hate the new AIM system and the way we do lunches. Should just be given a free period instead of stressing where to sit. Administration is also very mean. Too overbearing over students, especially in the morning while directing traffic.
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Center Grove High School wants their students to succeed not only academically but as a person. They provide their students with unlimited resources including IPads, a media center, special time to see teachers (AIM), and many others, the list is endless. The teachers at Center Grove want the best for their students, they get to know their students by their jobs, hobbies, athletics, and family. This personal relationship helps students feel comfortable enough to ask for help. Finally, the love and support from the Center Grove community helps led the students to success, behind every successful person there is a supportive group of people. Center Grove is a school that truly loves each and every of their students and is a great place to learn and grow!
While the structure of the curriculum and the teachers were incredible, the social aspect was extremely small minded, for lack of a better word, snooty. Parents and students alike.
I like all the opportunities that Center Grove has to offer. Some of these are honors programs, early college, C9, guidance counselors, helpful teachers and the abundant choices for elective classes.
The things I like least about my school are crowded hallways and staircases, lockers that we have no opportunities to use and the administrators making policy changes within the 9 weeks instead of weight until the end of the semester.
I came from a small Christian School to Center Grove High School and was a little frightened at first because it was so big and intimidating. The first couple of weeks I even thought of going back to my smaller school, but I made some friends and was part of the Varsity Dance Team so I felt connected and soon realized all the opportunities that were now available to me that I never would have had otherwise. I love my school and some of the friends that I have made over the last 4 years I’m sure I will have for a very long time. I have also had some great teachers and coaches.
Great community, but little school spirit and feels too authoritarian. Center grove is a great place to grow up. There are many resources for students to use as long as they know how to use them.
I loved the community and the teachers. There is a very wide variety of classes you can take. We have many programs that allow you to receive college credit. They prepare you for college and always support the students.
The academics at Center Grove are very high quality and continue to challenge students each day. However, I wish the school focused more on student understanding rather than just preparation for standardized testing. The teachers are friendly as well as knowledgeable and there are a wide range of opportunities for all of its students.
I like how everyone is a community and there are several aspects that includes the people as a whole. Everyone is unique in their own way and adds to the uniquness of the school.
I like the challenge it presented me however, in terms of diversity, it is very lacking. If I can remember correctly, only 10% of students are a part of a minority. This caused me to feel very isolated while attending.
I like that Center Grove has a Seat-time Waiver, which allows you to leave at the beginning or end of the day. It makes my schedule a lot more flexible but also put a lot of the responsibility on me to leave and come back for after school activities.
I made new friends, and also made some enemies in the process. I liked some teachers and disliked some teachers. I also disliked how the administration decided to put more money towards building a new sports building than funding our education. Within my time at Center Grove High School, they were very determined to make the school modernized, high-tech, and an attraction towards anyone into sports. They didn't really put a lot into education other than funding new Chrome books and iPads. Overall, my experience was below-average, and I would probably not recommend it to others.
It is a great, supportive community. Every activity is valued and all academics are emphasized. I felt well-prepared to head on to higher education facilities and knew that I was going to start on the right foot.
After being in this school district for so long I have had great experiences with all of my current and previous teachers. I find that Center Grove has great sports programs and a wide variety of courses to chose from. This includes everything like honors classes, AP classes, and dual credit classes. I have previously taken a dual credit Accounting course through Vincennes University, giving me a way to prepare for college. I am also currently enrolled at Central 9 Career Center taking a dental course to help me learn about my profession before I go study it in college. This is a great option that Center Grove provides for Juniors and Seniors to help them get a head start in their desired career. Things I would like to see improved at Center Grove are the amount of students in each class. We do have a big school system, but I feel it is necessary for students to have more one on one time with teachers to get the help they need to succeed.
Center Grove is a good school, academic-wise, but it is not diverse at all and very much a bubble. It has okay sports and a very good choir and theater program.
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Overall, this school provides a great atmosphere and supportive teachers. I was able to be a part of a great organization during my time there, and I know there are other great opportunities and organizations at Center Grove. I was apart of CG Sound System, a nationally ranked show choir that travelled all over the midwest to compete. This opportunity was extraordinary and I'm very grateful Center Grove was able to proved me with that experience.
Center Grove High School provided a great academic and social environment for me as a high schooler. There were a wide variety if classes to choose from and club to fit everyones interest.
My school was great, and I had the best high school experience that anyone could have. The teachers were great, the learning environment was great. And I feel as if I am very well prepared for college from my classes in high school.
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