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Center For International Education: A Cambridge Associate School Reviews

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Center for International Education (C.I.E.) is a place for the students who dream about being able to contribute to the world by being a better person themselves. Whether it’s in academics or social involvement, C.I.E. is a place you want to be when looking for a school that feels like a home to it’s family. Although there are no sports teams, that cannot outweigh the unity and support that each student feels while attending this facility.
The thing I like most about this school is how I will be so prepared for the world once I go off to college. The teachers are very patient and understanding. This school provides the resources I need in order to graduate high school and college. I truly believe that this school will help me prepare for the challenges I will face in college.
Teachers and administrators who care. Rigorous curriculum for anyone who wants a challenge. Developing clubs that are exciting and involving.
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CIE has been a fantastic experience as it has absolutely prepared me for college and given me the opportunity to graduate with my associate's degree, my AICE diploma, and my high school diploma as well. It has prepared me for college and given me all the tools and resources I need to become a Questbridge College Prep Scholar. Being in such a small school allows you to really take leadership roles and blossom in terms of confidence, all while feeling safe in a very friendly and community-based environment.
This school grants the opportunity to have unique relationships with teachers and staff which allows for growth within the student body and pushes them to work hard and achieve their dreams.
I loved the number of diverse clubs this school offers and how they prepare my child for a better future.
It is a good school but there are some things that some kids do not like about the school, it is not only me. First, the good, it is possible to get a scholarship at the school but you got to take of series of Cambridge tests based on what classes you are taking and if you pass most of them based on the bright future requirements you can get a scholarship for any school in Florida, but you also get a Cambridge diploma which can be used for any college around the world. Now, the bad, every kid I the school are always saying how small the schools and how they hate it because there's no new faces every day, plus not much happens at the school, there are no activities like pep rallies. Another thing is that there are no sports so kids who love sports can't even play for the team.
Center for International Education has opened up so many doors for me ever since I joined the program. I have been accepted into so many schools due to the fact that the school helped me throughout the process of getting into college. The teachers are awesome as well because they try their best when it comes to helping students. If you are having trouble with anything you are learning in school, they will either stay after school with you until you comprehend the information, or they will help you out during Saturday tutoring. The principal is awesome as well because she tries her best to make the year as fun as possible by providing trips for our students knowing we have a lot of work to do. Everyone at the school is like a big family because all we do is hang out with each other and we all get along like a family. The school is awesome and if I had to suggest someone to go to the school, I would do so because the school provides a bunch of opportunities for students.
CIE is based on the rigorous Cambridge curriculum. It is an institution who's main focus is to prepare students for college through the AICE program where college level credit is awarded. As a small school, many new opportunities are regularly proposed by faculty in order for students to receive scholarships and experience.
I love the fact that Center for international education is such a small school environment. This allows more than anything new for one on one time between students and teachers which helps each student indivually. In addition there are things like free tutoring offered by the teachers that help with the merit portion of highschool. Aside from merit and college readiness the school does start to lack drastically, they do not current have sports and the clubs are mostly academic based. There is not really many activities that the school does with the kids and our testing period is a month and a half long, with some tests happening after summer break has started. If you are looking for a school to prepare you for college and nothing else this is the perfect school for you. If you are looking to get by sort of easy and experience that high school experience that middle school has hyped you up for, this school is not for you.
I am in Center for International Education, this is my last year in the school. It has been a great experience being in this school, the caring teachers, staff, and student partnership. This school has made me more confident, thus I am infinitely grateful for.
Center for International Education is a very good school for college readiness. Not only do they give college-level coursework, the staff teaches the students by a college-readiness curriculum. I would highly reccommend this school if your child likes to be challenged and if you would like to save thousands of dollars in college. If your child earns the AICE Diploma, they will receive the Florida Bright Futures Scholarship which means that they will get a 100% full ride scholarship to any 4-year college or university of their choice in Florida. The school also has a very small student body so your child will have the privilege of having a principal who is very caring of each and every student who has no problem giving tough love.
The first thing I like about this school is that it is small. This helps teachers focus more on you as a student, and everybody knows each other. I also like how it prepares you for college and helps academically by offering free SAT preps over the summer, dual enrollment, college courses and the Aice Diploma.
Center for International Education is a high school ranging from the 9-12 grade.CIE is connected to Cambridge University. At CIE we take A or AS level college classes and at the end of the year we take Cambridge exams.But you start taking college classes and Cambridge exams sophomore year.The benefits of attending this school, is by college time arrives you already have half of your college credits and a Cambridge diploma which has more value than a regular high school dimploma! In addition, Cambridge does not require for you to take online classes or p.e but CIE still offers those two classes. Attending this school gets you ahead of your career, also is a character builder.The teachers teach you how to make no excuses for your work but to own up to it I recommend CIE to any student who is ready to make the sacrifices of staying up till 1, staying up mostly every night waiting to turn a paper in at 11:59.If you are ready for that crazy successful journey I recommend CIE to you.
This high school gets students ready for college. Our teachers engage us to do better in school and outside of school. We as students cole together to make our small school a better school. Our principal and staff makes sure we do everything we need to do to get be ready for college and helps us every step of the way.
Kids are always stressed out. There's nothing else to do besides work. If we're not sleeping, we're working. Could be what we signed up for, or it could be just a bit too much.
It's pretty good - -
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Center for International Education has an excellent program of college readiness. The teachers and staff have a direct contact with each individual student to help you choose your best option when you're going into college. Their goal is for students in the community to succeed and persevere a higher education for your own sake.
This school has a top notch education system. It is one of the best in the Miami-dade county district because the administrators care for you a lot and insure the best for all students. They always made sure we were on top of our schoolwork even though it is quite stressful. It is a very college-bound high school where the majority of the classes are college-level. Not everyone is able to handle such an environment so you have to be very determined and focused to succeed.
This school does all it can to make sure that you pass whit flying colors. I have been going to this school during my entire time in high school. The teachers will not just let you fail, and constantly insist on helping us with any issues.
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