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Center For International Education: A Cambridge Associate School Reviews

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Amazing school to excel in. It will prepare you for college & beyond by making you work for your grade. The Cambridge program is better than the AP program because it will adapt you to learning, instead of remembering.
Center for International Education is a fantastic school! The courses have prepared me for college, and the teachers are helpful and want you to succeed.
Amazing teacher and staff support. Mostly everyone in this school wants and pushes you to be successful by providing you with the resources you need.
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School is very hard but worth it in the end. It is very challenging as a school cannot slack because you will fail.
Center for International Education: A Cambridge Associate School has been a blessing to me ever since I transferred during my sophomore year. During my time here, I have met many great people, both teachers and friends that have really made the educational experience worthwhile. The homework, classwork, and projects assigned are very engaging in ways that allow both me and my peers to learn effectively. It has also been an absolute blessing to have been able to receive the AICE Diploma along with taking AICE classes. As a current senior, the work and courses I have taken during my time here have really helped me learn things that wouldn't be taught at other schools. The work is hard but it truly helps you learn and better yourself in the long run, especially if you want to get into some top tier colleges and universities out there. There aren't really any flaws, except the school's lack of sports. The teachers, students, and faculty are all great. 10/10 recommend this school.
One of the things I really liked about my school is how everyone knows everyone. Although there was drama because we all knew each other we were still like family. We had each other backs when bad things happened and had to come together like when hurricanes hit or when Covid-19 came and we had to video chat, we were all in this together and you can even say we still are.
Another thing that I really like is how diverse we are. We are in south Florida so there are a lot of hispanics and different ethnicities making us very open minded with each other. The only thing that would not be the best is that because we are a super academic school the students don't really participate in student hosted events like the lip sync battle that got canceled. So you might say there is not really enthusiasm for a lot of things except school hosted events. A major flaw that the school has is when new teachers come and don't know how Cambridge works and it makes it really hard to learn the subject.
Going Center for International Education: A Cambridge Associate School is the perfect choice if you want the best education, exciting clubs, and the best school lunch you have ever tasted.
My experience being at Center For International Education: A Cambridge Associate School has been amazing because in that school not only they give you hard curriculum class but theses classes are beneficial in helping you prepare for college and help you earn a Cambridge diploma by having 7 passing credits. Furthermore, the teachers in that school are very helpful, whenever students are struggling with their studies and homework they always give a helping hand. Lastly, our principal and our student advisor make sure the student are safe, they give guidance, and support the students dealing with financial base needs or having issues with other thing. One thing I would like to change about my school is that they will be able to provide sports and even create a sport team to represent our school .
I am a father of a CIE student, it is the school par excellence that every father sounds for his son, the teachers are highly competitive, very professional, the directors are a person with extensive knowledge of very professional educational management, the environment and safety. It is the maximum of the county. We are very happy that our son son is being trained at CIE, and we are sure with his education he will be an excellent Cardiologist, all teachers are creative, enthusiastic, human by nature, it is a blessing that CIE has appeared in the path of our son LG .
Greatly academic inclined, staff is great and so are teachers. One of a kind opportunity in south Florida.
CIE is an amazing school and I loved every minute of it. Teachers are friendly, great, and really care about the student's education.
Its a very hard school and it does get you ready fro college. the stress of the school alone is enough to make you want to quit. great benefits to it for your future but will become mentally exhausting.
Going to C.I.E. was the best choice I ever made in terms of schooling. As a student going to this school prepared me well to take the SAT and AICE tests during the years. Moreover, it has prepped me to be able to move on to university with the will to be successful.
What I like about the Center for International Education is that it is small so everyone knows each other and it is open-minded, meaning that it is a judge free zone. The teachers are also very excellent and enjoy each other's company. What I would like to see change is the school being more open when it comes to activities and not being all about academics.
I like the Cambridge program at center for international education because it gives Students college preparedness that other schools don’t offer. In addition, center for international education allows students to enter duel enrollment programs and work towards their associates degree, which is very helpful to leave high school with.
Attending was an amazing experience with likeminded in duals, an administration that truly cares, and teachers that go above and beyond. The school has a variety of opportunities made available to their students such as a variety of club offerings(although ideally, I wish there could be more) as well as offering various programs. I, for instance, managed to earn my AICE Diploma and Associates Degree.
CIE IS AN AMAZING SCHOOL! I am a senior that is graduating this upcoming June. I believe that I have made the most of my high-school experience at CIE. CIE challenged me to the best of my ability as a student. The
Cambridge curriculum allows students to prepare for college. If you are looking for a college-prep school, this is the place for you. CIE is a big factor in me being able to afford to go to college. The Cambridge program gives an opportunity for all students to gain 100% of the Bright Futures Scholarship, which gives students free tuition for any public Florida university. All in all, CIE is an amazing place for education and community involvement and I highly recommend it for students that want to go to college.
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I have been here for four years and it is an amazing school. Your spend the fours years taking college classes, getting college credit, preparing to go to college, and saving more money. We have a 100% graduation rate and 100% of the students go to college, most of them with full rides all over the nation.
Academics were great, but more funding for clubs and the ability to have more clubs would be better.
I've been going to the school for almost four years now. It is academically very rigorous and a lot of work, but at the end it is worth it because you will come out more than ready for college. It is a small school which allows better connections with the teachers and administration.
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