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I would like to see better teachers being employed there. They need a better teacher for every subject, except for maybe Home Economics. The teachers there rarely care about their students' success, and the ones that did are no longer there.
Being completely honest, I'm having a great time in my school. With my best friends enrolled with me, my days are never boring. What I like the most is the teachers, they are great and are always open to help you in anyway they can. The environment is really nice. I would like to see a change in the size of the buildings. Sometimes we don't fit in the cafeteria and it's annoying, but besides that, it's really comfortable. Attend Center for Academic Success if you want a great education and school experience!
Center for Academic Success the #2 has amazing and attentive teachers that help you in every way possible, which elevates the school's and student's potential. However, if I had to change one thing about my school, it would be the limited space we have.
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What I really liked about this school was that the Staff members would be on check with the students and help them out with some of their problems. They also wouldn't tolerate any negative behavior, such as bullying, fist fights, smoking, etc. The place was a little cramped back then, but each year the school grounds keep on increasing with new remodels in their buildings. The teachers are friendly as well, but they will get strict on you for your own good and they will keep at it until your work is done. I'd go there again if I was in my high school years.
One thing that many people are going to view as a problem, is the fact that it is small. The irony is that, that is its greastest strength. CAS highschool grow in unity. You get to meet everyone of the school. You earn a certain fondness for every single teacher then. Everyone is friendly. It feels like being at home.
The peer pressure and challenges here are provably at the same level as any other school. This school in particular has come a long way. It has overcome many barriers coming from the community and the stereotyping surrounding it. It has deffenitly proven many people wrong whe they try to argue against it.
Due to the fact that this is a relatively small charter school, they don't offer many extracurricular activities. But the ones that are offered are amazing and well funded. Like the math club for instance, or the soccer team.
It is a relatively small building. Other than that, the surroundings help the learning environment.
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