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It's small and we don't have P.e. classes. while no P.E. classes sound good it's not if you don't take time to work out which I don't then. you'll regret it which I do.
and there's Solar GoKart
The teachers there pick favorites and bully other students, they also have the worst substitutes most of them don't even know what they're doing! That's why I give the one star because they are terrible. Suck My Dick CAS Serria Vista!!!
I don’t like anything about this school. The teachers pick favorites and bully other students. Other students bully others but yet the teachers just stand there and watch. I’m so sick of this school. Whenever i was in class, all I could think about is going home. I never look forward to going to school because of the way I was treated there.
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I attended here and graduated from 3 years of attending. I came in with a failed freshman year and played catch up for the last 3 expecting it to be impossible but the faculty here helped me through every step and still have my social life! 20/10
The Center for Academic Success high school (CAS) prepared me very well for college. I was able to take college classes at Cochise College through a grant that my counselor at CAS introduced me to. The teachers and staff are very friendly and work hard to keep the school's environment educational, safe, and healthy. Although CAS does not have all the classes that a bigger high school would have, their students can grow in knowledge due to smaller class sizes and amazing teachers. CAS has many great clubs that are globally known such as CyberPatriots and Key Club. They also have great classes and programs for engineering.
I joined CAS Sophomore year of high-school.
Lower student to teacher ratio, so individual student's needs are met.
Free lunch and snacks, especially good for low-income families.
Focus on STEM
Very credible teachers
Dual-enrollment classes with Cochise College paid for by CAS
Bathrooms and classrooms are clean

Offers NO sports
Where rejects from other schools go
Did not offer language classes until 2018
Lunch is calorie dense and unhealthy
Education is poor in Arizona
Do not advocate college, scholarships, or going out of state as much as they should
Favoritism in the staff
Fights often
Small school, only one hallway
The teacher and staff are very kind and helpful. They let you know that they are there to help you succeed and its obvious that the teachers here are invested in the future success of their students.
I believe it to be a great school over all, I thouroughly enjoy the fact that I could do a lot of classes online so that I could get a head start and graduate even earlier than anticipated. I do have my negative views on the school, but only with some of the staff that they let teach kids whom are fired due to future issues that seems to be a big thing there. Other than that, it’s a great school to do dual enrollment in and to help makeup credits or graduate early, it’s also a very work friendly environment and helps students adjust their schedule to help them get hours in at work.
This school is absolutely terrible. Most of the students are here because they got kicked out of Buena High School. There’s no sports or real clubs. Only a few teachers care about the students and do their best to make the school better but it’s to no avail. Seeing that the students are mainly rejects from other schools, there’s a lot of bullying, drug use, etc. The administration does not care about anything but getting the students a diploma. A lot of the time they fail to do this but what more do you want from a bunch of kids at a last chance school. Their classes DO NOT prep you for college. You’ll be lucky if they prep you for a community college. You’ll likely get accepted into a good school if you do your work (very easy work load and lenient grading). But spend the summer before your first college semester studying everything CAS failed to equip you with for college. Also prom sucks, food sucks, the only cool thing about the school is the open layout.
The school is small which lets teachers get to know their students and quickly identify if they need help in their class. The only bad thing about cas is that they do not have a highschool band.
The center for Academic Success does not have any sports teams, but they are making an effort for students to get involved in sports by letting them play soccer and basketball in before and aftercare. They have a free lunch program for all students at the school, k-12. The students have a support system through the teachers and faculty so they are able to strive to do their best.
What I really enjoyed about CAS #1 was their independent study classes. I could do as many classes as I wanted and it was all on my pace. I didn't have to worry about getting behind in a class, it was all on my own and my pace. Another plus side to the independent study classes were that the teachers were right there if you ever needed assistance, and since few took the classes you could get a better one on one experience with the class and teacher with little disturbance.
There were very few class options. If you wanted to take any class outside of basic math, science, English, or history (i.e. any honours or A.P. class) you had to do so via Independent Studies/Online classes.
Many students are from upper-middle class families that have a lot of income. These students aren't very accepting to students not in the same economic situation. There were only two openly queer students that were accepted by the majority of students even though there were about 10-15 openly queer students.
Very few clubs and extracurriculars. No sports teams. Clubs have little pre-planning and little turn-out
They had no athletic teams and very few after school activities that benefited students
Very few teachers engaged with all students. Many chose favourite students and ignored the rest.
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There was a certain level of acceptance in the school. The LBGT and racial minority communities were certainly accepted and treated well. However, women weren't treated as well as I'd like by the general student body. Also, I noticed that there was a large amount of persecution towards Jews, Christians, and Muslims.
If there's anything good I can say about the school, it's that the teachers were persistent, diligent, and devoted to our success. They always worked hard and were willing to meet us halfway (sometimes much more).
There was very little organization and disciplinary action.
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