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Center Elementary School Reviews

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Great school in a great district, they have a lot of activities for the kids to do. It really is a good school district.
Center is a good school with great staff they really care about the kids and they really care about keeping the kids safe. They have great communication!
CENTER is a great school in a great district with great resources, they really have great education and really care about the kids doing well. Definitely an awesome school in a awesome school district!
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Center is a great school with great teachers! They really care about the kids and their safety! I recommend
Center Elementary is absolute amazing. They have such great programs such as Center grows. Their always focused on making sure the kids are safe. They have great principal. They don’t tolerate BULLYING AT ALL!
Center Elementary is an incredible school with so many activities. They always make sure the kids are safe.
Center is a really great school in a really great school district! They have lots of activities and Lots of ways to keep kids safe.
Center is an amazing school with such fun activities such as Center Grows 4 You, This school was recognized at a healthy schools event. They really make sure that their students and staff are in a place where they feel safe and welcomed.
Center is an absolute amazing school with such great activities such as Center Grows! Great school and cares about the kids!
Center Elementary is An absolutely outstanding school in all categories. They really care about the kids and make sure they are in a safe and healthy learning environment.
Center is an absolute amazing school! In an amazing district! Their test scores are great! Their a high ranked district! Safety is amazing their.
This is a great school in a great district the teachers, students, and administrators are outstanding. They really take student safety seriously!!
Center Elementary is an amazing Elementary school in the Plum Borough School District. To be honest theirs so many good things too list. It’s just amazing. They really care about the students! Safety is a top priority. This is a outstanding school in a outstanding district!!
Center Elementary is a great school they have tons of things such as Center Grows! Tons of fun activities and really care about the safety of their students and staff!! Definitely a great school and school district!!
Excellent principal and teachers. Facilities are well-kept. PTA is top notch. Class size could be smaller.
Attendance policy is a little rigid due to state laws.
Teachers really take time to bond with students and involve students in classroom discussion. I wish there was more diversity at the school.. but that is obviously a local demographics issue.. not the school's. More emphasis on physical fitness would also be nice.
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Having experience with 6 different teachers at this school, I can tell you that each one has been very engaged in my children's progress and care and has been very responsive to my emails and calls.
There is a healthy balance between workload and academic performance.
Diversity is lacking somewhat but the acceptance isn't bad.
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