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Center Academy of Smyrna is perfect for my son. It was a hard process trying to find a school that met his needs as a student with learning disabilities and did not require me to travel long distances to get him to school. This is his second year here at the school and he has improved dramatically not only in his studies, but also in his overall health. He is more outgoing, happy and loves to do his classwork, and is equally more motivated to do his classwork. My son has made wonderful improvements, not only academically but also with his confidence. I like the fact that the teachers and staff are very caring. He gets more individualized attention than he had before. The curriculum challenges my son without being so hard that he can’t figure it out. In the end, he is prouder and have better self-esteem because his hard work has paid off. What my son needed was a challenge and an opportunity to show his abilities. That’s what Center Academy of Smyrna offers.
The corporate office is very secretive and a for profit school. Who runs a for profit school in GA? The executive people in Florida rarely came to visit and did not support the GA branch
There is no bullying at CA Smyrna, and it is a safe place for him to be.
But, for the Private School Money$ we pay, we need more than a babysitter.
They give handouts for assignments, no homework, and our son says he is not learning anything new.
There is a very HIGH turnover in teachers! Only 1 teacher returned from last year, and at least 4 are gone this year so far, and it is only February!
These are Special Needs kids who need structure, continuity and teachers and staff that are trained to understand kids on the Spectrum, but they don't have these things.
I am very disappointed and hope that they can remedy their issues.
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Director and staff are friendly and helpful. They really try to met every need of their students! They test each student to see ow they l;earn, then set up a program tailored to each student!
Stronger administrative staff needed as well as adequately trained teaching staff for this population.

Some benefits include small class size and overall school population.

However concerns regarding authenticity and genuinitety of head school official at this location
Once they know what students are capable they tend to push them for greater capabilities. This technique gives the student a positive outlook on higher goals.
Could be a lot better if we had more parent involvement.
Center Academy appeared at a time when we were at a crossroad with public schools being overcrowded. I will say we have been VERY pleased with our decision. We were actually approached to leave him in public school just for his standardized testing scores.
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