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Centennial Junior/Senior High School Reviews

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I had a great experience at Centennial personally, but I know others did not. The teachers are very friendly but like to pick favorites based on your last name and how well you do at sports. It is a very sport driven school. The music and arts are often forgot about and always get the short end of the stick. We have many talented artists that are never appreciated. It is really sad to see the lack of funding for these programs. The school is more on the small side with an average of 35 kids per class. With small schools, you don't have many college classes or advanced classes. This makes college readiness difficult. A perk about the small school, although, is the community. Everyone knows you and you have a lot of support from fellow students, teachers, parents, etc.
Centennial is a good learning experience where most all teachers and students care about your well being. One thing I would like to see changed is preparation for college and real life.
Overall, I have a good experience with Centennial Junior/Senior High School. I am involved in many activities at school which keep me busy. In my school I would like to see more diversity and discussion of different backgrounds and beliefs.
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Overall Centennial is a great school, the teachers are great. They work with the students when they need it. Centennial just recently added a new addition, including a new gym, science, welding rooms, and new locker rooms. Some academics can be challenging, but the teachers help out the students if they need it. The administration is helpful when there is trouble in the school, they will call a student's parents if needed. Centennial has great environment, the students are nice and helpful, and nobody is mean to another. Everybody gets along well and for the most part there is no drama. Centennial would be a good place for any student to go to.
I think the teacher's can be hypocrites. They often tell us not to talk badly behind our classmates back, because they can't defend themselves. Yet they stand in the hallways and criticize how they students are doing in they classes. And loud enough for myself to hear them. Most Teachers though are very caring. They help when needed.
The extracurricular activities are decent here. There isn't a variety, but most people participate. There really is no school spirit or support though.
This school isn't the best, yet it isn't the worst either. I've had some good, even great experiences here. Still, most of my memories involve being looked down upon because of my ethnicity.
The teachers at Centennial are cooperative with students and other teachers. Their grading for the most part is consistent as well. They are friendly also.
This school is great. Although it can be cliquey and stuck on athletics a lot, the teachers make the experience good. They always go above and beyond what they need to.
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