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I really enjoy the teaching methods used at Centennial. They do not overload students with homework, and students are able to apply what they learn with activities that teachers provide.
It helps set you up for the real world with the diversity and problems that happen that are learning experiences. It's not your average school it has some issues but I wouldn't change my experience or choices for the world. The pep rallies and football games are so fun and loud and the themes we have are so fun. At the pep rallies there is poster wars between the juniors and seniors and everybody yells at the freshman. Every grade has a chant of their graduation year. Im graduating in 2020 and you chant two o two o while moving your hand and arm in the tomahawk movement. I play lacrosse and they bond you have with your team is unbreakable, you are basically family.
Modern Tech School, provides mini laptops for all students, fast and efficient WiFi, and a high tech learning commons. Many vigorous courses available such as; AP, IB, Honors, Advanced and also provides Dual Enrollment classes.
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Plenty of opportunities to succeed including AP, IB, and honors courses. Not all of the teachers are engaged.
I would consider my school an excellent place to learn about the world outside of Roswell, and even outside of Georgia. Our school focuses on diversity, and how acceptance of others is necessary in developing empathy and observational skills.
Centennial High School offers a lot of different courses- including various AP classes. In addition, it offers Dual Enrollment to colleges around Georgia including Georgia Tech, which is good for taking higher-level courses. In terms of clubs, there are several award winning clubs but also an opportunity to start any club. I personally started the Stand up to Cancer club, which raises money for cancer research. Overall, it is a great school.
I have had older siblings attend Centennial years back, and when I started in 2015 all the way to when I graduated May of 2019, this was definitely an experience I wouldn't forget.
I like my friends and most of the teachers. I had a good experience for the most part. Like sports and played a couple all 4 years
School has well rounded programs both academic and athletic to help push students to higher levels. Teachers at Centennial are dedicated to making sure students understand work and can succeed by pushing them to higher standards.
My experience at centennial high school was great. I attended there for all four years and the teachers were great and the club activities. They have a really good music program there. Overall i would change anything.
Going to centennial was a pretty normal experience. The one thing I would like to see more of is student support systems whether it is teachers, principals, or counselors.
East Roswell school with a semi-adequate football team, sad, standardized school lunches, indifferent faculty, but plenty of resources for any bright and under-challenged teen. This school is mostly what your student makes of it. I think you should reflect on your values prior to committing to the school for the long term.
I like Centennial . The school was built pretty recent . 1997. I like that my school , centennial has a lot sponsors . Lots of clubs. Not too little of students or vice versa. Teachers are pretty cool.
I like the diversity at Centennial and the different academic opportunities it provides. I also think the teachers are great and really care about helping the students. However, the facility is a little old, but improvements are being made.
Centennial was very fun to attend. I was apart of the athletic department. Being able to go to school and get a good education and also be able to be apart of a sports team was a nice experience.
I love the diversity Centennial offers their students. I have met so many people that have become very dear to me.
Centennial High school is an average high school. Super diverse and all, but the teachers could be better. The food is okay, nachos are the best, but the chips are still stale. We have a lot of educational course options, especially online and it's cool that you get to follow your own creative pathway.
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Centennial High School is a melting pot of students from various backgrounds and lifestyles. It's divided into students who value the importance of education to students who want to put on a show. Adding on, teachers are either a hit or miss. Some teachers are dedicated to their job and collaborate with their students in order for them to succeed. On the other hand, some teachers become the background of the classroom and are only there to take attendance. Overall, Centennial High School can improve in their education department as well as their discipline.
I love the diversity our school has! The school has students from all over the world. Over all the school is nice and throughout all four years i had fun. The school engages most of the kids to participate in some kind of an activity or a club or a sport. Also maybe a better and healthier style of food in the cafeterias. Something that i would like to see changed is some of the bathrooms might need a little renovation and also longer lunch. Some of the lockers need a little upgrade as well. Other then that the school doesn’t need anything else .
Centennial high school is a melting pot of cultures. Students of all backgrounds go here, and it really shows when you look at our sports teams and other extracurriculars.
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