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I loved the staff and diversity at the school. Teachers were really committed to their students and promoted growth and learning.
I have studied at Centennial High School for 3 years, I really like this school because it is big, there is a lot of diversity, it is beautiful, it has a good education and the teachers are very nice. I still can't believe I have a year left to graduate, I still remember my first day of school as yesterday, I also remember my teachers and my classmates who were very nice and helped me a lot. I have been through many things in this school, both good and bad, there have been people who have left my life but also good people have come in my life, but I do not regret anything because things happen for some reason, because God's time is perfect and thanks to that I am the intelligent and mature person that I became, full of experiences and prepared for the new experiences that life would bring me, since I am young and what I have lived is just the beginning of a great adventure.
Overall I though Centennial High school was a really good well rounded school. Way better than my old school. Centennial gives you many opportunities to prep you for the real world ahead. For me personally, I though the baseball team/ organization was really good. It just was really unfortunate that I didn't get to play my senior with them. Now that I have graduated from their I can happily say that I am glad I moved there and experienced a great school that was centennial. I also can't was for my first year of college air Kennesaw State University. I know its going to be challenging but I think I'm ready.
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I loved going to Centennial. I was able to really grow as a person while I was there and the teachers helped me to where I graduated top of my class. I wish I would've been there all four years of high school, but I'm grateful for the three years I was there.
It was an overall good experience. I found my people and took classes that were rigorous enough for me. I wouldn't give 5 stars however because I always felt very unsupported by admin/counselors.
Centennial is such a diverse school with people with different talents and passions. The school has many programs and opportunities for you to follow your dreams.
Centennial High School is home to some amazing programs, particularly the Math and Social Studies Departments. The Math department offers three AP courses, AP Calculus (AB and BC) and AP Statistics. Students who take these APs at Centennial typically earn 4s and 5s on their AP Exams. The Social Studies department is home to one of the best Model UN teams in the nation. While this is an extracurricular activity, students who participate in it will gain knowledge on international affairs, which makes them more globally educated. Additionally, Centennial has an IB program. Students who participated in IB were accepted into schools such as Stanford, Emory, and Duke! While the general education classes could be improved, there is certainly opportunity for success at this school!
I moved to Georgia from New Jersey after my sophomore year of high school. Compared to the high school that I attended before attending Centennial, Centennial was amazing. After attending Centennial for a year, I soon realized that every high school goes through the same things. Of course, there would be drama between some of the students or between the teachers and the students. But there were more positive things going on in Centennial.
I liked how diverse Centennial was and how the school showed its support to diversity throughout the years. I participated in band and everyone there was so nice it felt like a family. the people at Centennial was definitely the best. However, the teachers were not as spectacular. Punishments for things like harassment or bullying was rarely taken care of. I've spoken to close friends who were bullied and went to the counselors and administration for help but they were told that their issue wasn't "a big deal" and ignored them. I have also had experiences with some of the teachers at Centennial being not as professional as I would like. what I mean by this is that some teachers didn't seem to care about their job and weren't engaging. At times, I honestly felt like I could have done a better job teaching than the teachers themselves. For the future, I would like to see a change in how teachers should approach teaching a class and be more involved than assigning online work everyday.
Overall I had a good experience in Centennial. I was happy with the teachers that I got for the most part even though there were some who I struggled learning from. Centennial emphasizes a lot on the fact that it has so many people of different cultures and backgrounds in the school. There are many clubs where you can meet with people of the same cultural background and I myself was involved in one. It was very empowering and I met many new people because of it. A thing that could be improved is some of the academic aspects of the school. Some teachers get annoyed when you ask a question and that shouldn't happen. Asking questions should always be encouraged so that the students can learn the material properly and get the most out of every lesson.
Overall it’s a pretty normal high school, the school does cater to your specific career path which is good, we are typically low on supplies which sucks especially when it comes to restrooms.
The administration was never consistent I had three principals over my four-year course. It allows the student to take a wide range of classes to find a potential career path that fits them.
The diversity at Centennial was unique. I loved being around people from many parts of the world! The teachers care a lot about you and you feel that you are in a safe environment around these people.
I attended Centennial for all four years and it was great. I experienced two completely different principals; participated in sports & clubs, and really just witnessed the school change and grow. I enjoyed my experience and I'm grateful for the times I had & memories I made.
I wish the school was cleaner especially the bathrooms and cafeteria but the teachers and students are awesome.
I have enjoyed my time at Centennial High School. I have been in all honors and AP classes and I think that the teachers are good. However, the food in the cafeteria could be improved, and I do not like how I have had three different principals in the last 4 years. I would have rather had one principal that I could get to know and think of as a resource.
The teachers have my high school experience one that touches my heart. It is clear to see that they genuinely care about my learning and growth as a student. Aside from academics, I’ve also enjoyed my basketball coach and team in also helping me grow as a person.
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Centennial was a good school and had some amazing teachers, But in spite of all the good things, there needs to be changes in how they treat students and better teaching methods. Students voices needed to be heard. I would like to add that the Georgia school systems need improvement because it is way too easy for someone to move forward without really trying :/
It was very easy for me to transition to Centennial after moving places. In my experience, the majority of people have been nice. There's also a lot of diversity here. All of my teachers seem to try their best, and they don't mind me coming in after school for help with work. The food wasn't great, but it surely wasn't terrible. There are numerous resources ranging from things like SAT prep to a plethora of AP courses. Safety is something I don't have to worry about, since cameras monitor every exit, and exit doors are always locked from the outside. Overall, Centennial is the best high school I've been to, compared to the last two I attended.
I like the way teachers handle learning and education. Some repairs could be done on the bathroom, but overall a good school.
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