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I believe that Centennial High School is probably the best high school in the Pueblo district as the teachers all seem to be incredibly motivated with them, offering online and hybrid classes to students in need of them such as myself. They also respond extremely quickly and diligently to any questions we may ask. The only real fault is that the administration from the district side is slow and pretty unresponsive but that is something that is not the fault of Centennial but mainly of school district 60.
I have had generations of family going to Centennial and I would like to continue this tradition. They even had some nice classes until as of lately. Still a good school but the cool classes aren't available anymore.
I can honestly say I have enjoyed my experience at Centennial High School.The staff are super friendly and will work with you on whatever you need help with.The office staff are always their to greet you with a warm welcome and smile.Centennial does a great job at making sure you are ready to graduate.At Centennial their is really no way of not graduating unless you are not trying.Centennial has the best counselors and they will help with anything you are going through and will make sure you are on your road to success.We have really good security and I always feel safe in the halls.The students are great and you will always meet new friends.
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As I go into my Junior year at Centennial, I have no regrets about attending. Most of the students are involved in programs/clubs, and the counselors are always pushing to help get more students involved. The counselors are always honest and help us achieve our dreams while also making backup plans. The teachers are typically either amazing or terrible, there really isn't an in between but the experienced teachers typically perform better (unsurprisingly). Bell game is a huge part of the school and is one of .y favorite parts of the school. I love Centennial and all the opportunities it offers!
I really loved the spirit of Centennial High School especially during bell week. The opportunities they provide are really cool as well. For example I am in the concurrent enrollment program which allows me to take college classes while being a high school student.
Centennial High School has a great culture. There is little to no bullying that I have seen occur in the school. Most of the teachers are very friendly and helpful. They are willing to work with you to fix any problems that you are experiencing in your learning path. However, one thing that is not great is locking the bathrooms. I understand the concern of vaping/smoking/ditching in the bathrooms, but locking all but one bathroom is impractical and leads to longer bathroom trips during class, and long lines during passing period. The district also took away all of our upper media computers, which poses an issue for classes which might want to use computers. There aren't enough computers for the students.
I went to CHS from sophomore year until graduation. I loved the teachers and the dedication to my learning throughout my time there. I was able to participate in a dual enrollment program, meaning I took all my classes junior and senior year at the community college. Because of this, I was able to graduate high school with a diploma and an associates degree in the arts.
I liked how we had a lot of school sprit. the teachers were always there to help you. there was not that much drama there. it was just a great environment and a great school.
i enjoyed most of the teachers i had, & i learned a lot overall, but i did not have a good time with the students there. & now the class of 2020 can't even have a real graduation. but i'm making the most out of my time instead of being sad.
Centennial provides a great atmosphere with many different tools to help students grow over their 4 years attending. The teachers are very well meaning and willing to go the extra mile to help students that are willing to put in the extra work. These teachers over my 4 years were great leaders and gave me guidance when necessary and were very educated about their respective course of study.
Centennial is a pretty good school. It has a great music program that need more attention though. I have attended school here as a student and this is my fourth year. This has the best music program in Pueblo, CO. Our school also has some of the best academics than other high schools in the district.
I liked the education I received and the teachers were very caring and helpful. I also made supportive connections with many of my teachers. I love to learn and this school definitely made a great fit for me!
I would like to see our schooling system go up as in the fact that we don’t have a good technology system
Centennial is one of the best high schools in Pueblo. All of the teachers want you to succeed and are very happy to help you.
My son hated school on the east coast but since we have moved to Pueblo, he not only has lots of friends, but he loves this school! Thanks everyone for being so kind! Great school!!
The school was great and so were the teachers. The admin staff changed frequently and the facility is outdated. Athletics were amazing.
It is so easy to be yourself here at Centennial High School. Everyone is so accepting and that is what I like the most. You don't have to pretend to be someone you're not. There are also so many clubs to join. I like how they give us the opportunity to start a new club if there isn't one that interests us that already exists. It is super easy to become involved within Centennial. We have a ton of sports and clubs that anyone can join. I also appreciate each and every staff member here. They make it easy to ask for help with anything and everything.
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.My favorite thing about Centennial High School is the great counselors. They are always so kind, willing to help, and prepared for any questions. Personally I believe my counselor Mrs. Kelly Summers is the best. She's always giving me the real raw information about my college choices, she even set up an appointment for me to meet with the student advisory director from Colorado State University Of Pueblo for business. She has also directed me on how to apply for colleges, financial aid, and even scholarships. I am very thankful for her. She has helped set myself up for life, with the informative knowledge she know
I love how we are one big community that can come together as one bulldogs old, new, and soon to be, to be apart of great things like the annual bell game that has been going on for years.
Overall, Centennial has a great learning environment thanks to the dedicated administration as well as extensive programs to integrate students into the high school lifestyle. Centennial also offers several AP classes that students can enroll in and students have the chance to study at the local colleges while still in high school. Centennial has had issues with student behavior so smaller class sizes as well as increased safety would benefit the school.
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