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Centennial is one of the best high schools in Pueblo. All of the teachers want you to succeed and are very happy to help you.
My son hated school on the east coast but since we have moved to Pueblo, he not only has lots of friends, but he loves this school! Thanks everyone for being so kind! Great school!!
The school was great and so were the teachers. The admin staff changed frequently and the facility is outdated. Athletics were amazing.
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It is so easy to be yourself here at Centennial High School. Everyone is so accepting and that is what I like the most. You don't have to pretend to be someone you're not. There are also so many clubs to join. I like how they give us the opportunity to start a new club if there isn't one that interests us that already exists. It is super easy to become involved within Centennial. We have a ton of sports and clubs that anyone can join. I also appreciate each and every staff member here. They make it easy to ask for help with anything and everything.
.My favorite thing about Centennial High School is the great counselors. They are always so kind, willing to help, and prepared for any questions. Personally I believe my counselor Mrs. Kelly Summers is the best. She's always giving me the real raw information about my college choices, she even set up an appointment for me to meet with the student advisory director from Colorado State University Of Pueblo for business. She has also directed me on how to apply for colleges, financial aid, and even scholarships. I am very thankful for her. She has helped set myself up for life, with the informative knowledge she know
I love how we are one big community that can come together as one bulldogs old, new, and soon to be, to be apart of great things like the annual bell game that has been going on for years.
Overall, Centennial has a great learning environment thanks to the dedicated administration as well as extensive programs to integrate students into the high school lifestyle. Centennial also offers several AP classes that students can enroll in and students have the chance to study at the local colleges while still in high school. Centennial has had issues with student behavior so smaller class sizes as well as increased safety would benefit the school.
The staff is very helpful when it comes to tutoring their students. The office staff is extremely caring. The Drama department is very skilled as well as the music program. BELL RINGS RED!
Friendly staff and great classes. Loved the school atmosphere and all they had to offer. Centennial brought many exemplified role models for their students who not only taught their material, but taught life lessons as well. I and proud to have graduated from such a school, because they taught me many lessons for the adult life, that I did not know about.
I like enjoying the bell games, and classes, clubs. I was in most classes with Mrs.Johnson and I really like being with her so much. She means a lot to me, but I truly love the clubs, sport that I joined when I was in high school, I joined many clubs until my junior year.
I'm going into my sophomore year at Centennial and I would just like to say that Centennial is amazing. For the most part teachers are always ready for a new day and are on top of grading assignments and handing them out. The students are nice enough about 95% of the time mostly because they too are worried about passing their classes not how your hair is that day. The staff is really nice and tries to support you in every way and the lunch isn't as terrible as my elementary school's food. So yeah, all in all Centennial is pretty awesome.
I like the atmosphere I have made many friends here being involved in many clubs. Not much can change just the district funding.
Centennial was a great school. The teachers there made the experience a great time. I️ made wofnefulr friends that I’m never going to forget because of centennial.
I really liked the passion that teachers bring to their classrooms and the enthusiasm that they add into learning. The teachers are so kind and inspiring for standing up for what we believe in and going forth with what we want to do in life. Personally, this school has helped me to learn how to balance a busy life.
Offers great advanced academic options for all grade levels. However, administration is very uninterested in student life and involvement.
I love the diversity. There are so many things you can do-Sports, the arts, clubs, and so much more. Centennial also gets bell week, which is the week leading up to the Bell Game. It is amazing how the school bonds during that time.
Centennial High School was an average education with teachers that only focused on the higher performing students or popular athletes and none of the students that struggled. I would live the culture of the school to change to a culture that encourages all students.
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I really had a good experience at my high school. Being a part of the Health Academy that was offered made it much easier for me to succeed. The Health Academy at Centennial offered smaller class sizes and a better learning environment. It gave me the tools and the head start into the health field for my future goals. I was slightly discouraged when it was decided to change the Health Academy. It is no longer as selective and as vigorous as it once was. I am glad that I was given the opportunities that I was through the Health Academy through my high school career.
I’m really glad I got to spend 4 years as a centennial bulldog cheerleader. The school it’s self is such a great school. I love the school spirit and how involved the students and the staff are. You can tell the teachers and administration really cares about the students and they just want the best for them. They have so many different classes and clubs to offer and let’s not forget the band and choir is absolutely phenomenal.
Centennial High School is a very good academic school, considering we have the highest academics out of all the Pueblo City Schools, however one thing that I would like to see change is the environment of Centennial and how everyone treats one another.
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