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There is somthing for everyone, classes, clubs and extra curricular classes that can fit anyones interest. If anyone wants a great high school experianca Centennail High School will do that.
I love the teacher's effort in making sure students are engaged both physically and mentally. I feel that they really make sure that we understand all material and are able to engage students to make us want to learn. I also love the athletics community because I think that all teams are supportive of one another and play with a lot of passion.
Centennial is a great place to go to school and has a loving environment. The teachers are all mostly great, and the students are nice.
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The students and the teachers all treat each-other right. It is a fun learning environment and keeps me motivated!
Centennial is a welcoming environment for students. The staff works hard to hear out students and parents then make adjustments to help prepare for post-secondary success. The staff truly cares about student's opinions and mental health and their role in that. The environment is clean and spirited. I as a student feel safe and supported. There are resources to help students find what life path will be the best fit for them and what they need to do in school to help them be best prepared. However, even with some of these helpful tools it can be hard to find them and get the help you need. Another downfall is the sports programs. There is high turnover for coaches leaving athletes at a disadvantage for learning and growing. There is also little support with helping students to know what their options are for pursing athletics in college and how to set themselves up for success. Overall, Centennial is a great school with a positive environment that is conducive for learning and growing.
It's ok. Not the best for teaching academics, the teachers like the diverse approach for teaching effectively. This school also wastes a lot of time and discourages real-world learning and skills. This school also lacks the help of prepping for college and communicating effectively about college and life after high school. Would not recommend, I often wish I had gone to a different school.
Wonderful school. Takes pride in their excellent academics. It has many opportunities for students to learn different things.
Centennial High was a very nice experience for myself. It gave me an opportunity to meet lifelong friends via classes and extracurriculars I was involved in. Though I did well in my classes, I wish the school offered more in terms of college preparedness/post-high school preparedness. Often I found myself finding these things out as I make my way through college, whereas, high schools should be better equipped with assisting students in these areas.
I love having coyote pride and having share that with all other students and teachers. The sports are all supported and the school is very involved with all sports. The teachers connect with you not only on a teacher to student level but also a personal connection. They care about your learning but will also be there if you need something outside of school. The administration are very focused on the best interest in the students. The classes can be very interesting and fun but at some times the teachers can make them boring. The only things that I dont really like about Centennial are that The student section is not what i wished it was and when I was there i felt that the coaches and the teachers chose favorites. It is really easy to be a favorite of teachers if in the beginning of the semester you are a good student and you talk to the teacher. With the coaches they chose favorites by height, weight, and personality. Other than that, I love this school and have a lot of coyote pride
Great school, best high school experience! Completely in love with the atmosphere and diversity of the school.
Centennial was a fantastic high school to attend. I had been on the swim team, took ceramics, and met some amazing friends through the school. I had always received support from my teachers and advisor, and only speak highly of the school.
This was a wonderful school, however, there were many ways that this school could improve itself. In ways of student involvement and pride, in the amount of classes offered, and in the amount of resources available to students directly.
During the short 4 years I had in Centennial High School, I had a decent time. Only ever got one bad teacher and most teachers really do support the students. Who knows if I just got most of the good ones. Overall Centennial does allow for Academic opportunity and from what I have experienced, excellent after school activities.
I've been attending Centennial High School since my Freshman year and to say I've grown as a person is an understatement. I play Girl's Basketball at Centennial and I couldn't love it more. My experience here at Centennial has been amazing.
Currently enrolled as a Junior and have gone through multiple struggles at school that hasn’t been treated seriously. I feel like the school should be more concerned about kids mental health and how school can be a direct cause from it along with stress, anxiety, depression, etc. I think the school should be more worried about solutions for those problems instead of the small problems they are focused on now.
I like how great the arts and sports are in the school, but I wish that some of the classes were better taught, specifically mathematics. The classes are very large which can cause difficulty with all students getting the education they need.
Centennial was good a good high school experience. Over the last four year there were plenty of exciting events and assembly. The school pride itself in sports and school spirit. The football team at Centennial won two state tittle my sophomore year and my junior year and runner up my freshman and senior year. The sport culture really made the experience what it is. The student there bond over winning ways and was close with the athletes that showed up on those varsity nights and rivalry games. Sports aside through my upperclassmen of my high school career it was a pleasant changed in administrator. We had a new principal in Dr.Sorensen. He was more for the student type principal, me personally I connect with Dr.Sorensen pretty well. He is a type of leader that you wanna follow and respect. The change in power and who was running our school made a big difference for me as the front office took a different approach under Dr.Sorensen. I enjoyed my time there.
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Centennial High School is all one big family! The staff at Centennial High School strive to achieve excellence in all they do and help students with the pathways to achieving success. No matter what corner you turn there is always someone at Centennial willing to help! There is no better school in the Peoria Unified School district where the Principal, all the staff and student try to achieve excellence in all they do!
Centennial had amazing teachers who knew how to challenge and encourage their students to try harder and achieve greatness. They believed in all of their students no matter what. If there were problems at home or problems within a students friends group, they would be there with a helping hand or a listening ear. Teachers also knew how to encourage and were constantly practicing coyote pride. They believed in equality and treating others with respect. Some teachers even treated their students like family, making them believe they could do anything they set their mind to. Centennial became like a second home to many students, a place they felt they could belong.
The teachers care a lot about the students and take the time to help whenever possible. There are small issues among student peers and one of the bathrooms are closed because of vaping so nothing is perfect but there isn’t any major issues. I love the school a lot and would recommend it.
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