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Since 1990 through today I’ve had immediate family or kids of friends attending every single year. The counselors do NOT make any effort to work with students. Far too many incidents to go into detail. It never gets better, the stories get worse. I have another graduate this Spring, transcripts to colleges are still not processed.
I like that it is very welcoming, and there is no dress code. I would change the attention and thought into other sports other than football. The school seems to only care about the sport football. I would also like to change the school lunch into healthier and more appetizing food.
I love how everyone is a family at Centennial and no matter what they always try to make you smile even if you are having a bad day. The teachers always help and want you to succeed.
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Centennial is a very hands on school. Their sports teams are very close, like you have another family. Centennial cares a lot about education.
centennial high school is truly the best high school in every aspect. To start the teachers care about the students getting good grades but also becoming good people. The teachers have made me feel like my school is a safe place and that i’m important to the school. The school Spirit is truly the best, it makes the kids feel like they apart of more than a school but apart of a community.
Overall, Centennial was a great place for me to experience my high school career. The number of classes I was able to choose from was very extended and the teachers at Centennial have been very dedicated to their students' education. I have not had a class or teacher that I have not liked. With the numerous positives about the school, I would like to see more diversity in the
food options as they have become very limited in the past few years. On top of that, most of the bathrooms have had issues with either mistreatment or being somewhat disregarded. Centennial has provided the safest environment that it is capable of and has had a massive increase in the administration's quality over the four years of my attendance.
I would like to see more class options to be able to learn what I want to learn. I would also like to see more sports being highlighted, not just football. The student body would like to see more inclusion.
The school is very welcoming and the teachers do their best to keep you involved. There are so many ways and many ways to succeed. The staff is respectful and really and truly want the best in your education, safety, comfort, and most importantly sense of well being.
Everyone is eager to learn and participate in having pride and integrity for our school. We are all involved and fuel the stimulating experience. Everyday is a new one and Centennial makes it count.
Centennial high school isn't just a school, it's basically like another family. Everyone on campus has school spirit and everyone is involved on campus. Even if there aren't people involving themselves, there are still the assemblies everyone participates in. Centennial also has a diverse range of classes and most of the teachers I got to meet were friendly and helpful.
Centennial High School is an excellent school. Centennial gives each student the possibility to achieve. No matter what your level of learning, you can learn at Centennial. They have a class for you. I also like that they have dual enrollment offered for many of there junior and senior classes. This gives you a head start at college. They will be there for you to succeed.
2019 Graduate. Centennial High School has prepared me for my first year at Northern Arizona University.
Everyone is very nice and such a clean well put district. The education at centennial is and was great. The teachers are all helpful in any situation.
Centennial High School is very good for sports and academically. I am new to Arizona and also to Centennial. It is going to be going on the second year I been at this school and it been a pretty good experience so far.
There is pride in every student who walks on campus knowing that their classmates carry school spirit, their teachers are fully supportive, and that their school is a second home.
My experience at Centennial High School was amazing. As I close out my senior year it was nothing but fun. The students are always overjoyed and the staff is always helpful.
Didn't really feel I learned anything in a lot of my classes. A lot of the time we would be watching movies unrelated to the subject. The teachers were unfair graders are always found excuses to take points off of assignments. They also didn't seem to know what they were teaching, and gave a lot of incorrect information, or just didn't teach at all and instead spent the whole class ranting about an unrelated subject.
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What I like about Centennial is the push the staff takes for you to get involved. What I would change about the school is the harsh rules and favoritism I’m the classrooms.
Everyone is very outgoing and accepting. Teachers work with you and actually care for our futures. They set us all up for great opportunities. I recommend people go here for the atmosphere. Sports are great to watch here and everyone shows school spirit.
My years at CeHS have been the best. I learned so much and was very involved. We have great athletics and academics. It's great place to learn how to be a student athlete. There's a club for everyone. Its an accepting environment and my teachers really do love what they do.
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