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I enjoyed a large amount of my teachers but I frankly feel going to this school didn't really prepare me for college
Not only does this school ensure that their students are comfortable while attending this school, but they also ensure that the students are challenged to do their best when it comes to their education. Not once have I personally had an easy class that did not challenge me to do my best. When it comes to college, Centennial gets on every students back and make sure every student is prepared for whatever university they wish to attend.
Centennial High School is an interesting school. The school is substandard, somewhat satisfactory. The teachers are odd, some are thought-provoking and well-spoken while others are unintelligent and disorganized.
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Centennial High School is an overall average school. The teachers are amazing, the administration is okay, but the school culture is poor.
I like Centennial. I am currently a senior, and I have spent all four years of my high school career. The staff and teachers really do care about their students. When you walk in, the staff greets you with a smile on their face.
The teachers in Centennial truly care about their students’ education and life. The social environment is open-minded and caring. The one thing that is terrible about the environment within students is the amount of fights that occur. Recently, the fights have gone down quite a lot, but are still an issue that should be completely eradicated.
The academics were awesome! I was involved in the AP and Honors courses which were awesome. As a freshman in college, I feel that they really prepared me for what to expect and how to work hard. The school itself has a lot of issues with fights and everything, but it is easy to stay out of it as long as you are with the right crowd.
Centennial High School is a very average Schoo. The school lunches at Centennial are reheated pizzas that have been ordered. They have many clubs and many college resources.
What I like about Centennial is the give you many resources for college and a lot of options on what to do about schools you should be looking into. They also have a lot of events to make the school much more than just a school, but gives everyone so much school pride.
I attended Centennial High School for all four years. While it was one of the better schools in Clark County, it still had a lot of drawbacks. The county is underfunded and it reflects in the schools. The education received was decent however I do not feel as if I was very prepared for college.
My honors and AP teachers these past four years were amazing! They taught in very interesting ways and connected with each of their students, which helped all of us learn easier in the classroom. The staff is pretty good and very helpful. Other than the occasional fights, it's a great school.
Switching to a public school from private school is definitely a different experience. The concern about students is much less in public school.
It was okay. The Theatre program was a lot of fun and the best part of school for me. The teachers were good for the most part, especially the English department. Overall High school was okay.
i would like for the school to take more time to focus on their students and mental health. The school gets so wrapped up in sports that they tend to overlook the bullying going on in the school. Some people at the school seem to get better opportunities than others due to a huge amount of things.
The teachers and students were very pleasing and made school easy to attend everyday. Making friends in class was easy, and everyone was kind. A lot of teachers were funny and outgoing. They also cared about your grades and how you can achieve your goals.
Centennial High School wasnt the school i was zoned for but I am glad I had the opportunity to attend. It offered great elective programs that many schools don’t offer. I had an ongoing medical conditions and for the most part my teachers were very accommodating to my situation. Teachers are there for the benefit of the student and do their best to prepare us.
For me, Centennial High School was the best school I had ever been to. I met friends and staff who cared about my academics and my well being. The school can definitely do better with more student interaction as well as better ways to learn.
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My overall experience at Centennial HS has been great. The teachers and staff go above and beyond to help the students succeed. Given numerous opportunities to help us excel beyond HS.
I personally transferred to this school my junior year, and can say that the school can use more diversity. While the location of the school explains the culture, there should be more diversity, a heavier appreciation for the music/ arts department, and not as much resources should be put in for the NJROTC unit and athletic teams. The teachers were capable of teaching the curriculum, and the campus facilities are fine, but the overall character of the school needs to change. Also the amount of violence I witnessed there was disheartening.
I Liked most of the teachers at Centennial High. The teachers truly care for the students and their education. I would like for the sports programs to give students a chance to play a sport. If the student is willing to go to the practices as well as tryout, they should give them a chance. One other thing that would benefit the students, would be fund raising, for the lower income families that can not afford thing like sports, grad night, and other expensive fees and costs. The students should not have to miss out on all the fun and experiences high school offers, because of the high costs. Give everyone a chance to raise the money if they truly want the opportunity.
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