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My experiences at Centennial were great as I made many memories with my friends and family. The teachers were understanding and that's including the rest of the staff.
My experience going to Centennial was bumpy and I mean that in a good way. I've never not went a day going to school thinking "this is a prison I hate it and my teachers". No, I went everyday looking forward to seeing my friends and teachers. I was taught many things and simple things from my teachers and mentors.
I attended Clark County schools all my life up until I moved shortly after Freshman year. The difference between my current school and Centennial is astounding. While Centennial provided a typical "crazy" high school experience, the overall culture is very toxic and no one is trying to change anything. The administration never seems to care and the teachers are underfunded and worked to the bone. Students either don't care or burn themselves out trying to get into a good college that the school ultimately didn't prepare them for. This is true for most schools in Clark County.
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I love the students and staff at Centennial. It is a very welcoming atmosphere and I love being a Bulldog!
My experience at Centennial High School was an average one. I do not have any complaints. I appreciated all my teachers; majority of them wanted to help and had all of our best interests. I just wish they aided us more in the transition from high school to university/college. I think there should be courses implemented on college. It could include how to prepare mentally for course work and how to efficiently plan out college courses for specific majors. I think a lot of students from my school went into university or community college just picking courses without knowing how it affected our majors. Me included, I switched my major multiple times because I did not have a good understanding of course planning and a broad knowledge of all the types of majors out there. Implementing these classes could prepare students for college or even technical schools and it shows more support for students as they enter adulthood.
Supportive staff and loving faculty. The sports at this school are very well rounded and thoroughly supported.
My experience in Centennial High School has been different then what the movies show you how it could be but in a good way. My school every year has exchange students and I never thought I was going to meet other people from other countries when I did ,I felt so related to them. At the beginning they where just exchange students but they ended up being my sisters and brothers we all created a strong bond and it has passed 2 years and we still keep in touch. I'm just grateful that my school has the program to have exchange students. My teachers ,administration and staff are always so nice i made bonds with all of them. I got so involved in school so I met so many people even do is a lot students , its weird but when I walk on hallways I recognized most of the faces I see . I'm really satisfied with my experience in Centennial High School and I'm looking forward for my last year . I know I will have all the help I need from my teachers to accomplish the grades I want.
The teachers were exceptional they really cared about the students and their education and it had a good learning environment. What I think should change is the amount of students that attend simply because there's a lot of fights and violence at that school sometimes
I've attended Centennial for three years now. I'm graduating in 2021, and I can say that Centennial High School is neither the worst nor the best high school. It is a dramatically diverse place, so it really opens your mind to different cultures and races. The AP and Honors teachers are spectacular at what they do; however, there were some administrators (who thankfully transferred) that had zero respect for students. There is no perfect high school, but I would like to see the administration interact more with the kids they are supposed to look after and take care of. It feels like I only know a handful of them after three whole years of attending this school. This is only because I used to be an office aide, too.
I have loved the friendly environment of the teachers and students at Centennial. I truly feel like my education there has been worthwhile. If I could change one thing it would be the cleanliness of our school. While the janitors try their best, the students continue to leave their garbage all over campus and it attracts pigeons.
My personal experience of Centennial High School was overall a pretty standard high school. If you're looking for a below average high school then, this school is perfect for you. It has the basic standard curriculum and the atmosphere is moderate. It's the perfect balance of pro and con's in a school.
i attended centennial high school in ccsd in nevada for 1 and a half years from that time frame I experienced a great time and a warm welcome there are some flaws but there are major improvements!!!!
The staff isn't the best, but being in honors classes changes the quality I receive. The student body is very diverse in terms of different personalities, so it's not hard finding people with similar interests.
Centennial has wonderful teachers who truly care about their students. The school is overflown with students and some classes are filled over their capacity. Students can be rowdy and it is hard to learn when their are so many in one sitting. Administration also seems to put more emphasis on sports than other extracurriculars.
I liked most of my teachers, they were all very kind and they were good at their job, as they are supposed to be. Some inspired me and I enjoyed their class greatly, others really brought me down from liking their subject, such as Band and Algebra 2. However, I always felt a little unsafe throughout the years from the constant threats of a school shooting or the fights that constantly broke out. The lunch lines being cut annoyed me a lot, at times the deans would guard the lines and everyone would get their lunch faster, but then the school decided to get rid of them, which to me makes no sense. Food was okay, sometimes the rice would be too hard or the chicken would be unbearable to eat at times.
I enjoyed to go here. It was a typical high school with cliques and everything like that, but it was still a great place to attend. The teachers were fantastic and really did care about making an impact in students lives. They spent a ton of time working with students that were struggling and were always ready to help no matter who the student. I highly recommend going here.
There were many positive aspects about Centennial High School, but it also came with its flaws. For example, Centennial has many staff members that are always willing to help students in need. We also had free and reduced lunch, to insure that everyone was being fed throughout the day. I also was able to meet many lifelong friends at Centennial High School. One down side to Centennial was the discipline. Students would get into fights and be back within a few days, while others would never come back again. I also believe teachers could have been harder on students, and encouraged them to do better in all there classes. Besides these few setbacks, Centennial was an amazing high school, and I’m glad I have spent my last four years there.
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Centennial is a great, diverse school. Centennial is known for their amazing programs such as ROTC and sports. They have great teachers and prepare you well for college. However we have struggled with cleanliness with things such as rats and trash around the school. Overall I would highly recommend Centennial High School to anyone looking to attend.
Centennial High School is an all around good school. I love the spirts program. There are many AP classes to get us ready for college. I might change the environment and maybe clean the bathrooms more often. I have good relationships with most my teachers which is super helpful. The students here are creative, fun, and there is a lot of diversity.
I personally enjoyed my four year experience at Centennial High School. For three of my four years, I played football for the Bulldogs and during my senior year we made it to the State Championship game. The school overall has an exceptional athletic programs with coaches who really know what they are doing. Academically, the school is good with the core classes and criteria. The teachers do their best to help get the students involved and engaged. Staff and administration are extremely kind and helpful. Facilities like bathrooms and some classrooms could use some improvement however. Personally, I think the school should put more money into new school supplies like textbooks and chromebook computers instead of other areas.
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