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I really like how Centennial is a newer school because students can focus on getting an education instead of architecture problems. I would like to see our school culture change into one that supports all of the school activities equally.
Unless you are in the honors program, the schooling you get here is extremely poor. Plus LCPS forced centennial to allow an entire elementary school to inhabit our buildings. They took over one and a half of our buildings. Including our science building which has great restricted high schoolers ability to learn.
Centennial HS a relative brand new school. It was voted one of the nicest gyms in the country. Athletically, us being so young in the district we play in my school has achieved many accolades related to the different sports we offer. Our school has even open its doors to an elementary school that has a mole problem. we accepted those kids as our high school family. I would like to see improvement in the able to have classes related to automotive and other skills that relate. I would also like for the local school administration allow incoming freshman make their school choice of the 4 we have to offer here in our city.
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The atmosphere of the school was just a great place to be, the school spirit made school so fun. The education I received was not the best, some of the AP classes were taught by football coaches who cared way more about football than their classes. Most of the teachers were great and had everyone’s best interest at heart.
My overall experience at Centennial High School has been pretty good. All my teachers are involved and genuinely want to see us do well. Recently we have gotten a whole elementary school to move into our school and we have managed to integrate them well. Moving to a seven period day has gotten us to see and interact with our teachers more often and is a new aspect to our everyday lives. The school is big and has a lot of electives that we could take to better ourselves.
After being at Centennial High School for four years I have seen many positives and negatives regarding the overall environment of the school. I enjoyed the many wonderful friends I have met, the girls basketball program, as well as the multi-media/journalism program and opportunities offered to me. I was able to become close to a group of teachers who inspire me to be better and to strive for success. The only thing I would change about Centennial is the school spirit and the need for staff and administration to help build the culture and spirit.
Centennial High School is a really great school to be apart of. It is full of amazing teachers that really care about their students. I like that I am able to go and talk to my teachers whenever I have a problem and they work with me right away and help me and mentor me.
Centennial High School is a great place to go to school. The students are all very friendly. There are teachers who are really good and you can tell, they love their job. Three camps is probably the best part, although a bit out of town, the overall campus is very modern and clean, thanks to the custodians.
My experience in this school was overall pretty good. This school has really good teachers, although some don’t teach the best, but majority are really good. This school has a variety of clubs, just not the classics, such as sewing, ROTC, etc. the clubs we do have are very poor due to people being rude and judging. I was in FFA and while I tried to enjoy my time, it was always ruined by the people in it by them always judging, could never by myself. I’m naturally not the best at science or English, but it’s way better than middle school teachers. The math classes are by far the best personally speaking, this is because I never got math and was always confused, and every since freshman year with intervention algebra 1 I began understanding, and I get math and now is my favorite subject. This school is not amazing, but I did like my time staying here, and will surely miss it when I graduate this following May.
Centennial has a nice campus, nice buildings, and nice teachers. However, nothing is particularly outstanding and the student culture could use some work outside of STUGO.
It was a good school. I was involved in the band which I really enjoyed. The school had only been open for one year when I first started attending so everything was new. I really enjoyed most of my teachers as well especially those who taught advanced classes.
I am only a freshman but I have enjoyed my time so far at Centennial. I am in three clubs (band, theater, and FFA) ad each one is great and fun to be in. I have made a lot of friends, especially in band. The academics are really good as well. We have some fun traditions, such as the bonfire. The food is pretty bad, but besides that it's a really great school.
My experience at Centennial High School has been an incredible one. The school offered an extremely supportive community of teachers and staff who were willing to work with me in every aspect of my academics so that I could succeed. If conflicts in my schedule or private life came up, we could contact the school and they would help us find a way to work my academics around it. Now that I've graduated, they're doing the same with my younger sister, and they're helping her complete her high school degree despite the fact that she has a difficult chronic illness which makes it hard to attend school. It's hard to find a school in Las Cruces, NM as supportive yet still resourceful and academically valuable as Centennial.
Centennial High School is a public high school in Las Cruces, NM. It has pretty bad academics, due to a bad education system in NM, some teachers are very good, decent assemblies, good student government. Students can't use the printer and the computers are horrible (they can't even get the resolution right on the monitors). The school is mostly Hispanic. I feel safe, but school lunches are trash. Overall, this school does not prepare the average student for college.
I had some of the best teachers I ever had at centennial high. The only problem I had with centennial high is that they had no preparation classes, classes designed to help you apply to college or learn real life skills.
Overall, Centennial High School was a good environment. Students had good opportunities to be successful in the classroom and participate in many sports and clubs. The teachers relaly care about their students and always want to see them succeed. The downfall of Centennial is at the graduation ceremony students are not given proper recognition for GPA, scholarships, and other accomplishments in clubs or sports.
I like the classes they have to offer and I think there are many very good teachers at this school who can really help you.
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People at Centennial High School were very welcoming and the atmosphere wasn't as intimidating as I was expecting during my first two years. The outside campus allows for students to hang outside before, during lunch and after school. It is a school that I am proud to be apart of, and will look forward to my remaining years as a student there.
I liked the culture at Centennial a lot, the support students give to each other is awesome. I love the facilities and location of the school, however traffic is a nightmare at the end of the day.
At Centennial i liked the teaching but athletics could be better on the coaching side for boys basketball
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