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I honestly love this school and the friends and memories I've made in it. I've pretty much enjoyed all my classes except for a select few, and I especially love the band program. The band has been my absolute lifeline, and it's helped me mature into a better person.
Centennial High School is an academically excelling and safe school community that looks at each and every student not as a number but as a whole. I really enjoy my experience at centennial high school and would not trade it for anything else
There is many ways to get involved at Centennial although there is usually a social hierarchy in every group, and it is easy for kids to feel like an outsider in their own niche. Teachers typically don't show concern for students and commonly approach them in a condescending nature. We did however have top of the line facilities and equipment. Everything is brand new and good quality. The school its self is in wonderful condition for being over 10 years old.
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As a student of CHS, I appreciated the format of the curriculum for honors and AP courses. I liked that the curriculums not only covered content in an understandable format but also the extra resources such as tutoring and teacher aid that made achieving academic success possible. I can speak for myself and my peers when I state that having resources to understand course material outside of class truly helps with achieving academic success. Many times concepts are not able to be learned instantly in a short class period and extra study help is very valuable. I also liked the A Day and B day structure of Centennial High School. This prevented me from becoming overwhelmed by my course load especially when I had extra-curricular activities and programs to participate in.
Centennial High School in Frisco, Texas is great school to be a part of. The atmosphere is positive and uplifting and many of the teachers are helpful and caring.
An overall good school, but lacking in student involvement and communication between students and staff. Many enthusiastic and helpful teachers, but also just as many unenthusiastic, uninvolved teachers.
I felt like there was no real culture to the school, nothing that drew people together collectively. I don't mean to say that people only surrounded themselves with their individual "cliques" because I definitely saw people with varying interests spending time together. It just seemed as though people only went to school in order to graduate as soon as they possibly could.
Centennial was a pretty decent school. A lot of the problems I had were personal problems. Centennial had a lot of problems with cheating and focused too much on what students were wearing rather than the amount they were learning. They could do better pushing towards academics
Most of the staff there is helpful and nice, but you can tell some of them don't care about their jobs. I've enjoyed the few great teachers I've had but I'm ready to graduate
A nice, high-level public school with advanced levels of sports, academics, and artistic programs. A clean and safe environment. Lots of opportunities.
Frisco ISD, let alone, is a strong and successful school district. Centennial High School’s staff and faculty go above and beyond to ensure that every student performs to their highest ability. Throughout my 4 years, I have learned leadership capabilities that will be useful for the rest of my life. Although there are many schools within Frisco ISD, Centennial does an excellent job of ensuring the importance of our individual school when there are competitors within the district. I feel as if safety at the school is always high to best protect students. I have always felt welcomed and was never afraid to go talk to my counselor when I was going through a lot this senior year. No matter race, religion, or political views in the diversity of the student body, I have only ever witnessed friendships and open minds within the differences. Lastly, I will be leaving Centennial confident that they will continue to be successful in academics, student involvement, sports, etc...
The school has a pretty ok experience. The food is really good, and there are many types of people here. Some students aren't exactly the best to be around, though. The teachers teach well, and our school spirit is pretty average. The administration cooperates with us when we need it, so it's a pretty decent place.
Great school spirit, teachers, academics. Would have liked more information/assistance with college applications.
Centennial was an overall good high school. Many of the teachers were helpful and friendly, although some were not the best. I loved the extracurricular activities.
What I liked about centennial were the friends I made while attending. Something I would change is the way they handle problems.
I moved from Indianapolis to Frisco after my sophomore year in high school. I moved due to my father's job and fortunately for me, was very excited. On the first day at Centennial after I moved that summer I made the varsity basketball team as a junior, and the next year also played varsity. My high school experience became a ton harder when I moved because all the classes I was taking were based on college readiness. I pulled through and graduated.
Centennial High School is one of the older schools in Frisco. The teachers work hard to provide a good learning experience. However, the district does not take care of the upkeep of the school or the athletic facilities in comparison to all of the new schools in the district.
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The best thing about Centennial High School in Frisco are the teachers. They do everything they possibly can to keep you motivated and push you to do your absolute best on all of your assignments. Finding friends is the easiest thing to do at Centennial because everyone is so friendly and not once in my four years of going there did I experience bullying.
The academics here is excellent and the environment is great. I made so many friends here over these past few years and I am very fortunate to be able to go to such an amazing school like Centennial.
Frisco ISD in general has a very good reputation. Centennial High School lives up to that reputation. I have been here all 4 years and my brother is a Sophomore here and we both love it! I have played soccer for Centennial all 4 years of high school, winning State my Freshman year. The support of the school and community in general is something I will never forget. When I was diagnosed with ADD/ADHD, the school (my counselor, teachers, 504 coordinator, principal) all met with me and my mom and we all came up with a plan to make sure my educational needs were met. The student-teacher ratio is smaller so it allows for more one-on-one interaction with the teacher and they are able to help ensure I get the best education I can get. I love the atmosphere, the sports, the teachers, my friends! I am so happy to be here at such a wonderful school and I will miss it terribly when I graduate in June 2019.
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