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It is an okay school, but comparative to some of the newer schools in the district it falls short on almost all counts. If possible, get your kid in one of those schools.
I’m a virtual student but overall the experience has been fine. But there is always room for improvement!
The school provides good academic services to the students, although the faculty sometimes is not as involved in the right ways as it should be.
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I loved the environment within the school but wished that the students could build a better relationship with the teachers.
This school can get you to be very successful. All the teachers aim to try their best to teach students into becoming a strong , healthier , kinder self and adult .
I like the teaching. It is an old school, but renovated. The staff is kind, but the student environment is competitive, almost to the point of toxicity.
i liked how i had my friends with me through out the years and having classes with them were fun and most of the teachers were chill
As a senior, I believe that there are several things that CHS has to offer to students who are looking to go beyond what is expected of them. There are several classes offered to students with more to come every year. Moreover, teachers who teach Advanced Placement classes are often not just great teachers but also great human beings. One can expect a friendly environment at this school when they talk to the administrative staff or the teachers on campus. I think that student bonding with teachers is seen a lot on this campus, and extracurricular activities are almost always encouraged in this school, with the plethora of clubs created almost every year. Although there is still room for improvement, there is no such thing as the perfect school, but Centennial High School comes closer and closer to their expectations every year.
Very rigorous and highly competitive. Great for being prepared for college due to committed teachers.
School is all right, there's not much special about it. They make a lot of unnecessary changes to things that don't need fixing but don't really take students voices into account.
i love centennial high school and the sense of community it gives me. i enjoy all the resources and classes that this school offers.
I loved the teachers and the band program was really awesome. I got the chance to travel to the state competition and it was incredible.
I liked how the teachers had a lot of school spirit and managed to get students excited about football games and pep rallies. Centennial is very passionate about competitions and games so it makes it a fun environment.
One thing I like about Centennial is that the teachers are really nice and care about their student’s success. In addition, I also like that during advisory we get to go anywhere we want other than on Fridays. One thing that could change is that the lunches could be less crowded.
For the most part, Centennial has been an overwhelmingly positive experience for me. However, I have found that a select few teachers and students have often destroyed the good times I had in school.
Centennial High School is a great place. Passionate teachers help dedicated students take advantage of the many opportunities that Frisco ISD has to offer. The administration and staff make sure that the Centennial campus meets FISD's goal of "knowing every student by name and need." Titans are lucky to have CHS
I really wish the clubs were more inclusive and that Centennial has a club fair involving the students instead of advertising it in the cafeteria.
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Centennial is the best!! So much school spirit and involvement within the school. There is amazing teachers that care about you as a student and a young adult. Great classes and electives. Great educational programs. There is so much culture and racial diversity but everyone is still a family.
Centennial High School is an amazing school - beyond the academics. There is always a way to get more involved on campus with such a large variety of organizations and clubs. From wanting to learn about agriculture to health to business to anime, there’s something for everyone! The one thing I wish they would change is the social activities the school provided in comparison to other high schools I have seen. Besides this, the teachers and faculty are all so kind and caring and will do anything they can to make you feel at home. Join an organization and become a leader - I was personally involved with DECA, BPA, CSA, NHS, Key Club, Cash Club, and a few more. Centennial DECA truly changed my life, not only did it give me a passion for finance, but it taught me leadership skills, a major source of happiness, and people to call family. Find what makes you happy like DECA did for me, and trust me, Centennial will provide that! Finally, enjoy your time here, it goes by before you know it!
It's been rated of the best high schools in the state, and Frisco ISD is one of the best school districts in America, so I felt that I got a very good education that really prepared me for college, I had a great experience overall in terms of academics.
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