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Centennial High School boasts some of the best academic experiences in the nation. Most teachers are committed and understanding. However, the level of prestige makes the environment highly competitive and sometimes toxic.
Centennial was very good academically, but it was very competitive. I was able to learn so much while still having fun and making friends.
Centennial is a very fun and inviting school. I love the teachers and fellow students but I believe the science department could use some improvements with the amount of classes they offer and the quality of their teachers.
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The expertise in Centennial High School during my years was excellent. When I was a student the teachers were great and help me on the way. Feel like I can take any challenge with ease and reach new heights. Even though it could use safety as a measure sometimes and diversity is pretty good with Asians, blacks, and whites. As a majority yet it supports the disabilities that the students have and try to help them focus on what they want in life. Overall I like this high school from my childhood.
Academically challenging, 10+ NMSQT qualifiers every year (class of 2021 had 15, the average is 3-4). More than half the students take at least two APs during their high school experience.
Overall, my high school experience has been very good! This has been mostly because of the amazing teachers at Centennial. They exceed the expectation set on them by relating to their students rather than just teaching them. I have not met a student who has not felt connected to at least one of their teachers. Through sharing stories of their personal lives or sharing their troubles both now and in the past, the teachers at Centennial are able to capture their students attention and make them feel supported and educated. As well as being amazing educators, the teachers at Centennial are always there when I need someone to talk to. I feel comfortable sharing with them, and they always give me advice. When something is going wrong in my life, I know there is always a teacher there with time to listen. Along with the fantastic teachers, Centennial has many after school activities to offer that make me excited to go to school in the morning. Overall, I give Centennial a thumbs up!
Ard. Pretty good school. It's chill. Pretty competitive when it comes to academics. Food is average. Most teachers are pretty good. A few of them are very bad though.
Centennial was slightly above average. Some teachers are great, but some are not. The students push each other, which is the main cause for good grades.
I love the amount of resources Centennial High School has to offer. From the connections to information, there is so much to learn and see. I feel like I can talk to to anyone about anything and they'll understand. However, I would love to see some more diversity at Centennial High School. With different types of people bringing in different backgrounds and ethnicities, it gives students a sense of belonging and comfort. It helps people grow and learn by learning from each other.
Centennial High School fostered an environment of high achievement, but also one of academic dishonesty and disregard for mental health. I truly did benefit from some friendships and classes at this school, but it needs a lot of work in terms of prioritizing mental health and taking care of students rather than telling them to define themselves by numbers. Additionally, while Centennial prides itself on being a 'diverse' school, there is clear segregation between friend groups and covert racism/sexism definitely can be found. To go into specifics for certain categories, there are many clubs at Centennial which is a very positive thing. Additionally, the sports culture isn't awful besides the lack of a real football team. The building itself is super old and not meant to hold as many students as it does. To return to academics, this is a very high achieving school, especially in STEM, and seems to do a good job of preparing students for college.
Centennial is an amazing school and definitely prepared me well for college. It is a very competitive school when it comes to academics which is great but at the same time causes a lot of stress for the students attending. Many students I know who attended or used to attend Centennial have told me that despite having a great education system they also have acquired mental illnesses such as anxiety and depression because of the immense pressure put on them by family, friends, and faculty. While attending Centennial I felt a lot of pressure by other students to be taking higher GT and AP classes and students who took on-grade-level classes were sometimes looked down on by others. Sports were not prioritized by students as they would rather be involved in organizations such as the National Honors Society and Student Government. Overall Centennial is a great school and I had a good experience but it's definitely a lot of pressure.
It is a very competitive school where the student body is divided into super-smart students and stupid students. The bubble created in the school causes most people who are competitive in education to take close to 10 AP classes in their 4 years there and the GPA competition is crazy. But, the classes are helpful and there are lots of classes and opportunities are plentiful. Plus, the competitive environment may be helpful to some.
Centennial is a competitive school with a strong emphasis on college and career readiness. It's filled with students who aim for success. That said, sometimes it can focus on academic prowess and grades a bit too much, and students can have a hard time juggling other aspects of life, like spending time with friends and family as well as maintaining mental health. However, there are teachers and students who actively work to help other kids learn how to balance their schoolwork with other activities throughout their time at Centennial. Teachers encourage feedback on their assignments and lessons, and students have clubs (like active minds) that take part in events to educate others on mental health. These things are part of what makes this school so impressive.
A competitive school with good academic integrity and diversity. Our football team and food is below average, but we make up for it in diverse student life including clubs, music, and other student run organizations.
It was an excellent experience. The teachers really care about the subjects they teach and car for your wellbeing. I felt well prepared for taking standardized tests and for college.
Centennial is a great place to be. The teachers are really caring and understanding. There are rarely any fights. Every student has their talent, whether it be art, music, or athletics. Everyone is striving to be the best, so the competitiveness of it all can really get to you sometimes. All in all, a great place to send your kid to study.
Centennial High School offers an immense amount of courses, for any student's interests, learning ability, and selection of rigor. The staff is extremely kind and helpful and always has a big smile on their faces, ready to make each student's day better! Although the intense academics can become a lot, it is a wonderful school and a very close-knit and spirited community!
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i enjoyed centennial high school during my time there. i played sports and for the most part it was the best 4 years of my life. even though my football season did not go as planned i still enjoyed every day of it. over the years i have made strong connections with teachers and friends.
Centennial High School is a really good school overall. The staff and teachers are very nice and care about the students. The school also offers many different clubs and activities, there is something for everyone. The school's academics are very high quality and you'll learn a lot, but the workload might be hard to handle at times.
It's academically challenging, and there is a lot of opportunity to meet cool people there. However, it can also be an extremely stressful environment that is difficult to acclimate to.
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