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Centennial is very strong academically and has some decent sports teams. Unfortunately, there is a very strong pressure to excel academically that can a somewhat toxic culture.
Ever since I was a little girl, I have always loved being in a library. Just being surrounded by books has always made me feel at peace. Yet not all libraries have that affect on me. Especially at my school. At every library I have ever been at, if they have a book in a series, they will have the other books in the same series, or at least will be able to find you the other books at other libraries. They will even have rows and rows of books all from a same series. Some of my favorite series are in the graphic novel section. Yet at my school, they only have half of a shelf dedicated to graphic novels and barely any books that I have been trying to find for years. Yet no matter what, the library will always be my home away from home. In fact, whenever my friends ask me where I am, I have the same response every single time, I'm in the library.
Centennial high school is an interesting place to attend. It has a great community with sports, music, theatre and art. Everyone is friendly. Although this school is very academic oriented. The classes are extremely stressful and you are pressured to perform excellently. It just gets really hard to control and manage what you are supposed to do.
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Centennial is all about academics. The classes at this school are very challenging. Some people who transferred from another good school in the county said that the AP and GT classes at their old school were so much more easier. The amount of stress we are under is way too much.
Centennial High School is a highly competitive school and is an excellent school for preparing students planning on going to college. The one downside to the school is that the air conditioning system always has a problem. Most days, its either super cold or super warm. Additionally, Centennial pushed for extracurriculars and does very well in this field.
very good, very diverse, .......................................................................................................................
Good academics and teachers
Centennial High School is a great high school that focuses a lot on academics, and sets a competitive background for students to excel. The food however is not the best but is healthy enough for students to last the day. Extracurricular activities are abundant in this school and set a great environment for students to be more than overachievers. I love this school and am proud to be a student!!
Despite its issues with overcrowding, Centennial offered a multitude of comprehensive and rigorous classes that challenge students and promote college readiness. There are plenty of clubs and activities to suit any interest.
Centennial’s vigorous environment has presented its challenges whereby students feel too pressured and create an atmosphere of unnecessary stress. On the other hand I feel prepared for College with the teaching methods and valuable education I received. I wish the school was more diverse but the school has events/clubs in an attempt to celebrate everyone.
Centennial High School is said to be one of the best in Maryland. I realized that it is the best academically but not the best overall. The facility is very poor. There is an issue with lead in the plumbing that hasn’t gotten fixed in a while. The facility is due for renovation but none has come. However, the school’s activities are quite notable. The band and orchestra are outstanding. There is diversity amongst students. Their prom or homecoming is wonderful. The population at centennial is what makes the place great. Strong minded students with able teachers guiding them down the right path. Everyone is friendly and welcoming
Centennial High School has been a bit of a mixed bag. Though the school has truly pushed me to be a great student and provided me phenomenal opportunity for extracurriculars, there have been some negatives. Most notably, the school has an atmosphere of almost cutthroat competition. It seems as if, no matter how well you perform, there's someone visibly showing you up. This culture has been a damper on the overall marvelous academic, artistic, and athletic opportunity.
Centennial High School is supposed to be one of the best high schools in the state. While it is true, it has an extremely competitive academic culture, this doesn't push students towards excellence. Most students who are successful at centennial had a strong work ethic and no extracurriculars. Those students who participated in many of the hundred clubs CHS offers, often didn't do as well in academics. This isn't because those students weren't smart, it was because at CHS students can't afford to take their eye off the ball, and those who aren't completely focused on academics are often looked down upon for it.
The competition among students are too high and expectations of teachers are too high for the high school level. Really takes away from the school experience.
Centennial High School is consistent in academic achievement and college acceptances for its students. It has the most amazing band program in Howard County and its Wind Ensemble just performed at the Midwest Clinic in Chicago this past December on its first audition ever!
Very good academics prepares you well for college, but the facilities themselves are very outdated. Most teachers are amazing, yet some are not as engaging nor academically helpful.
The culture at Centennial High School is very intense. The teachers and staff expect you to succeed and go beyond expectations. Adjusting to this philosophy from middle school was difficult at first but once it felt comfortable, it was motivating. My classmates and I work hard every day to achieve the grades and test scores we desire. It seems stressful now, but it made my college application process go smoothly and helped prepare me for college in the fall.
As a freshman, I think the academic competition in Centennial is very high. Aside from that, it has a great environment and most of the students are welcoming and inclusive to each other, especially when you transfer classes or join an extracurricular. They have TONS of clubs and sports to choose from, so you can make new friends with people who have your same interests/talents.
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The academics are diverse, but the teachers are not always the best. Even though the school has many high ratings, especially for test scores and APs, it's really the students that make the school great. The music program is excellent, and the atmosphere could be worse. Sadly, the school is very overcrowded.
Extremely competitive but prepares you well for college if you work hard. Teachers aren't the best but there are some good ones.
Very academically oriented. This school is possibly the most academically rigorous school in the state.
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