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I really enjoy the wide arrange of activities that they offer the students. One thing that could be improved is the school lunch.
I would like to see more student unification, due to the fact that the school is so large and very diverse. As a part of the IB Program, I noticed that the school is lacking in social involvement and IB students rarely have the opportunity to meet and socialize with non-IB students.
My experience in Centennial High School was average as not many good electives are given and however teachers are very kind.
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It’s a great school and also has many great teachers that want to see you do better not just academically but in other areas too.
The administration does not care about academics. They make big deal about IB program. Most teachers are not qualified to teach any subject in IB program. Students are just given busy work. STEM is non existent at this school. Most teachers in mathematics, physics, and chemistry do not have proper education to teach. I wish they would hire qualified teachers to teach both IB and AP programs.
As a senior centennial gave me an amazing experience. While I was on HMA, the program provided me a lot of fun and it allowed me to meed lots of great people. Thank you centennial and HMA for the contribution to my success.
what i liked about centennial the most was that there is a lot of diversity. my time at centennial has been great.
I loved my time at Centennial! I found a few great teachers that went beyond just teaching, and were extremely supportive! I think I was set up well for my future, as long as you put in the effort as well, too, teachers here can really push you to be your best.
I love that centennial is very diverse and it promotes positivity. Centennial sets a good example for not only many people but every school around us. Without wanting to be cocky, Centennial is one of the best schools in CNUSD because of everything it offers and all the opportunities students have at this school. Students at this school have the opportunity to be themselves not only for the school but for themselves and they get the opportunity to show who they really are. Students get the opportunity to represent their school and participate in fun, exciting activities like pep rallies and they assemblies in which students dress accordingly to their class color. Students also get involved by being in clubs and being able to create their own clubs as well. Overall Centennial High School is a safe place for all students and their well being.
I would like to see change in the staff and their involvement for the arts programs in the school. The school puts a lot of emphasis on sports and makes the school very sport heavy.
What do you really look for in a high school? At this point everyone just wants a place to fit in. That’s Centennial for me. Here at Centennial we have everything for everyone. Our school has over 100 different and unique clubs and organizations that supports different causes. Besides our clubs, we have a variety of sports ranging from our golf team to our famous football team. We also have sports for everyone. With Centennial you can call this place a second home. Our school is filled with such diverse people that our school is just for everyone like that’s our mindset here at Centennial. Overall our school is just a welcoming school for our incoming freshman and people transferring into our school. Staff here is great we have such a wide amount of dedicated adults here to provide us, students help and advise to pursue in our goals and careers.
I like how involved the clubs are with assembly's and spirit days. All teachers ive had here truly care about their students and its a easy way to communicate with them when you need help.
My experience at Centennial High School was overall a great experience. I was involved in the IB program, and it prepares you a lot for a four year college. You get to understand all different types of cultures because there are so many clubs that are made for everyone. At Centennial High School you feel like a family all united together to make greatness.
I really love this school because this school has made me grow as a new person and had gotten me out of my shell. The staff here are very welcoming and always had extremely good feedback. Some change i would like to make are to have cleaner restrooms in the school.
What I like about Centennial High School are all the different school events that include our very diverse amount of clubs. It is a school where everyone could feel included, and our teachers and staff let us know that they are always willing to support us.
I love the assemblies and festivals that we have at our school. We have lots of school spirit and a great football team. All the students on campus are able to find something they like.
I've been a student at Centennial since my freshman year and it is an excellent school with many and equal opportunities for students to do well and be active within the school and the whole community.
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My experience at Centennial High Scholl was ok as a student that was in the HOPE program I can say that there was a difference in the treatment of regular students, since I came from a different country with a really different education system than the United States the counselor did not take her time to let me know of this and in my surprise I had to know about the SAT or ACTs by my own in my junior year. My counselor didn't even take her time to let me know about the PSAT test that to be honest would have been of help since I could have transferred my credits to my current college. They messed up my schedule that in my last two years I had the hardest schedule than any of my classmates, I was taking two math and two science classes the same semester just to be able to graduate, the credits I had from Mexico didn't even count them and made me repeat year even though I have a friend that took her credits from Mexico.
I liked Centennial's diversity. But towards the end of my high school years it was turning more into a prison. The vice principles tried to micro-manage everything. There was absouletly no freedom like how it was when I first attended.
I had some good times there and it was an important part of my life. The experiences I had and people I met shaped me into the person i know myself to be today. I hated changes implemented at the end of the year, such as the many speed bumps put in the front which only serve to slow down cars and thus create more traffic and I hope things get better. I also don't like how things such as dual enrollment and office hours were only introduced during my senior year, long after I actually needed either of them to help me out academically.
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