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Overall the school is a well rounded and accommodating school. They offer a wide range of classes according to each students' interests. However I would like to see some improvements in cleanliness, security, and technology.
My high school experience has been overall amazing. I've definitely made a lot of new friends with different ethnic backgrounds. When I look back at my freshman year till now which is my senior year, I've realized how much I have grown through these past years. I've learned to have patience, I've developed better communication skills as well as better social skills. There were some days where I was very stressed and anxious about school and I felt like giving up but what motivated me was looking forward to attending college and be the first in my family to attend college. Joining clubs such as the Polynesian Club, Fashion Club, Husky Buddies which I'm currently in right now helped me overcome my Timidness and being in these clubs have made my high school experience lively. What I loved most about my school was definitely all the school events such as football games, Fall festival, dances and more. I'm very thankful to attend this school and I don't think I would change anything!
Well, Centennial is a great school. They have talent on both sports and education. Counselors and teachers really listen to you, they are really helpful, and so nice. The student are calm, they do the work and also make sure others feel safe around them. They are also really helpful and kind to others.
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The overall experience was good but there bathrooms need to change. They have to clean them up. They are really dirty and sometimes don't have soap, toilet paper, or working sinks and hand dryers.
The best experience at centennial is the spirit they have towards everything especially dawg pound that hypes up the football teams and many more.
Centennial High has been fun, educational and I met many friends. There is many clubs and extra curriculum activity. Teachers and counselors are very helpful.
My high school experience at Centennial High was great. I lived my teachers. I felt like they were there to assist with anything you needed. I do wish that there were more African American teachers on campus, as well as coaches.
I participated in sports and the coaches were great. I learned so much from them.
I liked centennial high school because it was a very peaceful school, It was actually pretty quiet. The teachers there honestly really care about you and whether you pass or not. The teachers show a lot of compassion for their students. Since Centennial High School has a peaceful environment it's easy to have a smooth sailing 4 years of high school.
I liked the diverse body of students. I find it easy to find a group of people that you can fit in with and identify yourself with. But I would like to see change is the obvious favoritism in the sports. Sports are always prioritized, leaving performing arts programs to be left in the dust a lot of the times. Our football stadium is always in high maintenance while our Performing Arts Center is the smallest out of the district.
I loved it . Absolutely the best school and staff . Sweetest staff they are all do kind . My favorite teachers of all.
Centennial High School is a school that provides students with the tools they need to understand concepts in a variety of subjects. The teachers are motivated to help their students learn, and many teachers are more than willing to go out of their way to help their students. Centennial supplies students with a variety of ways to stand out among other students via IB, AP, honors, and sports. Overall, anyone looking for an enjoyable high school experience would find Centennial High School to be a perfect fit for them.
The school has a lot of pride. Most of the teachers were knowledgeable back in the day. IB and AP programs were worth the investment of time. Husky born, husky bred. Going to be a husky til the day I'm dead.
I’ve experienced many great things at this school. The administration team is always on top of things and doing their job well. The students at the school come from many different backgrounds and our school is very diverse.
Being at centennial high school has made me feel like I'm a part of a movement. a movement to include everyone in the system of education and success. Environment and surroundings are everything and as a freshman at centennial high school I can say that the environment is one enjoyed everyday. I'm beyond encouraged and welcomed and that's my favorite thing about my high school.
Very clean campus. Teachers are very helpful. Counselors are pretty involved. Sports and clubs are very outstanding. Students are also very diverse. There’s something for everyone at centennial high school.
I love my high school. Everyone is really nice, and all of the teachers want you to succeed. My school is the only school in the CNUSD District who offers the International Baccalaureate (IB), but they also offer a bunch of AP Classes if you are not interested in taking the program. Also, my school is recognized by our football team, since we have been 3 consecutive years state champions!. The environment is really nice, and there is a lot of cultural diversity.
I enjoyed the diversity and school spirit that centennial high school had. Mostly all of the teachers are great and very knowledgeable.
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When joining Centennial, I was new to the district and unaware of my surroundings. Without much clue on how I would handle my first day, the students and the faculty made me feel more at ease and welcomed.
Centennial high school is an awesome school that helps prepare you for college. The Faculty at Centennial is focused on helping you go out into the real world and expanding on your career path, whether it is going to a 4 year college or a community college or into the military or just entering the workforce. At Centennial high school you are given the opportunity to find your passion outside of academics by participating in sports, clubs, and extra-curricular’s. The teachers I’ve had throughout my 4 years at Centennial have helped me become a better student and have always pushed me to do better and because of this I have a sense of pride in my accomplishments and believe that I can achieve anything I put my mind into. Spirit Weeks at Centennial are so much fun and our assemblies and our home games as well. Everyone at school gets together to support our sports teams and we are like a family. Our slogan is a good representation of our school: together we can, together we will.
Centennial High school is an excellent and diverse high school where the students feels like the are "at home" and included. My experience at centennial High was excellent because it helped to know about different cultures through their different clubs. Everybody is welcomed at centennial like a family and the staff always makes sure we have a high security because they care about the safety of their students.
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