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My experience at Centennial High School was overall worthwhile and beneficial. I was given opportunities that help gave me an idea of what I want to do in the future. Centennial has helped me meet new people and experience a lot I have learned that skills that I never thought I could. Regardless of how most people view Centennial there are many students that will have a bright future ahead of them.
If you really want to learn then you'd have to put yourself in the "honors" and "AP" classes. I put that in quotation because the standard of AP and honors here doesn't compare to the standard you'd find in better funded schools. You really have to go above and beyond as a student and involve yourself in every possible activity, club, extracurricular to stand out and get a toe on the playing field against other schools when applying to colleges. There have been some improvements in clubs but there is still a lot lacking with funding and organization. sports is quite put terrible because supplies are rundown or lacking in many and the sport that gets priority (football)isn't all that great. As long as you mind your own business and place yourself with the overachieving students then all the drama and immaturity that is in this school wont affect you directly
Me being a senior, in Centennial H.S. I had seen it all. It's a good school and what makes it fun is if your involved and have school spirit. But there are some days when things get a little bit our of control, like fights or an oltercation taking place outside off the campus so the school takes precautions.
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My experience at centennial was good because they gave me the opportunity to take free college courses. They put more focus on seniors because they had advisors to help me throughout my college applications and the whole processes. The Ap and honor class are challenging in a good way and I learned a lot. They have lots of sports that students can join and a decent amount of extra curricular classes. From how the school used to be from when my parents attended to when I attended it has gotten much better especially in academics because they are pushing the students more and are advancing in technology. The only things I would like for them to change is the desks inside the class because they are in poor condition and they need to increase the amount of resources and supplies.
I like that Centennial has a great support system for the students to get through the college process. I would like to see Centennial improve their academics and make them a little more challenging on the level it should be.
I would like to change everything about Centennial High School. It is a nice school but the security is bad and some teachers don't teach at all.
Centennial has a few very good teachers who teach students valuable life lessons. The have a great band and sports teams. We also have very good college resources. The college advisors are very helpful in guiding students to college. A change that I would like to see at Centennial are the activities. We lack any clubs or organizations. Its very had for some students to fit in if they are not in any sports. We need more clubs for all students to feel comfortable at school.
Centennial is a great school but I would like to see more involvement with the parents and I would also like to see more clubs.
The school environment is one of the major things that needs to change. Overall the only thing I liked about Centennial is some of the teachers I’ve connected with, who inspired me to continue with education.
In all honesty there isn't nothing really that great about Centennial Highschool besides some teachers and administrators that care about you. I would like to see the way the school works change. Sometimes the school administrators make poor decisions, and the school works unprofessionally worrying about if students are following school dress codes taking time out of their education time.
The only thing I like about centennial was the cookies Ms. Hammond sold at lunch. I would like to see centennial prepare kids for college better.
I like centennial high I meet some long term friends and aquire a good education. Their food can be a lot better but it's good that the leadership class is selling during lunch
The teachers and counselor help you get what you need. The offer classes to help you make up credits.
I think all the students get along okay. We might have a fight every other week but most of the time it be gang related.
The extracurricular activities that we have at school are good. They help the student stay out of trouble and keep them on track.
The experience is good. Although the student don't have a lot of school spirit, the school still manage to have fun activities.
The teachers at Centennial are great. They help you with the things you are struggling with, give you advice on ways to do better, and help you achieve your goals.
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Volleyball and Softball the best sports i really love them. I like playing sports an when i play here it makes it better.
This school was the best the teachers helped me get through theses years.
I love my cooking teacher she teaches me everything. She'll go out her way to help you if you need it, an if your not getting it you could always approach her and tell her you don't get it.
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