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Caring teachers and staff. High-end classes are available to those who so desire. Very good Guidance Counselors
Centennial High school is the best school I have been in my life. The teachers are very kind, helpful and whenever I don’t understand anything they make sure that I get that and try to tell me in a more easier way.
The diversity is absolutely amazing. Just seeing how involved the teachers are with students is very assuring. The programs available are very unbiased and custom made for each individual. The different career paths that are introduced to the students really allows for us to explore every aspect. The faculty are always wanting the best for their pupils and are like family. They always strive for us to reach the best and encourage us to learn as a passion. It is not a job for them, but the teachers do it to shape the future generation as best as possible. I have only been there for a year, yet I can say I look forward to the rest of my three years there.
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I attended Centennial High School my last two years of high school. I had a good experience because coming from out of state, everyone was very welcoming and helped me with the adjustment. I have met some very good friends and teachers who are now my mentors.
I like Centennial because the teachers challenge you into becoming the best you possible and they really look out for you.
Centennial is an outstanding academic school and very diverse. My 4 years there were definitely the best years of my life, I participated in the chess program, football program, basketball, and track. My grades weren't amazing but they weren't that bad either, my teachers did their best to prepare us for college and the real world.
Though the halls are like a maze, there's always a smiling teacher in every classroom, ready to help you with academics or just have a general conversation
My high school experience was great. The teachers prepared me for college. I was involved in several extra-curricular activities. Also made many lifetime friendships.
Centennial is a good school. They try to prepare you for college or whatever you might choose for your future.
I love how focused Centennial is on college readiness and making sure everyone graduates and if not pursuing college, at least has something to do after college. I would love if admistration(of Columbus city schools in general), food, and select teachers would improve.
What I liked about Centennial High School was the diversity, I appreciated that I had the pleasure to meet so many people from different parts of the world. I had got the opportunity to get to know others cultures. I also loved the activities and recreational things I was able to involve in at school. I joined the mock trial club, the marching band, and the chess club it was all very pleasing and fun during my high school years.
The athletics are a "JOKE". The coaches have no idea on what they are doing to the students or players. The softball coach is abusive, not sure he should be allowed to train pets, let alone adolescents.
Centennial is a very diverse school, it may be one of the most diverse in the Columbus city district. The teachers are determined to make sure that students pass they classes and the environment is very positive and safe
I wish there was better security at my school because anyone is able to walk in through the front door. The school diversity is excellent because there are students from lots of different countries and ethnicities.
Centennial, despite the reputation in the media, is an amazing school. The teachers will go above and beyond to help you; the facilities are falling apart, which is a shame. Overall, I would recommend this school to anyone!
The main reason why I loved my high school was because of its diversity. Many faces of different races, religions, and genders were seen there. I was proud that I could say that I had friends that all had something unique about them.
I liked the teachers. I'd like to see more extracurricular activities. Our facilities and equipment were very outdated
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I moved into the district my sophmore year and I have loved it since. The school isn't big what so ever and that's what I like about it. It's like a big family. Everyone knows everyone and everyone's always laughing and jokin around and it just feels good. And also the teachers truely care about you. They don't only care about you as a student but also as a kid. They teach you life lessons and prepare you as much as they can for college. Overall I love centennial high school.
Centennial High School offered a perfectly diverse environment that allowed me to learn not only the things I needed for college in class, but also in regard to social life. Because of the huge variety in students, its an easy transition to college and the diversity that also following in the working world. I absolutely loved Centennial and would send my own there.
Centennial has amazing teachers. I would like to see a change in the number of clubs. I think more kids would get involved if there were more options.
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