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I have been at this high school for all my high school years so it is all I know. I have had a good experience, although there is always room for improvement.
Things I liked was getting involved in sports. The academic of the school help prepare me for college. Thing I would like to see change will always be on the food options.
I have had a great experience at Centennial High School. Both academics and athletics are very strong!
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Some of the facilities need updating. One building has old pipes which makes the water taste metallic. Other than that, I had a pretty good experience. The arts department-music, choir, drama, all that- has better funding that other schools.
Most of the teachers are very enthusiastic about what they teach, and are very helpful. I think one major change that needs to be made is to really try to prevent drug/vape use at schools. I still see it almost every time I am at a school event, and for a student who has a history of asthma, breathing in vape smoke in the bathrooms or in crowds at a sporting event isn't pleasant, as well as seeing people pass around drugs or alcohol in bags. I know several other schools have done things to prevent excessive use of drugs/vaping, but I don't always see rules enforced at this school. It is to my understanding that Centennial staff does their best to stop the use on their property, but I do feel more should be done. On another note, I do feel like there should be more information taught during class instead of random activities that do not always benefit the student's learning.
Over my 3 years at Centennial High School (so far), the hallways and classrooms of the East and West Buildings have not only witnessed the physical transformations of my teenage years, but the mental transformations that come along with it. I have found great satisfaction with almost every teacher I have encountered at the school, and admire many of them as model citizens. Having taken a tough curriculum, my teachers, with the exception of the science teaching, have continuously pushed me and made me have to fully devote myself to my work in order to receive the grades that I yearn for. As for clubs and activities, I enjoy participation in programs such as Junior Class Committee, Mentoring, NHS, Peer Leading, Student Council, band, soccer, and (hopefully) tennis in the fall. I find value in what I have learned in high school, and look forward to furthering and devoting myself academically and in my interpersonal relationships in life during my next steps in college and beyond.
I like Centennial because there is an "All in the together feeling". Although our high school isn't the nicest building, they created a new walkway to connect the buildings. They handled Covid19 and distance learning well.
Centennial High School was an all-around average experience. There was nothing outstanding about it. The teachers, administration, and all other staff were underpaid and overworked which causes real strain on the overall learning environment. This is however not to say that Centennial does not have its ups. Although the food was lacking, the flexible eating arrangements were very integral in helping their students catch a break before the next round of classes starts. The sports, although underfunded, were very entertaining and m, any teams succeeded. Overall Centennial has a 3.5/5 rating from me.
The education at centennial is wonderful, the staff is very friendly and helpful for the most part. The biggest qualm with this district is that despite being a college prep school, very little is actually done to prep for post-secondary education if you don't explicitly reach out in the first place.
I liked the opportunities that were given at Centennial High School both academically and for extracurricular. There is a sense of Coyote Pride and we were very competitive as a school. When I first started at Centennial there was almost no notice of the smaller or individual sports. Throughout the 4 years I have been there, the less known sports were given attention and the AD went to events for all sports to offer his support.
Centennial High School has decent facilities, kindhearted faculty that have been patient with me and provided me the information and materials to succeed in my career, athletes I’m proud of, and AP/Honors classes that are challenging; it makes me feel like I’m really learning things outside of my comfort zone. However, some of the students seeking help haven’t received any. The student culture is very sport-heavy and doesn’t acknowledge the more musical, club, and academic accomplishments of the student body. Popularity is big. There’s very few minorities, and diversity is rarely ever celebrated. CHS has it’s strengths, but is far from perfect.
I enjoyed my time as a student at Centennial High School! If they could improve on one thing as a district, I'd say it's their special education program.
Centennial High School is overall a pretty good school. Like any school, it has it's flaws. As a student here, I feel that the staff is fairly good but some teachers are not very good.
Centennial is definitely close to the top in terms of managing student needs, education, and sports. Of course there are decisions that will make me scratch my head, but overall I'm very thankful to be at Centennial. I hear stories about other schools and it makes me thankful I'm not going to school there.
I like how teachers try to do there best to help their students and actually realize we have life outside of school.
Some teachers love to teach, and that makes it very easy and more fun to learn, but some teachers have lost the spark and love for teaching, and it's very difficult to learn from an uncaring and unenthusiastic person. That and half of the student body doesn't behave or want to learn, and it really hurts the kids who want an actual education.
I currently attend Centennial and I think it is a quality school district. While our science department could use some help with better staff, the rest of our subjects are highly educational. All of our facilities are up to date or in the process of being updated. Each of our sporting arenas and fields are properly kept to and have a clear difference compared to the schools neighboring ours. Our buildings are not currently connected but this project should be completed by 2021. The administration funds our school well and creates a diverse array of clubs, sports, academics, and interests.
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a good well rounded education with teachers that care if you are doing well or not. The school continuously works to ensure students scores stay high, that safety is a factor and that students are ready for college.
some teachers are amazing while other teachers you wonder how they got there liscense. Everyone is very friendly and is willing to help you in any way that they can in order for you to graduate and decide what you want to do after college. I enjoyed that we had 2 separate buildings until this past year they decided to have a fully closed campus which sucks for anyone that's not a senior because it's really nice being able to walk outside.
Centennial High School had a fair amount of programs for people to join, something for just about everyone. They need more student parking.
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