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I like centennial all the staff are amazing and helpful. I have been to centennial my whole life. They have many clubs, activities, and academic programs.
Overall my years in the district was pretty much normal. Some teacher was great others were not. The food was decent I guess and I never really did feel any sort of danger while there.
Centennial High School provided me with an idea of the rigor of college courses. There is a wide variety of courses at CHS. Students can learn to cook, to draw, to carve wood, and to create robots. At CHS, there are also great services for disabled students. I am deaf, and CHS offered me many great resources that allowed me to excel in school. My first biology class, AP Biology, introduced me to the topic and I realized that I love learning about biology. I am now hoping to major in molecular biology or biochemistry. Another great part about CHS is that I can take several AP classes. These classes are great because they challenge me more and I can earn college credit.
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Centennial High School provides an excellent education, environment, and atmosphere for the students. There are numerous opportunities that many other school districts do not provide. Some of the most noticeable differences are the large amount of sports, clubs, programs and opportunities for involvement.
Working for community ed gives me lots of experience coaching youth gymnastics. I also learn a lot about the school from the location I work and the people I work with.
I enjoyed going to school here. It's definitely a place where you get out of it what you put into it, but it's not hard to have a good experience. Teachers aren't always the most enthusiastic, so the culture surrounding learning isn't always the best, but all of the honors and music courses I took were phenomenal.
Being at Centennial felt like it was the perfect step forward towards my education. Not only do I feel prepared for college, but I feel prepared for my next chapter. With many AP classes I can take, as well as honors classes, college won’t be a shock once I actually start taking college courses. Besides classes, the administrators and staff at Centennial are amazing. They listen to problems within the school, and execute plans efficiently. The teachers there are into their classes, and especially want to help students succeed. Overall Centennial High School has been a place that I’ve enjoyed going to not only for the classes provided, but also the staff and environment.
I loved the diversity that we have here and one thing i would change is the outside hallway. We have an Outside hallway linking our two buildings so in the winter it gets very cold and not to mention our safety is at risk.
Centennial definitely prepared me for college and offered many challenging courses. The school helped students with stress through implementing the LEAP program which helped a lot. There were also many great opportunities to get involved with, such as a wide range of clubs and sports.
Centennial High School was a great atmosphere to learn and grow in my education. The faculty prepared me for the rigor and intensity of college. I felt confident starting out as a college freshmen because of my education at Centennial High School.
I really like this school! It has a lot of quality teachers and courses! However, the Art Department is sorely lacking and the plumbing needs to be replaced—especially in the East Building.
A pretty academically talented school, sometimes lacking in sports’ talent, but is fairly average in everything else. Most of Centennial’s teachers are qualified and educated very well. As for food, clubs, and college readiness, it is very average, often lacking what other schools have.
I like the academic structure at Centennial for it is much higher than other schools close. They are passionate about our education and love for sports equally. I would change some of the administration decisions regarding certain aspects of dealing with behavior.
The school is always dirty. If you ask teachers anything outside the course, they don’t know how to answer. The food is terrible. The administration doesn’t listen to concerns. The school has a lot of activities but they are very costly.
Good environment during the school days. Staff and students are very kind and welcoming to all. Very nice school to be ready for college and to learn what your interested in.
I only gave it 3 stars because I wanted people to read it, it’s really only one star. I’m a black student at Centennial and it’s really uncomfortable. The racism here is huge, a kid said straight up to my face “Africa is a shithole” and the amount of white students that use the N word on the daily is omggg, to big. Even teachers use the N word. Oh and there isn’t ONE non white teacher. Some students told me they didn’t even know the N word was insulting, that shows that teachers don’t teach them the right things. For example, juniors read a book that uses the N word a lot, when students had to write an essay, the teacher gave you the option of using the N word or not. A student kept saying it for fun and when another student complained the teacher just laughed. Anyway, I’m only coming here cause my parents force me. IF YOU ARE A BLACK STUDENT, DO NOT COME HERE !!!
Some of the teachers were amazing, but others were extremely crabby and hated their job. They now implemented LEAP time, which is where kids get an hour to eat lunch and have a break during their day.
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Centennial High School has currently been renovated and is continuing to modernize the school environment. There is a wide variety of classes you can take apart from the classes that are required. It also has great ways for students to be involved. Being in 2 sports, tennis and track, I was able to meet amazing people and foster relationships that will continue well into the future.
What I like about Centennial High School are the teachers who really seem to care about you learning. They go out of there way to help students who need help. Also the teachers really seem to bond with the students. We have this thing called leap where for an hour of the day you get to eat lunch with your friends, talk to teachers, and retake test. Leap is one of my favorite things about Centennil because it allows you to stay in touch with friends that you might not have any classes with. Also because it makes it easy for students who miss school to talk to their teachers about the material that they missed.
I graduated from Centennial High School in 2017. The school is recently updated which makes it a lot better with the new chairs and set up. I enjoyed most of my teachers. If you are in advanced classes, the teachers are more likely to help you succeed.
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