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I was a student that moved from a small school in a small town to a big school in a big city, and with the changes of everyday culture I experienced from moving, Centennial provided a safe and welcoming place for me to adjust to my new surroundings. The teacher and students are very nice. With that being said, one of the changes I would like to see in Centennial is the teacher driving the students to be better and help the students become the best versions of themselves. I understand that there are some students that are hard to work with but they should never stop trying. I feel that some of the adults that work there give up on some of us when it comes to us understanding subjects and things around us. But overall Centennial High School is a great school to be at everyday.
Centennial High School is a diverse, accepting community, where success is what facilities and teachers try to focus on for their students. In order to prepare for the future, the school offer an adaquate amount of resources from AP classes to having a lot of clubs of different backgrounds. The school with a total about 1000 students, is a huge school in a small community.
Centennial High School has many ups and downs, but I believe that it actually provides the education you need to continue life after graduation. But on the downside, Centennial is setting everyone up the same way, which isn't beneficial because not everyone is the same. Centennial does have outstanding graduation rates purely because this high school is made up of so many determined students and Centennial does an amazing job at supporting each and every one of the students. Centennial also has a couple ups and downs when it comes to helping the students. I have witnessed many students in need of some help, but Centennial just pushed that to the side and had the kids focus on other things. I rarely see a time where counselors at Centennial reach out to students in need. In order for this school to get a better review, Centennial needs to not be so by the book. They need to also take a step back and look at the health of their students and teachers.
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The teacher were helpful enough when the coursework would get heavy. There were many clubs one could participate in depending on their interests.
There's a lot of great teachers at Centennial that do the best they can. The school was going through renovations in my senior year, but the changes planned should make the high school experience that much better for Centennial students. The curriculum isn't the best for all subjects, but it's alright overall.
The school offers everything you need to be successful. The majority of students are under average, and there are small batches of intelligent and inspiring people who actually thrive for academic competition. If you find your place amongst this bunch, you can benefit from this school greatly.
I like the class curriculum and teachers the most in our school. They let us to participate and taught us valuable stuff.
The atmosphere in Centennial is nice it could be much worse. The majority of the staff and students are nice as well. There are some really good student and staff relationships. However, the school lacks a lot of school spirit. My experience there has been good, but it doesn't stand out to me. Maybe if the students and staff showed more school spirit I would feel more connected to Centennial and my experience be more memorable.
I really enjoy the supportive teachers and wide range of extracurricular activities. You always feel like you have a place.
I would like to see how they interact with at-risk students change. The psychologists only seemed to care about getting the student out of the office as quick as possible and answering all the required questions and nothing more. People I know got more mental health help from teachers and other staff rather than the people who are hired to help them.
Centennial has a diverse student body and teachers who are passionate about what they teach. However the school has issues with correctly informing the students about classes they are interested. Some AP classes are downplayed by a lot and they don't even realize it.
I’ve met friends and teachers that have made my years here so much easier and fun. I woke up everyday ready for school even when I’m tired. I knew that by going everything will be better and I’ll have a better day
Centennial high school has a large diversity of people and is very accepting of their differences. During my time there, the teachers have been really nice. From what I can tell, they love doing their job. Overall I think the experience at centennial is similar to other schools.
I enjoy the variety of things to get involved in at Centennial High School. There is a large assortment of clubs, activities, classes, and teachers that all make the high school experience better! I think Centennial High School could improve by really making sure the teachers are fit for their jobs.
This school often was very hit or miss. There are some amazing teachers, but also some really bad ones. While I love the friends I have made at Centennial, the atmosphere at the school is not always nice and there are people that make you feel unsafe with all the fights. Sometimes it is scary as well with the police in the school. But in general, things tend to be good and I've had a good time so far. There are tons of clubs and many social opportunities.
I really liked the wide variety of school clubs and organizations that you could join. It made it easy to find a place where I could fit and make friends. I enjoyed many of the teachers there. They were friendly and willing to give you help on any class assignments.
I personally didn't like the P.E. grading system. Due to the Fitness Gram, many kids were discriminated against because they score that you get is based solely on how physically fit you are. If you are a chunky kids then you automatically get a bad grade. Which immediately shoots your grade down. Its highly unfair.
Very diverse high school. Strong English department. Weak math department. Administration is great and helpful.
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Centennial is a very diverse school with about 2,000 students. The staff and teachers are amazing! I would like to see more safety and accessibility for a change.
Overall, I think Centennial gets the job done when it comes to high schools, but it doesn't shine in any category. The academics are ok, if you actually care about honors classes, in which the faculty are slightly better.
What I liked about centennial was that it was a very helpful environment with the administration and teachers. What I would like to see more is more involvement with parents in certain activities like sports.
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