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Centennial provided a good education, and the teachers and administrators were great and worked closely with me helping through my classes. I could tell they really cared about me and my well being.
I had always expected a "High School Musical" experience, but everyone told me that was a unrealistic. I lowered my expectations. My junior year I got a taste of what I'd hoped for. There was a basketball game against Capitol High School. It was a competition of "the real CHS." The school was COVERED in centennial colors, and everyone was shining with school spirit. Our school came together, and cheered our team on. We ended up winning, and that win still unites us. Our sports teams aren't amazing, but we cheer each other on. We are united. I have also seen remarkable things in the academic category at my school. There is always going to be a teacher whose class puts you to sleep, but there are definitely teachers that are so engaged in what they are teaching. It makes me want to learn more. Every teacher I have had at Centennial is willing to help me every day during lunch, and before and after school. I'm so grateful for patient teachers who help me through everything I need.
Centennial High School has teachers that are dedicated and enjoy their job. The teachers are willing to work with their students and try to create a decent learning environment. The school has a variety of classes and extracurriculars that students can do. As more time passes, there is a need for expansion in size because of the large amount of students attending school at Centennial. Centennial needs more classrooms and teachers for the growing number of students.
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I love the welcoming environment. Everywhere from the students, to the teachers and admin. You will always feel like you have a place at this school! I love how involved the admin are as well. You will always see them checking in on students on the daily!
Centennial high school is a great school. The staff is amazing and always very helpful. The school is very diverse and accepts all. All aspects of the school are focused on equally. It was a great environment to be in.
There are many clubs in Centennial which gives a lot of opportunities and the teachers are very nice and encouraging. Something I don’t like however is the dress code. It teaches girls that they can’t express themselves because boys can’t help it with is unfair.
It had a nice location and it was a nice facility. Faculty was very helpful and they wanted their students to succeed. Classes were overall challenging, but not overwhelming. The only thing I would change would be to add more windows to the school.
Centennial high school was a very good school. Very supportive staff and teachers , my counselors were always there for me and I’m glad teachers showed that they actually cared about their students and helped them with any problems.
Centennial is amazing! I have always had supportive teachers that will help me through anything I need. Being in such a great school has allowed me to love education and pursue my schooling career. I will be attending Boise State University fall of 2020! Thank you Centennial for a great four years.
I like the variety of classes that are available to take. They are a lot of fun and I would have never gotten the chance to learn a lot of these subjects if it wasn't for that. One thing I think that could be better is the amount of clubs offered and available to students.
I'm a senior at Centennial High School and although school spirit is high, academic levels are better than surrounding schools, and the atmosphere is mostly friendly, the building of Centennial High School is lacking in windows.
I was really accepted at Centennial. I think I am a very diverse person that can’t really fit into any one category. I am Native American, Gay, a theatre nerd, a Varsity cheerleader, a friend, a leader, and an ally. Centennial helped me become what I am. Not once did I ever feel like I couldn’t be anything except what I am. Both the faculty and the students are the kindest group of people I have ever met. We may not all be best friends but we stick together. We take pride in being Patriots and will defend Centennial always. I am involved in numerous groups and have been given many leadership roles such as Senior Class President, Varsity Cheer Captain, and Acting Representative for the Thespian Society. With these roles I can help other feel welcome and loved and make them feel like they have a home away from home, somewhere where they will always have friends and people that they can count on.
Centennial High School provides a great experience and relationships between students is great compared to other local schools. Although its a great school, it is a bit dated and older than all other nearby schools. The building needs to be brought up to date, it feels like a bunker sometimes. A "facelift" to the school would be nice and greatly needed with newer schools popping up everywhere.
I will begin with the standard centennial student response: centennial is too far from cHiNa gRaNd bUfFeT. Besides that, it's fine.
There's the usual crop of bad teachers/coaches/ athletic directors that specialize in pissing you off on a daily basis.
And if you're lucky somebody will light a toilet on fire. These students show true resilience; they are always advocating for bathroom cleanliness even if they're consistently being shot down by admin.
The teachers at Centennial are great. They will go out of their way to help a student who needs it. The students there are a great group as well. They are supportive at athletic, theater, and other extracurricular events. The building is in need of a remodel though.
Laura Rutter was the spine of this school, she made sure everything ran smoothly and that the students were always taken care of
The academics at this school were average, that's not where my problems come from. The students of Centennial High School are vastly white and Mormon, often rich. I saw myself and other non-Mormons have an awful time making friends and belonging anywhere. The cliques are awful.
There's a group of immigrants at our school. I've seen these students be bullied, shut out, and looked down on, and I've never seen anything done to help them. If you're bullied, and are not with the in-crowd, it's difficult to get help.
I am a student that struggles with mental health. At my lowest points, I have been kicked while i'm down by trusted teachers. I was booted out of a school program due to clinical depression I could not help, with no way to get back in. Administration tried to fight it, but there were so many hoops to jump through and I was so hurt that it wasn't even worth it.
I could go on. I cannot recommend this school to anyone, ESPECIALLY students like me who struggle with being different.
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I like that at centennial there are lot of ways for you to be involved and actually love what you do. For an example I am in leadership as a TA but since I was interested and fell in love with the project held to help children in Congo I took part and I love that part of school.
All around Centennial is just an average, old high school. I'd like to see even more diversity within the student body and more focus on the arts.
I had some amazing teacher and coaches from centennial and also horrible teachers and coaches. The kind that make you love to learn and push you to be better and some who make you hate the sport you once loved and make you second guess everything you thought you knew or were good at.
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