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The academics at this school were average, that's not where my problems come from. The students of Centennial High School are vastly white and Mormon, often rich. I saw myself and other non-Mormons have an awful time making friends and belonging anywhere. The cliques are awful.
There's a group of immigrants at our school. I've seen these students be bullied, shut out, and looked down on, and I've never seen anything done to help them. If you're bullied, and are not with the in-crowd, it's difficult to get help.
I am a student that struggles with mental health. At my lowest points, I have been kicked while i'm down by trusted teachers. I was booted out of a school program due to clinical depression I could not help, with no way to get back in. Administration tried to fight it, but there were so many hoops to jump through and I was so hurt that it wasn't even worth it.
I could go on. I cannot recommend this school to anyone, ESPECIALLY students like me who struggle with being different.
I like that at centennial there are lot of ways for you to be involved and actually love what you do. For an example I am in leadership as a TA but since I was interested and fell in love with the project held to help children in Congo I took part and I love that part of school.
All around Centennial is just an average, old high school. I'd like to see even more diversity within the student body and more focus on the arts.
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I had some amazing teacher and coaches from centennial and also horrible teachers and coaches. The kind that make you love to learn and push you to be better and some who make you hate the sport you once loved and make you second guess everything you thought you knew or were good at.
This school was great to me. I love going to high school here. Centennial has a great bunch of teachers, the one thing that is lacking is college readiness. I believe the information is there for students, but it isn't as readily available as they might think. If this becomes more available I think Centennial could be amazing.
I enjoyed going to Centennial because it was a good environment. The teachers are nice and easy to talk to. I also loved the volleyball program. I would have liked if Centennial could be more updated.
centennial is a really great school and provides a lot of options to get an above average grade. if you don’t care then the academics will be average but if you do there’s plenty of ways to be a part of excellent opportunities and learn at a high level. the facilities are decent for such an old school but i’d like to see some fundraising for upgrades if possible. the school acts like football is the most important when it’s one of our worst sports so i wish they’d focus on other stuff more and try to make them more exciting sounding.. other than that there’s just a lot of mormons but who can help that. pretty good school.
My experience was alright. The schools provides a system of classes that you can choose depending on what you want do. They provide alto of resources on preparing you for college. They have things such as college classes, college, a lot of books and vise versa. They have a lot a wide variety of sports and school culture. But it lacks in things such as the teaching, too many people, space, food and some classes and sports aren't overall good.
Some teachers are great and some not so much. The school building itself is poorly structured with few windows, but other than that a normal high school experience
Centennial is a very good school. It has very good teachers who care about the students and make learning fun. The overall environment encourages acceptance of everyone and there is so much diversity which makes Centennial such a great place to go to school.
I enjoyed the offered AP classes and the teachers of those classes. However, there are some issues with administration of the school that has arisen over the last few years that is causing for a change in some of the faculty this upcoming year.
This school has been overlooked by the West Ada district numerous times. The school has poor facilities and is not run to the best of its ability. That being said the teachers are really amazing and many of them truly make an impact on their students' lives.
Really?!? Could we be talking about the same school? I would find it so very hard to find a positive thing to say about the school. My son Struggles. There has been not one ounce of help. Not one teacher lifted a finger to help him. It is now one week from the end of the school year and I got a call today to say he is short two elective credits to graduate. The teachers are nothing more than government employees who are biding their time until retirement. I have so many regrets not pulling my kids sooner. Hope someone else learns from my mistakes.
I spent all four years of my high school education here. It is a very big school, so I think that changed the dynamic of the student and teacher community a lot. During my last couple years, the political activism became really overbearing and even caused the school to have students use an ID badge to enter the school, despite the lack of safety they were hoping to attain. The teachers are fairly mediocre, but the majority strive to be as helpful and caring as possible. The clubs and sports are really good, so I would definitely recommend it to kids who plan on getting involved. I was in the drama and theatrical arts classes and it could probably be one of the best theatre groups in the state, especially with the auditorium and many resources. Overall, it’s been good experience at this school and I would recommend it to many.
I loved the rich culture at Centennial and the kindness of every student and staff member. I felt safe coming to school every day and met so many great people. The environment was very welcoming but not overwhelming. There weren't too many kids so I still had room to walk in the hallways and get to know all of the kids in my grade, but it wasn't too small either. I loved being a part of all the different clubs and activities I joined and my teachers made it worth my while to come each and every day. I truly had an awesome high school experience all four years and wouldn't have wanted to attend any other high school in Idaho!
I love the teachers, the classes available, and the student body. It was all great, but the administration's organization could be better.
I love how hard the classes are as I am always up for a challenge. I also like the people and community. In addition, there are a lot of clubs and extracurriculars.
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Everyone says the school needs more windows and the school isn’t as built as grandly as other schools in the district. However, we got great teachers and a great atmosphere here.
The teachers (especially the ones who teach honors courses) are exceptional to the extent that they are willing to help you on the academics and real word readiness that student needs. The resources that are presented here are very useful and can be used outside the classroom. There are handfuls of clubs and activities to participate in along with the amazing culture that goes along with this institution. But not all schools are perfect. From an architectural perspective, this school is terrible. There are little windows and the building looks like a giant box with an outdated interior. Even though there are top notch academics that this school has to offer, the architectural standpoint is subpar compared to the likes of Mountain View H.S., Rocky Mountain, and Meridian H.S. Other than that issue, the time spent at this school is one to remember.
I came to Centennial for my last year of high school. It has been an overwhelming experience but the people and teachers here have helped me adapt and become as successful as I can be.
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