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Centennial High School is great because of the people there. The counselors and teachers really care about the students. That is not just a feel-good generality. I have seen many different teachers be there for students and help them through a hard time. The counsellors are also extremely knowledgable about college and what needs to be done to best help the individual student. In my opinion, that makes all the difference. I don't think most of the students realize how good they have it.
I loved the robotics program, it gave me a lot of experience in leadership and community service. The teachers cared about the students more than any other high school I saw in town, about the education they were getting how they were becoming young adults and they (the students) will shape this country as a whole because of how we (the students) cared about what was going on in our community and they we would change it for the better and the teachers encouraged it.
I have had a good experience at Centennial. My teachers have helped me to improve my skills. The AP Calculous teacher, Mrs. Castro, is one of the best teachers I have ever had. The same goes for Mr. Biron and Mr. Richmond as history teachers. I have been very privileged to be in their classes. The staff is generally accepting and openminded, although due to the political culture of the City of Bakersfield itself, there are moments where students and teachers are not accepting of others. Besides that, the school has treated me well.
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I liked the teachers the most. Every year I had great teachers, maybe one or two that were decent, but overall I had great teachers every year. They were all understanding and willing to help you always. They had a good sense of humor and overall a good personality. Most people don’t like going to work but almost every teacher I had would say they enjoy going to work. Not only teachers but the staff was great too. Security, lunch ladies, janitors, office staff, they were all so kind and helpful especially if you were an incoming freshman or new to the school. One thing I would like to change or see changed at the school would be their budgeting. The school has recently had a shortage funds. We can not afford to hire more teachers for overfilling classes making class sizes a bit full. This makes teaching a little bit harder for the teacher. Overall Centennial High School would be a great school to go to because the staff and students make the best of whatever situations we are put in.
Centennial High school was a great school because all the teachers were very helpful and supportive. A lot school spirit and the students are very diverse and open to knew ideas.
Centennial High School is a good school for prospective STEM majors, however the classes can be very segregated. There can be issues with drugs and fights but overall if you stay out of it it’s good.
The teachers at centennial were great. I was giving a lot of learning opportunities and enjoyed the engineering program that they have. The overall atmosphere is positive.
This school was wonderful! I am a recent graduate and I loved all aspects. The teachers were great, activities, and sports too!
I transferred to Centennial High School as a junior because I needed a fresh new start due to bullying at my old high school. I had heard from other students that Centennial was one of the top schools in Bakersfield, so I was very excited for the change. When I arrived, the atmosphere and the diversity of the students was so welcoming and open minded. I was quickly acquainted with the students and my teachers. I made long lasting friendships with people of diverse backgrounds and learned so much about their beautiful cultures. Overall, attending Centennial High School was an experience that I will cherish forever.
My experience at centennial highschool has Been amazing. I had been going through stuff myself and I had the help of the councelors to help me through it. The teachers at centennial are very kind and well spirited and want to do everything for the student to help them graduate from centennial. I have done choir all four years of high school and it really gave me a family to fit in to. Everyday I would go in and be greeted by people that wanted to see me. It changed my life with the kindness from other students.
Centennial High School as an educational opportunity was fantastic. The incredible staff and lively AP environment allowed me to take a full schedule of courses and still take classes at other campuses. I feel that while Centennial may focus on sports a little too much the college readiness I see in myself is great.
I like the fact that the counselors are truly there to help the students. The teachers allow the students to express themselves more freely than most high schools. I have never witnessed any bullying and I am proud of that fact. The grounds are clean and I feel secure with it being a closed campus. We are allowed to take classes that help us grow and learn how to be more independent once we graduate. I am an Africa-American female and Centennial High School is predominately Caucasian which would make most individuals a little uncomfortable but the students here are great and race has never been an issue.
If you are an AP/Honors student, then Centennial is great. The school has great programs regarding the fields of business, engineering, law, medicine, and music. The teachers are phenomenal and really care about nurturing their students and helping them reach their full potential. The school does not however have things like Academic Decathlon or HOSA participation like many other schools have.
Overall, my experience with Centennial High School was pretty good. The teachers were mostly experienced and I bonded with most of them, and the ones I formed relationships with definitely had my back. They have some cool clubs there that I did join, although their school food could use a few improvements.
Overall, Centennial was a good experience. The management, teachers, and students are all very kind and helpful. There is always help available but the help doesn't come to you. So, I would want Centennial to be more welcoming to new students.
I would like to see a change in involvement of administrators and students. There is a ton of favoritism and it is unjust and shows in actions through the staff. Example: schedule changes without counselor informing student
Centennial High School was very involved with my academics every step of the way and offered many different academic programs for above average students in order to help prepare students for college.
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Centennial High School cares more about its sports teams than its academic teams, which is a shame because the students in academic clubs such as Mock Trial, We the People, Robotics, and Virtual Business are some of the most dedicated and hardworking people I know. Their successes should not be undermined because of sports. Other than that, Centennial is pretty great school.
Centennial high school is an amazing school and I would highly recommend it to anybody. The teachers genuinely care about their students and the overall atmosphere is very positive and inclusive.
At Centennial I loved how welcoming everyone is and the school spirit is amazing. They truly embrace the HAWKS motto. I honestly would not change anything about Centennial. The teachers really push you to your full potential and they all really want to see you succeed in life.
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