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I made such great memories here with the friends I grew up with and made so many new friends as well. The teachers were super nice and helpful and really care about helping you with your struggles. The career center also helped me a ton with preparing for college and without them I would’ve been so lost.
Centennial is a pretty good school. Academics are pretty good, and most teachers are great, although a few teachers in the foreign language and English departments are not. Some of the sports teams are very good, while others are not. Their choir is one of the best, but band and orchestra are horrible. They have some of the best academic programs in Kern County (VEX Robotics, Mock Trial, We the People, Virtual Enterprise, etc), and they have Project Lead the Way Programs in BioMed and Engineering for students who know what they hope to pursue after high school. Centennial definitely lacks diversity, and the food is not great, but overall Centennial is a pretty good school.
My overall experience at Centennial has been awesome. The staff really cares about all the students and they take the time to create individual relationships with students.
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The teachers are great! They really try to make connections and build relationships with their students. The school is diverse but everyone feels like family.
I love the staff and how easy it is to get help. I do wish we had a student section at the girls basketball games. The food could be better but other than overall great school. Especially for academics.
Centennial High School provides many great opportunities, it's up to the students themselves to take advantage of them. They provide many fun and exciting activities outside of school hours for students and parents to participate in. Such as sporting events, dances, clubs, etc. Centennial could definitely work on better response to serious situations involving students, otherwise overall Centennial is generally a good school.
My experience was alright.I loved the teachers more than anything. I would change the ASB because it felt like the school was always about them. Either way I still like Centennial mainly because of the teacher and activites that provide opportunities.
I have attended Centennial High School all four years of schooling. I can say that out of all the teachers I’ve had every year about two of them have made me feel comfortable being on campus. My ERWC teacher this year was actually very racist and made me feel unwanted in my class which resulted in the dean of the school insisting that I transferred to another campus in the district. The security is worthless and cares more about students coming in through a back gate then they do about my actual safety. I give it a poor rating because some of the staff on campus actually cares about the students and their job but about 95% of them are just there for the money. Specifically this year the covid-19 pandemic occurred and the school was not at all prepared in the slightest. Wether you think a situation like that will happen or not you are a source of public education and should be more than prepared for any conflict to occur and be ready to handle it.
I enjoyed the teachers. They were always willing to talk and help. I spent a lot of time on campus because of band.
There are so many activities there, great teachers, and it is just overall such great experience. There is so much opportunity to meet new people and join new clubs.
Centennial offers a lot of good classes from College Prep to Advanced Placement. Plus there are a lot of clubs to be involved and to be active in. As well with a lot of sports to do during high school. There are some good rallies and activities to do. The only thing the school lacks on are the teachers not being that helpful at times. Especially science and math teachers. Lastly, diversity is not a big thing at this school. Other than that this school is really good.
I liked the academics. It prepared me for my future when it came to college. they are a few wonderful teachers who were actually devoted and some who were quite rude and seemed very prejudice. The culture and the community is mainly white students which left the minority students to sometimes undergo racism and prejudice issues. That made the high school experience unlikable. I had learned that some people are just raised a certain way and didn't know any better. That did help me be prepared for the world to be able to handle injustice.
I am currently enrolled at Centennial High School and have to admit it is one of the best in the district academic wise. I take the more advanced classes and I've had both really amazing teachers and some who are a direct juxtaposition. It seems that while some are so passionate to watch their students grow there are also some who don't care. Last week I had a teacher for one of my Duel Enrollment classes message everyone and say if you did the basics she will give your paper an A. She didn't even read it. Its frustrating sometimes feeling like the system is built against you at this school. A few of my teachers have poorly paced the semester and don't teach at all, expecting us to find our own sources of learning. On the other hand however, the school allows amazing programs like PLTW Biomedical Sciences and Engineering which really give the school a strong basis from career development.
You can tell that most of the teachers here truly care about their student's academic success. Only complaint would be the office aides can be rude at times.
The administration and staff have students' best interests in mind and do their best to make sure students are thriving in all areas. There are a lot of different activities for students to get involved with depending on their personalities and interests. The campus is safe and clean for the most part.
I have overall had a pretty good experience at centennial high school. The reason I give the school a 3/5 is because Some of the teachers can be harsher and make questionable decisions. For example, a teacher approved of a game that freshmen played during link crew, in which the participants would “twerk” golf balls out of a tissue box. Not only is this inappropriate, but the freshmen were being yelled at for not participating.
I liked the teachers I had and how they focused on academics. I hatehow strict the school was expecially on absences and getting called out of class.
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I learned a great amount at Centennial, and was surrounded by other high-achieving students. The academics are very tough and force students to work hard in order to stay at the top of their class. My main complaint would be how little the school seemed to care about the arts. I was in the marching band, concert band, and jazz band, and our experiences with finances compared to the football team (that wasn't winning very often) was unfortunate. This problem occurs throughout the Kern High School District, except in two schools which actually put money and time into making their music programs great.
Centennial High School has a great environment with the teachers, students and the classes that they offer. The only thing I would change is the amount of help I needed to get ready for college should've been easier to receive. Overall the school provides great clubs, classes, and extra curricular activities to make the students involved. They just seem to lack information to provide for the students
While it is a great school, it lacks to prepare students for college. The school does have resources to help but it is very difficult to find and access those during a normal school day.
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