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It is a truly amazing school! I have loved the high standards that are expected of every student. I appreciate the effort the teachers put in to make everyday a worthwhile and quality experience.
One of the best schools I have ever attended. The teachers were amazing, and the school work was incredible. I made so many friends by attending all three years and each year got better and better. I highly recommend it.
I have learned so much. They treat me like an intelligent adult who has opinions and knowledge, and I would love to go to this school again. It is a hard school, but it has taught me that it is up to me to take advantage of my education, which I have done. They treat me like I could conquer the word if only I worked for it. They treat me like I have potential, which I really appreciated.
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The teachers at this school are fully committed to their students education, and they go out of their way to help us. They sincerely care about us and our taking advantage of our education.
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