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Centaurus has been a great place to learn. The building is filled with really great teachers and staff. The engineering program is especially great. CHS also has done a really good job of preparing me for college.
The engineering program here is stellar, as are most teachers for the IB and AP programs! Pretty diverse as well, which is always good.
Centaurus, over the past decade, has improved immensely. Currently Centaurus has very solid STEM programs and offers a variety of advanced student programs such as AP courses and the IB Diploma Program. Centaurus also has great connections with CU Boulder University, making it easy for students to connect to a possible college.
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Centaurus is diverse, inclusive and innovative. My daughter has loved her experience at Centaurus. The teachers, coaches and counselors are approachable, supportive, available and constantly encourage the students to do more and try new things.
The good teachers were really good, but some of the teachers were difficult to work with. The school itself was nice, but parts of it were unavailable for students, making common areas crowded.
I had some excellent teachers who taught me not only academics, but also good life skills that I can take with me in the future. I was also involved in several extracurriculars which the school put a good amount of effort into, although some clubs were deemed more important than others. Overall a good experience.
Very good IB program that got me a lot of college credit. Got overcrowded my senior year because we had a huge freshman class. The teachers are amazing and very good at what they do. The programs are organized. I would've liked more clarity on how selecting colleges and applying worked though because they were very unhelpful with that.
I was raised in BVSD. I have also been very involved in Student Government, Theater, Choir and Golf. The encouragement and opportunities the faculty offer has allowed me to grow as a leader. I am not ready to apply this to other programs after I graduate.
There is a lot of amazing opportunities to get involved and explore your passions. The teachers really care and there is a great sense of community and diversity.
The school is very diverse all teachers care about their students in about their students will being if you’re looking for a school for kids to go to I really recommend the school
Diversity is not only a term we use to justify the greatness of our school, but rather is a trait we all strive to achieve and uphold. In addition, the inclusiveness, support, and opportunities fall nothing short from incredible!
Diversity is not only a term we use to justify the greatness of the school, but it is a trait each and every person within the facility achieves. The inclusiveness provided holds everything together, and the opportunities and support fall nothing short from impeccable.
From the very popular engineering department, to the widely recognized band department, Centaurus high school has something for everyone! Perhaps it's greatest strength is the school's focus on STEM. This is due to the influence of such programs as IB, AP, and NHS. The faculty is very easy going at Centaurus, and the faculty's relationship with students is primarily positive. I struggled with a lot of personal issues while in highschool, and the faculty knew both how to support me and push me! My only critique when it comes to Centaurus, is the lack of appreciation and funding for the arts. I was involved in theatre for all four years, and we consistently had to fight tooth and nail against the school's administration to get what we needed. Many programs had to make sacrifices throughout the years as other programs benefited! So I would recommend that the school gives the arts the support that is so desperately deserves. However, aside from that one gripe, I highly recommend CHS!
This is a good school if your just looking for a meh experience to check the box for high school. Not too difficult and not much going on here. Centaurus spent the last few years building open classrooms while the 21st century passed them by...mandated 10" chromebooks is their innovation, administrative cronyism, no real dialog through fake listening sessions and no real community. Monarch has many more options with business, technology and robotics. Peak to Peak will provide a top educational experience. Erie/Niwot and SVVSD offer access to innovation through partnerships with local companies such as Agilent's biotechnology sites, the technology truck, summer Engineering programs with major universities, district wide cyber security camp and hack-a-thons and the best thing is kids can use and access the technology that is best for them whether an IPad, Mac or Chromebook. I would take a look at the great things happening in SVVSD before committing to this school.
Everyone's really nice, the community feeling is amazing. The teachers and staff do a great job accommodating for academic need, which has been very helpful.
Centaurus has a wonderful and accepting community. It also has amazing clubs like marching band and theatre, where students can really find their place. The academic programs such as the IB and engineering programs are also very good.
Disappointing. The IB and Engineering programs are tired and lack any differentiation from general population. While the IB classes offer more riger, they can't be taken without the pursuing the IB diploma. The diploma isn't confirmed until after graduation so if there isn't a gap year, it seems to be useless. There is no point to studying as you can just take make up exams after the real exam. This school is the only major high school in Boulder County to not receive the excellence award. Athletics resemble the recreation center programs with lots of daddy ball and participation trophy's. The new 2021 graduation requirements will be challenging for this school and will consume resources from the top 50%. Graduation and attendance rates are dropping. There are many better options in the local area. Do your research.
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I like the people in the school, I don't feel alone and I can have a conversation with my new friends. All the teachers are really supportive to the kids, and they will do anything to help the children to succeed.
The diversity. It isn't just one culture or race that overpopulate the school. There are a bunch of different cultures and people from different places. The way that others accept each other is something nice to see at school. Other schools might not have this. As a Latina girl at this school, I don't feel excluded but accepted. Seeing groups of friends that have different identities is something that my school has. Even though there are a lot of different identities and cultures at school, it's not seen in advanced classes. Being in the IB program, there are a few hispanic students and less asian students. I would like to see a change in this as time passes. This can be done by encouraging more students from different backgrounds to get involved in advanced classes.
I loved all the inclusion, diversity and the overall environment Centaurus provides. Ever since my first day of freshman year, I have always felt welcome and easily fit in. All students, staff, and faculty are so nice and engaging with everyone.
The academics that CHS provides fit every student's potential. With standard level classes, AP and IB classes, every student can feel comfortable in their classroom without having the fear of falling behind. I have friends in IB, AP, and standard level classes, while I am in a mixture of all three. I believe that all students are able to find what they like and are comfortable with.
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