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I like the people in the school, I don't feel alone and I can have a conversation with my new friends. All the teachers are really supportive to the kids, and they will do anything to help the children to succeed.
The diversity. It isn't just one culture or race that overpopulate the school. There are a bunch of different cultures and people from different places. The way that others accept each other is something nice to see at school. Other schools might not have this. As a Latina girl at this school, I don't feel excluded but accepted. Seeing groups of friends that have different identities is something that my school has. Even though there are a lot of different identities and cultures at school, it's not seen in advanced classes. Being in the IB program, there are a few hispanic students and less asian students. I would like to see a change in this as time passes. This can be done by encouraging more students from different backgrounds to get involved in advanced classes.
I loved all the inclusion, diversity and the overall environment Centaurus provides. Ever since my first day of freshman year, I have always felt welcome and easily fit in. All students, staff, and faculty are so nice and engaging with everyone.
The academics that CHS provides fit every student's potential. With standard level classes, AP and IB classes, every student can feel comfortable in their classroom without having the fear of falling behind. I have friends in IB, AP, and standard level classes, while I am in a mixture of all three. I believe that all students are able to find what they like and are comfortable with.
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Being a Boulder Valley School, Centaurus High is definitely one of the best to attend. Great diversity in both culture and types of education, gives students the chance to study what they are interested in while also providing a strong core knowledge experience. There are definitely some cons that come along with that as well, such as lack of attention to the arts on the schools side, all the money and effort going into the sports. Both of these programs are very good and should have equal attention. Administration is decent, but doesn't take the view of school through the students eyes into very much consideration.
Centaurus is a very good high school and I would definitely recommend it to parents that are looking for a solid school for their kids. It is a very diverse school which is something that makes it so special. Alongside the unique diversity, the teachers are really in it not just to help you learn, but to make you a better person. There are many clubs that you can find that fit who you are as a person. Whether it be sports, academics, or being involved with the environment you can find it at this school. I have really enjoyed my time at this school, and I am really grateful that I got to attend such a great school.
My child doesn't seem to be challenged with any aspects at this school. Sports are not very competitive and their aren't all of the sports for girls but you can go to play at other schools if needed. Seems to be more boys than girls and not much parent involvement. I think alot of kids come to this school because they would be to challenged at other schools. As long as you just show up and don't make much trouble here you can play any sports and graduate fairly easily. Probably would choose Peak to Peak, Erie, Broomfield or Monarch next time.
The teachers are helpful and are willing to help you excel if you take the time to ask for help. They have a very good IB program which helps to ready students for college. The AP program is also great and helps to earn college credit. The engineering program is also what the school is best known for.
I have made a lot of friends at this school. I am in the IB program and the engineering program and I have loved both.
I had a very good experience at this school. The teachers and students are very friendly, open minded and fun. In terms of all other aspects, such as academics and sports, the school is very average. I had great experiences with peers and staff though. Everyone is very supportive.
I liked the fact that the teachers help the students accountable. I had a very great four years and played 3 varsity sports earning all state two years in row. I loved the national honors society club and meetings. Our class sizes were great and allowed students to learn, get to know the teacher, and ask questions when they needed to. I loved how many student clubs there were, and how diverse the school and the students were. It seemed like everyone could find something to be involved in that they loved. I loved all the traditions, my personal favorite was jello wrestling!
Centaurus is a very diverse community where everyone has the chance to succeed. The advanced programs offered here, such as the IB program and engineering program, do a very good job in preparing students for college.
There are really good teachers, and then teachers who are really bad. You will definitely have a mixture, but also definitely make friends throughout your years at centaurus. They take their engineering program very seriously, as well as drama and music!
The teachers try very hard to make the classes fun and engaging. There are many renovations being made to create a better environment for the students and staff.
I loved attending Centaurus. I found a great group of friend with minimal interference with school cliques. Centaurus is a very diverse school in terms of race, religion, and economic status. This allows for equal opportunities for everyone, despite what their background may be.
Centaurus is a great school with very much diversity and all the teachers and administration are extremely helpful with aiding students in school work and any questions they have. All the students here have great spirit and love to help others in need no matter what it may be. The clubs are very interactive and the sports are well involved around the school. Overall the school is great place for spirit and education.
Overall, I had a pretty good experience with Centaurus High School. One of the major points of interest for incoming freshman is the engineering program, which was definitely a highlight of my experience. With a variety of engineering courses ranging from Aerospace to Computer Integrated Manufacturing, paired with unique student-driven learning through hands-on work and experience using tools such as stereolithographic 3D printers and CNC machines, students are well prepared for future careers in engineering fields.

Most courses and classes offered are driven by well-experienced teachers that understand the best way for students to learn the curriculum. With the AP and engineering program in particular, teachers know how create a engaging and rewarding learning experience for the students, leading to an overall inviting school environment.
My experience overall with CHS has been great, but we have this administration that doesnt really know how to run a shcool. In a few years they will get the hang of it, but right now it painfulto watch and even more painful tobe a part of.
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I have loved attending Centaurus. This school is special because being here allows everyone to express who they are, where they came from and where they want to go int the future. The are so many opportunities that are opened up for everyone here. It truly is a place to discover who you are and to make new friends everyday. Just walking into any classroom you get a true feeling as to hoe much the teachers care about your success in school.
Centaurus High School is a school known for its diversity and engineering program. Centaurus provides students who are interested in computer science and engineering opportunities to design their own computer programs, robots, and projects. The engineering program at Centaurus recently sent one of their projects which tests bacteria growth into space with NASA. Centaurus isn't just an engineering school, it also offers performance arts opportunities. The Centaurus High School Marching band won 5 times state championships for division 3A. The Centaurus theatre puts on 3 productions a year which include a play, one acts, and a musical. Students at Centaurus are involved with their community. Centaurus also offers the IB program where students learn more about the world and study subjects more in-depth.
During my four years at Centaurus, I have not had a single teacher I truly disliked. For the most part, every teacher I had was good, nice and really easy to talk with. Additionally, Centaurus has one of the best engineering programs to participate in. I also really enjoyed participating in the state champian marching band.
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