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At Celina High School the teachers are very informed and involved in the student’s learning experience. The town is very involved in sports and encourage UIL academics. The school encourages everyone to be involved in school activities to promote school spirit. The school atmosphere travels into the community creating a small town but big dream community.
Celina High School is a very average high school. The staff is friendly and helpful. Most students are easy going and approachable. There are a few downsides with their focus on football. I didn’t really know what the academic activities were, they weren’t advertised enough. I also noticed that the few academic UIL’s weren’t congratulated enough when they went to state. For example the Cross Country, Volleyball, and Special Olympics usually have send offs which is when the student body line the halls and wish them luck on their competitions, but when it came for the debate team, the thespian society, even the choir going to state/finals, send offs never happened. I think that the principal preaches about leadership and teamwork a lot, but its the little things that really perfects a school. For the students who have a lot of time on their hands, they can’t find that many activities. More clubs can create a diverse group of people and maybe give the students a new interest.
I wish it would fund less to sports and more to overall education and fine arts. The teachers overall are good, they just need to have teachers teaching less subjects. Some teachers end up teaching 6 different classes or teaching classes they know nothing about, both to the detriment of the students educations.
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I am new to this school and they accepted me with open arms. The staff is an incredible resource and a perfect way to communicate your needs to. Their coaches are there more for your personal growth rather than your success on the field. I feel like I am apart of a family and that I am apart of something special. In addition, technology is extremely accessible and I am able to access anything I need to be as successful as I can. In fact, 3 weeks into my summer, I have emailed my counselor three times and have gotten a response within 24 hours every time. Despite the difficult culture being a rising senior and new to a school, the staff and community has embraced me as one of their own.
Celina High School has given me a great environment to learn and mature in. This school has prepared me very well for college and the responsibilities that I will have next year. Everything that I do for my classes or extracurriculars teaches me something that will help me in the real world.
Liked the atmosphere. Academics are mediocre due to unqualified teachers being assigned to teach AP courses. Sports is the primary focus of the school/district, leading to a downfall in other areas of the school.
Celina High School welcomes and fosters students unlike I have seen. Not only does it have a range of academic and extracurricular activities, but Celina has an unmatched supporting community. From AP English Composition to Agriculture classes, Celina High School has education for people of many different backgrounds. Celina has some of the most competitive sports teams in the district, but it lacks in club and other extracurricular activities. It prepares its students for college by providing many AP and college credit courses. Celina High School is also a very clean public high school with many spacious facilities. Attending Celina has been a great experience, especially coming in Junior year from a private school in Dallas. The school has not only welcomed me into its community, but has provided opportunities for me to thrive and increase my knowledge in a safe setting. I could not ask for a better high school to move to and finish my high school career.
It's a good school with friendly and helpful staff. The campus is beautiful with plenty of room for learning and development. Not only do they have outstanding academics but they also have incredible extracurriculars.
I liked seeing my friends every school day and I liked learning about new material. I didn't like how the teachers interacted with the students and how I felt unsafe.
The school is extremely mediocre. Counselors are awful at prepping for college and students of color are casually disadvantaged and not given the resources we need. Diversity is weak, the vast majority of my classes are all white. Seeing an employee of color, save the custodial staff, is a once in a lifetime occurrence in Celina -- every single one of my teachers is white and middle-upper class. The student body is exceedingly wealthy -- BMW's, Benz's, and Land Rovers are commonplace in the parking lot. The arts and all other programs, BUT band, are a joke and receive little to no funding. Teachers are somewhat invested in our success, so I'll give them that. The administration doesn't acknowledge the struggle of LGBTQIA+ students or students of color and will not sacrifice time and resources to accommodate marginalized students. If you're not Chrisitan, white, wealthy, and love football: you're going to hate Celina High School.
Been here for 3 years and am ready to leave. Football season is very busy for everyone involved. GDTBAB.
Celina High School provided me with all of the basics to succeed. Nothing more, nothing less. Throughout my high school career, I can count two (2) teachers that genuinely cared about their students; everyone else just wanted to get their check. I was not pushed to be better, so any motivation had to come from within. Luckily, this was not a huge problem for me, but it could explain the general school climate regarding the importance of intelligence if you know what I mean. Regardless, I had a good experience. I met a lot of people that taught me how to deal with people, I learned that nepotism is pretty unavoidable, I learned a lot of life lessons that come with getting older, and I met a couple teachers that have made a lasting impact on who I want to be as a person.
I have had an overall good experience with Celina High School but there are a few things I would like to see change. I wish we had more funding towards the art departments instead of just football. It limits what we get to flourish in when all the money goes towards a sport made for the tough and strong.
Celina is a great small town with a large involvement in the Christian religion. Everyone knows each other. This school district has a strong focus on sports, especially football. The school is nice and clean, the teachers are enthusiastic about their teachings, and there are dual credit opportunities that I surely took advantage of. There are a few drawbacks such as putting too much pressure on the focus of the town on football. In my opinion, academics should be pushed just as hard as sports, rather than "getting by" being okay.
I like all my classes and the teachers and students are super fun to interact with. You will gain a lot of friends here. But the sports are very limited. There is no boys soccer team and its almost all about football here which is displeasing to those who don't worship football.
Celina High School is always motivating students to reach their full potential. We are a strict school district that accepts no failure.We all all huge bobcat pride go big orange! Best school in the state of Texas!
Celina High School was a great place for me to become a great student-athlete not only in school but also out of school.
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Celina High School was on average a great school, what can be changed for the better future is add in a program where it can prepare students for their majors in college. (for example: frisco isd has the cte center to prepare them hands on their career).
At my time in Celina high school, I experienced a lot of favoritism towards football players. They didn't really care as much about how much you learn as long as you were eligible. This high school did not prepare me for college at all. I didn't know how to study as well as write a good research paper. They also didn't have many sports. Overall not a great school.
I am involved in many extracurriculars in Celina High School, the teachers are great and treat students very kindly. Celina High School has treated me so well. There's nothing to change in this school
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