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Celeste High School is a great, welcoming school. The classes are small, and the staff is friendly. The school is easy to navigate, and is pretty stunning.
I like how the schools so small and everyone tries to help you. The teaching staff is so good and helps you with everything.
I like how the teachers can have closer relationships with the kids to better teach them in each subject the way they learn best.
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I love attending Celeste High School. Celeste has giving me the things I need to be successful in the Classroom and on the Football Field. Because of Celeste I am excited about attending Navarro College next Fall
What was most enjoyable about Celeste High School was it's close-knit social environment where the care that was put into teaching the students remained the most essential. It's size may not be the most impressive yet academically it was made sure that both teachers and students made sure no one was left behind.
The teaching staff is accommodating and has a desire to make sure that the students fully understand the material being taught to them. There is a lot of pride in the school's past achievements in sports, but far too often the achievements of popular sports seem to take more precedence than academic achievement. The administration does not do a very good job with problem solving that benefits the welfare of the students. Overall, for a small school, there is a lot of value in the experience gained from attending Celeste High School.
It is a really great high school, all of my teachers were helpful and friendly. There is not anything I feel should change.
Speaking from experience, Celeste Hight School is the best school that I've ever been to. Since starting school here, my grades have improved to the point that a dream of being in the top twenty of my class came to. There is more one on one with the teacher who improves the student's grades and their focus.
Celeste high school has great students, and a great environment for students to learn at the best of their abilities. The staff is also very helpful with teaching students individually when they are in need of help.
The school athletic and fitness opportunities are okay. The students are able to be involved in any sport they want to be, unless they have had behavioral issues. The school has decent school spirit, where most students are involved in it. The school has good equipment and nice uniforms.
Most of the students at the school already have their "groups". If you aren't in a group then their aren't very many other people to accept you as a friend. Their isn't a lot of peer pressure. It's able to be avoided, but there is some.
The teachers at my school are very well. When they teach students they find several ways to show one thing so that all students get the help they need. Each teacher finds time for each student and if a student needs help they will help them. The teachers could use improvement in their grading because some of them aren't very consistent and tend to grade differently, student to student.
My overall experience at this school has been okay. I loved how the students interact with the spirit days, and how everybody gets involved in school activities. I also like how the different clubs in the school help out around the community. I think this school is unique by how the teachers are so personal, if you have issues or need help the teacher will find a way to help you. I would choose this school again because so far I have had a great experience and enjoyed most of my time there.
The school offers many opportunities to attend tutoring.
The school administration is very good this year.
Celeste high school is really good about the safety. we only have one nurse for all the campuses. shes a good nurse . Celeste is always talking about safety..
the food we have at school is nasty, what they give us does not fill are bellies. some of the kids in my school have to go back for extras because they don't get enough to eat. some of the veggies are good. i think if the my high school would provide more fruit and veggies people would be happy. or even salads
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The school building is 4 years old so it is in good condition. The school takes pride in its appearance and encourages students to help keep it clean. Teachers, for the most part, care and want to help students further their education.
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