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Celebration High school is a great school. They have a lot of diversity and a lot to choose from in sports. Their academics are okay. They have a lot to choose from when it comes to clubs. The faculty at the school is also pretty good. They encourage the kids to get involved in the school with sports and activities which is great. Getting involved is important so it is great the school helps them do that. Also they help prepare for the future. They could work on a few things in the future but overall this is a good school.
i studied in Celebration High School for four years and i think it’s a wonderful school, but i don’t like how administration is rude sometimes, i feel like they should be more gentle with their students.
I would say as a parent that it is one of the best experiences my family has had, our girl is happy and every day she returns home with new knowledge always has homework or work to do,
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It is my first year in this High School as a senior student and it have been the best, thanks to the principle that is the kindest in the world with students, he always motivate us to do our best, also the teachers are excellent with always great energy to teach something new and never regrets.
Celebration High Schools has good teachers that are really focused on guide their students to a successful path where they can have the same or more opportunities that they did have during their time, free regular food that is not good but is not bad. A lot of opportunities and fun moments with new persons by joining to a lot of clubs or any of their sport teams.
My experience at Celebration High School has been good , I’ve learned a lot during the last couple of year. I had many teachers who were willing to help when I had trouble with a certain subject. I like the fact that we had something called surge, which was extra time you can get with your teacher during the first 30 minutes of lunch and you still get another 30 minutes to be able to eat. There was always an opportunity to bring your grade up.
The school tries its best to benefit all of the students as best as they can. Our “surge” time, the first half of our hour lunch is very helpful. It allows students to make up work, get more help, or fix their grades. If not needed, we are awarded the hour lunch in which we can go off campus during. There are several clubs and societies that everyone can join, no matter how different. With the school are both AP and IB that are quite rigorous programs. I am apart of the IB program and can also take a couple of AP classes. The actual school life includes activities like 5k runs on and around campus, 30 hour famines, danceathons, and more with money raised towards cancer foundations and many other good causes. The administration, faculty, and staff try their hardest to be as much help to all students. Most teachers use Edmodo and/or Remind to communicate with students, which also allows us to ask questions about anything when not in class.
I graduated from the International Baccalaureate at Celebration HS and the teachers were great. I felt very prepared for my exams and for college thanks to them, and my counselor's hard work.
I like that the education is good, they have good rigorous classes like honor, AP y IB. Moreover, it is a school where everybody cares about your education and helping you to achieve you goals. Also, if you are struggling with a class teachers are always there to help.
Celebration High School is a school where everyone is welcome from all shapes and sizes. With our outstanding academics, sports, clubs, and arts programs, there is something for everyone to do. As an IB student at CHS, not only were the teachers so helpful and compassionate, they also taught us how to be good speakers, good listeners, and great friends. At CHS, I am a part of the Quiz Bowl team, TSA, Choir, and Marching Band. However we have so many more clubs to choose from, including clubs that promote diversity such as the Gay Straight Alliance and Muslim Students United, to clubs that are centered around the same hobbies, such as the K-POP club and Smash Club! My experience at CHS was truly extraordinary. I met new people, made new friends, and found interest in what I never thought I’d find an interest in (playing marimba for the school marching band!). I am grateful to be a part of this school and so glad I left many legacies as well. Go Storm!
School is over populated. They're increasing classroom sizes and cutting rooms in half to "make" more classrooms. Resources at the school are minimal, not enough funding for clubs unless you plan on doing athletics or theater, hard to get funding for other clubs like my STEM club TSA. They put heavy emphasis on AP and IB courses but people who are really dedicated without test scores have a hard time getting into one. The district is heavily involved in standardized testing so the school takes a bunch. I've been in the district for 10 years and its rough. They do pay for your SAT, ACT, AP, and IB tests which is nice. The teachers are amazing but they can only do so much before administration blocks them. Not enough resources for teachers. If you take AP or IB, which I did, then you'll get pretty much what you need. The ratio between achieving students, and not so achieving students is really small. AP and IB students are admin's favorite child because of how little there is of us.
It's an excellent school that values everyone equally no matter their background. The teachers I came across were all incredibly supportive and nice, I'm proud to be a celebration high school alumni.
As a current student at Celebration High school, I can say that the education provided is very challenging and helps improve the capacity of what we can learn and retain.
Celebration High School’s environment in its top programs really have the ability to set you up to succeed. While there are a couple pointless rules that hinder the ability to learn and a somewhat lack of school spirit at times, there is no other place I’d rather go to high school because of how well my teachers set me up for success and care about me.
Celebration High School is "unique" in terms. The school doesn't feel like a community and often feels like everyone is separated. The students tend to have no care or respect leaving the campus looking uncleanly. The school "spirit" is often lacking along with the school pride. However, Celebration has a lot of good academic courses ranging from AP to IB classes. The arts department is also spectacular and often gives students many opportunities to do what they love. Students also have an option to create their own clubs which I think is spectacular. While overall, I think the school needs work, it is great for those striving for artistic and academic excellency.
Celebration high school was an overall great experience. They have great teachers and sports programs.
Celebration High School has its pros and cons. Some good qualities of the school are that it offers some great opportunities for students to get them prepared for college like AP courses and dual enrollment. Also, the College and Career counselor cares a lot about helping students to attend college. A lot of clubs organizations and sports are provided to students. There are a lot of students and diversity which can be considered either good or bad since there are different beliefs and not everyone is always nice to others even though the school encourages respectfulness. A con is that some teachers can improve their way of teaching. Some actually care about the students learning and succeeding and they take out the time to explain things better if you don't understand them. But there are others that barely teach and just give you assignments so you basically have to teach yourself the subject or others give you excessive work as if that class was the only you had.
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Very friendly, no bullying, decent classes. Most students do very well in class and there aren't many fights that take place. The classes aren't too challenging, though some teachers aren't too good at teaching.
I am currently in the IB Program at this school. I would highly recommend this school due to the fact that not only am I able to receive quality education that would be passed onto my life in college, but also due to the fact that I am able to establish very good relationships with my current teachers; this only adds onto to the time I've enjoyed while at this school.
Celebration Highschool has a variety of classes and students, as well as various activities students can partake in throughout the year. Although there is some bad teachers in the school, I fully enjoy going here.
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