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I have attended this school for 3 years and this is my final 4th year and I believe the diversity and encouragement is phenomenal. I hope that more students can feel more open. I enjoyed how welcoming students and staff are and many people can relate to each other and not feel alone.
My experience at CHS has been wonderful. I had the privilege of meet great people and complete my high school experience that is something really important to me because it only happens one. Even though this year, that is my last one, has not been easy, at Celebration High School we know how to solve that to make it unforgettable. My experience has been of fun, laugh, tears and more and that is what makes it wonderful. Although the academics are incredible, the program at Celebration is the best, you never stop learning. They also have many interesting elective that you can enjoy. I will always say that CHS left a mark on me, not only because of the fun I had there but because of the things I learned that makes me grew up as a human being and prepare me for the future in college and out of college. I hope many children could have this opportunity and make the best of it. I rate my experience excellent because of all this, because is something that will not forget.
I feel a part of the storm nation, i learned a lot of thing and made very good friends. The teachers were the best on how they taught me stuff and being understanding was a virtue too
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My experience at Celebration High School has brought tremendous opportunities. I have been able to work to the best of my academic ability, and build my closest friendships with teammates and classmates throughout my two years attending.
I enjoy attending Celebration High School. I recommend joining the IB program if you want to excel and be prepared for higher education. There are many AP classes available, many sports and clubs, and a variety of classes you can take. The environment of the school is average, and the people are very friendly and welcoming.
Celebration High School is a great school. They help you prepare for the future by bringing people from around the world for different careers. They have great communication with their parents and student.
I like that they provide the International Baccalaureate program which has helped me become closer with my peers and school. I have become more open minded in this program and well aware of what is happening outside the country.
my experience as a student at celebration high school has been amazing they are so welcoming we do fun things you get rewarded for being a good student they treat you like family i have never been stressed at celebration the staff the teachers all are amazing they are very serious about our academics and they help you reach your goals they have so many options to get better with your academics and that is what i love that they never give up on you.
Attending Celebration High School has been one of my favorite experiences. This school has taught me a lot of life lessons because I was surronded by great teachers and students who were always positive and always wanting to improve themselves and the people around them. The teachers were always great and they really devoted their time to the students, there were countless times when I needed help in a certain class and the teachers were always open to help me and help me improve in the subject which meant a lot to me because it demonstrated how much they wanted to see their students succeed.
I loved how personal some of the teachers were with students. Unfortunately, since we have so many students and not enough teachers, you can't help but feel that you don't matter as much as you should. Each student has so much potential and that should be recognized by more staff.
Celebration high school was a great high school with great teachers and class mates which made all of high school much easier.
CHS is a good school with good teachers. It has great programs and clubs for all students. The sports programs are also very good.
It’s an okay school, not absolutely terrible. It is in one of the riches neighborhoods in central Florida, so you would assume the academics are amazing but they are simply not. I feel like people tend to fund more of the sports, which I think is completely unnecessary. that’s all I have to say.
Are you looking for a great school in Osceola county well then you have found the right place!!!! This is located in celebration very beautiful place and the teachers are amazing also no fights, no bullying, very good security and it feels like home you can make a lot of friends at this school and if your looking to go to college this is the right place!!!! Go storms!!!!!
Celebration high school is a great school because it has great academic and athletic activities. The teachers are great with teaching they also care for the student they make sure we get good grades That we will need to get into college and to graduate high school.
Over the last 3 years I've had a great experience with friends and teachers. I've made better friends and connects with teachers and the amount of activities that have gone on which made my experience even better.
I had a pretty good experience at Celebration High School. The school was lucky enough to have plenty of resources and did a lot for their students including fun activities like the annual Storm 101 carnival. What I wish would change is the lack of diversity. The school is predominantly white and although there are people of different backgrounds, there always seemed to be a preference for the white students from administration.
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The property taxes in Celebration allowed for wonderful resources in the school; however, there was a large disparity between the affluent and the kids who lived in motels on the other side of town. Could be better integrated.
I spend my 4 years of High School at Celebration and honestly I couldn't be more happy that I did, I say this because I learned a lot in that school. I grew up and learned in so many ways, because the classes are amazing, but you become a family and its amazing how at the end of the day you grew up as a human being.
Fun and lively! IB and AP definitely improved my gpa and my appearance on college resumes and there are a wide variety of people there.
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