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Cedarville High School provides a great environment for learning. The school provides the resources and teaching for all students to succeed. The teachers invest in their students and do their best to help them reach their goals.
I was enrolled at Cedarcliff k-12 and I loved it! With such small community it feels like you have a whole army that's got your back. Though they may be small their academics are fantastic. Teacher's are willing to help in anyway they can.
Cedarville High school is so obviously superior to other schools in the area. While they may not have fancy facilities or enormous budgets; the people make up for it. The administration is fantastic and so are the teachers.
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Cedarville is an average school. There's not a lot of diversity here and some of the teachers get mad if you ask a question about the material. There's not a lot of student life here, considering that the only "events" here are pep rally and games. However, there are wonderful teachers that make the boring work bearable, make sure you're adjusted well if you moved, and actually care about your health / well being instead of treating you like a child.
I feel welcome around my peers and teachers. The thing they could be a bit more improving on is the restrictions on technology use. It's the future!
Cedarville High School is an incredible school. Its teachers collectively offer a great education, and the class sizes are small enough to allow every student many chances to ask questions and learn. The students there are very friendly and kind. Its sports teams may not always be successful, but they are close-knit. The school itself was rebuilt only five years ago, so its rooms have the most recent technologies and are very safe and secure. That being said, Cedarville's greatest disadvantage is its lack of diversity. Sometimes it is difficult to find or express different opinions because most of the population holds the same views.
Cedarville High School taught me that in order to get somewhere in life, you have to work really hard for it, and I mean really hard. This school pushed me to study more and take responsibility of more events and problems in my life.
I've went to Cedarville K-12. over all it was a nice safe school. I've been with the same kids since kindergarten we're like family. Some of us have a special bond. I would recommend Cedarville to anyone with small children to enroll them in school here so they can have the same experience as I have.
Cedarville High School is academically rigorous and pays much attention to the fine arts, as well. I had many great teachers who shaped my academic career.
This school is amazing. The class sizes are small so the students and teachers get a lot of one on one time if they need help. I, personally, have used this a lot for help in some of my more difficult classes, including Engineering and AP Calculus.
The teachers are great and care a lot about their students.
I feel very safe. School nurse is helpful, but not very knowledgeable.
There are a few students who are involved in everything, and then others who do nothing at all. The activities have quality, but most athletic programs are not successful.
I love going to Cedarville High School. There is a good community of Christians and I feel very welcomed here. I wish we had more activities and classes to be involved in, but I love the people.
Very close knit community where everyone knows everyone
They care about the students and help struggling students.
I love attending Cedarviile High School. It is a great place for a kid to grow up. It will shelter you from the majority of the outside world, while giving you glimpses of the outside at various points in time (such as the occasional fight).
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The teachers at my school are really engaging and seem to genuinely care about whether I succeed or not. If I ask one to stay after class for help on a problem or a concept, they will graciously accept!
I am able to be involved in many things from sports to music to theater to academics and clubs!
Cedarville was a great school. It has caring teachers and wonderful programs. I particularly enjoyed the music program there. There aren't many students attending, so it can be hard to enter into a class since everyone already knows eachother and grew up together. The lunch they serve isn't actually half bad, and the sports are entertaining. It's in a lovely town. I only had one class experience with a certain teacher that turned me off to it, but all the other teachers were fantastic. Wonderful experience.
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