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Cedars of Lebanon Academy Reviews

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There are not that many extracurricular activities. However, the ones there are are fabulous.
The school facilities are pretty good. The gymnasium was just improved with paint and air conditioning. The school building itself is kept up very well. The support to go to college is very strong, but the actual guidance in the process must be sought for very specifically. The parents are encouraged to be a definite part of the students learning experience. Everyone there is so ready to help you in any way. All you have to do is ask.
I really love my school. It is truly my second home. Everyone knows each other and gets along pretty well. There is always something going on, something to do. I love all the teachers. They all take such great personal interest in the students. I would never go anywhere else!
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The academics, while not exactly diverse, are well taught and informative. There is a set curriculum and a limited number of teachers who can teach all classes. Therefore, not as many classes are available, but the quality of the ones that are is great and the teachers do try to work with you to get you the classes you would like.
All of the teachers put so much into teaching and the students individually. Each has a different style of teaching but is aware of the others' styles so as to prepare the students for it. They all take great individual interest in the students and the students' lives. If a student has a problem, one or several of the teachers will pitch in and try to help in some way.
The school is a very safe place. Very rarely is bullying a problem and, when it is, it is taken care of promptly and caringly by the teachers as a whole. If any injuries happen, they are promptly cared for and, if necessary, preparations for further and more thorough care are made.
The school dress code is pretty strict. Students must comply specifically with it. Even so, the school has made it relatively convenient to get the uniforms and, therefore, it isn't a big issue.
The food is generally always good. There is always main dish with a meat, veggies, and salad. The meals are well rounded and usually taste good.
The total atmosphere at the school is fairly friendly and hospitable. Every one can at least tolerate each other and get along pretty well. Peer pressure is not really a serious problem. The number of students to teachers is small enough so that the teachers are able to take personal interest in students creating a very healthy, caring atmosphere.
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