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As Alum from CHS, and a parent of a CHS student, I would like to see more opportunities offered to advanced students and college bound individuals. As technology continues to grow I feel we are slipping further behind. In addition, we need to attract a higher caliber teacher. We live in a rural area but we are starving for growth within our community. Offering more options and continuing to grow within or technological world will open up more opportunities to a CHS graduate.
The school is excellent every teacher and facilities knows the student well, they understand the needs and wants of the student. The student body is pretty good.
I had an easy time with my classes, I mean they were challenging but I had a good time learning what I needed to. The social aspect of the school was hard. If you are part of the popular group then it was easy for you, but if not like me it's harder to fit in. Recently, it has gotten harder to want to come to school. It hard when constantly people are messing with you and you don't feel safe. In my case it has been harder than past years in the fact that I feel like I can't catch a break with people being rude and just overall messing with me. That connects to my learning in the fact that if im too scared or tired of being at school I won't go and I miss out on learning that day. When I do come to school I fear of what will happen to me next and I don't feel like as a highschool student I shouldn't have to worry about what going to happen to me the next day.
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I like going to Cedaredge High School. The environment in CHS is great and everybody seems to know each other. Its a great school.
This is a very respectable school. Students who come out of this school are enjoyable and work hard all the time. The staff work continuously to make sure the students understand the material and practice good morals and ethics. Great school.
Cedaredge High School is your average school. It is a smaller school but has a lot going on. It is located near the center of Cedaredge. The administration is very focused on sports. But it also devoted a lot of time to the other divisions of the school including arts and FFA.
Cedaredge High School has a very friendly atmosphere. The staff is encouraging and the students are positive.
I graduated from this high school. Most teachers are pretty good. The kitchen staff is wonderful. The one thing that needs some improvement would be the administration listening to its students. Collaboration could be better.
If you are a football, volleyball, or basketball player then you will do great in this school. If you are interested in anything else, including academics, then this is not a very good fit for you. This school is in a very conservative part of Colorado, and the administration only cares about sports. The clubs and student organizations are practically nonexistent. CHS likes to say that they have several clubs and student organizations, but the reality is that their pamphlet is just for show. As one of the starters for the Cedaredge Gay-Straight Alliance, I only felt pushback from the administration and several of the teachers. I love most of the teachers and hope that they can make a difference in students lives.
Cedaredge High School is a great school. The teachers and administration are very involved in the student’s learning and the atmosphere is very positive.
My time here was enjoyable. There are some great teachers who really take their jobs seriously, and care a lot for their students. There are some things I would change, however, such as taking some focus away from the sports and putting more attention to other programs such as National Honor Society, Journalism, Student Council, FFA, and the other programs that are hardly recognized. I understand the enjoyment of the sports and celebrating them, but it is discouraging to students in NHS or AP classes who receive hardly any recognition for their achievements.
I would like to see the administration take more of an interest in the middle of the road students. These students have mediocre grades but are not trouble makers. I believe these students would be more interested in school if they were recognized a little more and the straight A students be recognized a little less.
Cedaredge High School is a very good school. We are number one in our district. Our principal Randy Brown focuses a lot on our education and makes sure that each student is on task and on the right road to graduate. If I could change anything about Cedaredge High School it would be to focus on teachers getting to know their students on a more personal level. In other words more student/ teacher involvement.
Cedaredge is a wonderful school full of wonderful teachers. The athletics are very competitive and fun to be a part of. The teachers care about each and every student. I loved my time there and I miss it. The community has such a large impact on the school and the activities. There is so much support there. I only with that the school had more funding so that the students could have more opportunities, but otherwise it is a wonderful place and I am lucky to have grown up there.
Cedaredge High School is part of a tight-knit community. Each teacher makes a special point to help each student, providing wonderful experiences and a great education. With small classes, each individual student has an amazing chance to succeed. All staff is friendly and inviting, providing a great learning environment and community within the school. Student Council helps each student get involved in school activities, as well as many other in curricular and extracurricular activities. With an award winning music program, excellent drama and art program, great sports teams, and challenging AP classes, each student has the chance to get involved and succeed.
What I like about Cedaredge High School is that every single teacher has the time to be one on one with their students. In Cedaredge High School it's almost impossible to feel lonely as most students are pretty nice and teachers are always there for the students. There are a bunch of sports to play, for example football, baseball, basketball and many others. If you don't like sports there is student council, band or drama which I believe student council is the best. There are a ton of classes from APP classes to Art, all with enjoyable teachers. These are the reasons why I like Cedaredge High School so much.
The high school itself only has around 300 students. Since each class has know each other from kindergarten it creates a sense of unity. However, newcomers to the school often had a hard time finding where they belonged in. The "cliques" were determined years ahead of time, so they had to prove themselves to a group like a contestant in front of a pan of judges. The ones who were not deemed fit to enter the circle of more "popular" children, were exiled to the misfits. Also, the school itself prides itself on its accomplishments in sports. The faculty and school focus on sports so much that other activities such as art, drama, and band do not receive the recognition they rightfully deserve. However, their academic programs are fairly good. They offer many college courses and have a diversity of classes. Since class sizes are small students can always receive personal assistance from the teachers. Overall, besides being a sports centralized school, they are fairly good.
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Our academics are very well considering that we had the best test scores in our county for the ACT. Our work load is manageable for the kids even when most have outside activities like sports and a job. At the beginning of each semester the staff does their hardest to make sure eachvstudent is happy with their class schedule and each kids has two weeks to change if they aren't happy. We even have online courses for students like English and foreign language.
The students at Cedaredge High School are diverse in so many ways. We have the teadional diffrent groups of kids like the jocks, the nerds, the Goths, and more at our school but the thing that makes the students great is that for the most part we get a lot and we done leave certain groups out of things or make fun of those groups either. In our sports we always come through as a family. For the mist part we have a lot of school spirit from the school mascot to painting paws along our road to show other schools that they are in out territory.
There are so many extracurricular activities to do at Cedaredge High and there is something for everyone. We have a gay-straight alliance for students, Future Farmers of America, band and choir, parli-pro, quiz bowl, science Olympiad, sports, and so much more. All of these activities cost nothing or very little so that every student has an opportunity to make their high school memory great. My favorite this about all of these is thatvit looks good for future jobs and collages because it shows that you have expirence and are open to more things.
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