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I loved how friendly the whole staff was to me, they were there to help you learn the whole way and not just for money. Very diverse and supportive school overall, especially throughout my 4 years there.
Cedarcrest’s student body is very much like a family considering it’s not very big. Most the teachers and administration do everything they can to prepare you for your future. However, the counseling and career counseling are not the best. They’re satisfactory but not much better. Cedarcrest isn’t able to offer as many diverse classes as some larger schools simply due to the size. However, there are plenty of AP classes for an upperclassmen looking for more challenging courses. Overall, I’m very happy I ended up at Cedarcrest for my high school experience rather than a much larger school where you don’t know half the people and you feel alone.
I have LOVED Cedarcrest High school. I think it is the perfect school in terms of size, with around 1000 students, because I recognize most the people, but there is room for me to meet new people. The faculty as a whole cares for the students and they are extremely involved. It is easy to find a place to belong because there is a wide variety of clubs, sports, and classes to take for all sorts of students. I am thankful that I have been able to go here.
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The school offers a quality level of secondary education. It is unlikely that the school will leave you very impressed but it is absolutely competent in preparing students for higher education, or if that is not for them to begin in the workforce. However, the options for AP classes are limited and no IB program exists at the school. There can occasionally be a sense that teachers are not devoted to their students especially in the underclassmen science classes. The school is an acceptable, average, high school.
Small school with not many offerings. Be prepared to work outside of school to get into competitive colleges. That being said, there is practically no bullying and drug use problems are nothing compared to other public schools in Washington state.
Cedarcrest is a very sheltered school. There isn’t much bullying and for the most part, everyone respects each other. It could however work on its communication and planning skills, for it very much lacks in that field.
Cedarcrest is a relatively small school and the number of opportunities reflects that. The six period schedule has limited the number of elective classes and areas of interest I've been able to pursue. Overall, my experience hasn't been fantastic but I understand that one, I probably could complain about any school, and two, the district and administration are really trying their best to improve the education of all enrolled students.
Cedarcrest cares about teaching students and developing them into good citizens. If a student feels overwhelmed or unwelcome it is very easy to find resources to fix that situation.
Cedarcrest is a good stepping stone for young adults to start their paths to college. It has great teachers who strive to do the best for their students, and has a strong school identity.
Good school, small, most teachers were nice! Went all four years of high school. In the woods kind of. Pretty average high school.
I found that I loved the size of Cedarcrest because of the close community. Although I know of many who were itching to get out, I like that I can look back in fondness at memories of my fellow classmates from kindergarten to senior year. The teachers have always been kind and helpful, in my experience. And I never felt swamped in homework or pressured to be something I'm not. Overall, very welcoming.
Cedarcrest is overall a good place to go to school with teachers that care. The people are very nice, but there is no diversity. The school is safe. Dances are always off campus so there is some change in the community of the school.
Cedarcrest High School is what you’d expect in a small town. There are generally nice facilities and staff. However, some teachers are not the best fit.
Cedarcrest is a small school with it's amazing teachers and staff being it's best quality. I hope that the school will continue to expand it's area and class selection after I graduate. It's a great town and close-knit community.
Cedarcrest is an amazing school. The staff is so encouraging and always striving to help students and make them better people for our community. There are so many different ways to get involved, find your interests, grow your passions, and make the most of the four years at CHS.
I love the learning environment at Cedarcrest. The teachers have always gone out of their way to help me pursue my interests within each of their subjects and the students take part in constructive discussions about all kinds of topics in order to create a diversity of thought that I haven't seen in other schools. While they have helped me as much as they can, there are a few things I think could be improved. It's a rather small school, only a thousand students, and as a result is very limited in the classes that it can offer. I regret that I wasn't given the opportunity to take courses like AP European History because the school was too small to offer them.
Cedarcrest was an interesting experience. If you were popular, you probably had a good experience there, although if you were in the shadows of others, you probably weren't a fan. The school was pretty crowded as well, too many students coming in and not enough classrooms to hold them all.
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Cedarcrest is a smaller school, with a smaller student body. Due to this, the social construct is a little different- everyone knows everyone. The academics and resources are average, maybe a little under financed. College prep is fine when you're taking advanced classes.
My experience after attending Cedarcrest High school was very good. I was highly involved with many different clubs and activities. The teachers were very caring and wanted you to succeed. I wish that the school had offered more AP classes.
The school has very good teacher and nice computers and supplies for the students. However, the school is currently too small for the number of students enrolled, and needs to expand in a way besides add more portable classrooms around the school
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