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Cedarcrest High School Reviews

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It's an above average school I think. The teachers are usually great. It doesn't do a lot for preparing you for the future or providing helpful resources though.
For being a small school in a small district, they offer everything a big school can offer. The community is very supportive and involved. The staff shows genuine care to their students and school community. While traditional, they show innovation in supporting students.
It was fine. It did not have as much emphasis on math and science as I would have liked to see. I would like to see more education about duel enrollment to the students.
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While a smaller school, Cedarcrest High School still offers a lot of opportunities for students. They do have a strong program for academics, even though it is somewhat limited in what classes you can take. There are lots of clubs available for students to be involved in, as well.
Cedarcrest not only prepares students for the real world but also offers an immense amount of clubs and activities to keep the students having a sense of community
It was a pretty good school, I like how small it is. Really feels like a community. Though it has its ups and downs my overall high school experience was one to never forget.
I like that the school is in a community-oriented environment. Other high schools that have more students seem to have different problems than us. It is nice being able to live so close to the school.
Has a smaller school vibe, you’ll make really strong connections with teachers, coaches, etc. You’ll be prepared for college while still having a good time but definitely not known for its prestige or any outstanding alumni.
The academic program at Cedarcrest is good, the teachers are willing to spend out of class time to help their students. I played basketball at Cedarcrest High School and got to experience three years of varsity. The athletic program is constructed very well with a coach who has many years of experience. There were countless times where our coach would be very flexible with tests that needed to be taken after school before practice. As much as I liked my classes, I would like to see more classes to prepare for life outside of high school. Overall, Cedarcrest is a great school to attend both academically and athletically.
I enjoyed my time at Cedarcrest High School. I came to this school as an international student in the middle of my freshman year, and all my teachers were incredibly supportive and welcoming. The level of care and attention all my teachers gave me in all my AP classes have been amazing. I do know this experience may vary through different class levels, but I have been very lucky to have great teachers. The administration cares about their students and they do their best to show it. This school has given me a caring community that has helped me thrive in my academics and my extracurriculars.
Everyone seems to have high expectations for high school. theres plenty of people who will say how much they dislike it. Looking back, yeah i feel like I was sent to college un-prepared, yet, it is s a stepping stone in like and this is where you start figuring yourself out. The school had good clubs I know people enjoyed very much and there is a hand full of great faculty.
I like the community at Cedarcrest. This past year faculty and student have come together in a way i have never seen. There is many amazing teachers who genuinely care so much. Our test scores and graduate percentage are above state the state average. On the other hand the school is becoming more and more crowded every year forcing some teachers to go into portables. There is little to no diversity among students or staff.
I really loved almost all of my teachers here. I made some of my best friends here, and it was just an overall pretty good experience.
I like the sense of community at cedarcrest. I would like to see more classes that prepare your for college. As well as I would like to see a better variety of elective options.
i liked Cedarcrest high school. there are some good people there and it being a small town makes it a safe place to attend school. kids are Focused on their academics because a lot of the families work at place like google, Microsoft, Nintendo and so on. so they want to impress their parents.
Cedarcrest is a good school overall with a small community being close and friendly, the teachers are good but there are some that could be improved. It is a nice school campus and always clean and welcoming.
Cedarcrest High School has a very tight community feel due to its small size and location in Duvall, however it tends to lack in resources and opportunities for students. Academics are fine, but there is no diversity.
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Cedarcrest High School creates a fun and academically challenging environment for everyone. The teachers and staff members only want the best for their students and the school provides people with necessities to succeed.
As a parent I very much like Cedarcrest. It is a small school and feels safe. My daughter has learned a lot and has liked all of her teachers. My daughter’s senior class has had a rocky start with two of her classmates taking their lives within two weeks. It has been devastating to all the kids, the school, and the community but the school, teachers, parents, and city of Duvall have all come together and helped the kids. The love and support has been incredible. Parents and teachers holding signs all along the road letting the kids know “you are loved” “you matter” “Stay strong”. Through all this the school has helped the Students stay strong.
I loved how friendly the whole staff was to me, they were there to help you learn the whole way and not just for money. Very diverse and supportive school overall, especially throughout my 4 years there.
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