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I loved my three years spent at Cedar Valley. Academically, school has always been difficult for me yet the small class size made a huge impact. I was able to get support from teachers and develop deep lasting friendships with peers. I enjoyed the personal feel and openness to discuss real life. Cedar Valley grew me in my faith and love for God. It allowed me to ask the hard questions and wrestle with doubt and fears. I felt prepared when I went to college and am overall so blessed by this school!
I had such a great experience at Cedar Valley. I was able to get extra support academically because of the small class sizes and willing teachers. I had great relationships with the teachers and learned so much by being able to actively engage in class by asking questions and giving feedback. The teachers and staff made Cedar Valley very warm and welcoming.
I loved going to Cedar Valley. I wished I would of moved to them sooner than I did! I moved from a public school to Cedar Valley. They welcomed me with open arms and the classes we're way better. Classes were harder, more challenging and I feel like I learned way more than before.
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I didn't love my time at Cedar Valley, but I didn't hate it either. Its small size was an asset as well as a hindrance. One would get to know their classmates easily, but at the end of the year, one would grow tired of them quickly. I wasn't sure how up-to-date our textbooks were, and how relevant the information we were being taught was. If it went through a bit of updating I believe the school would flourish.
Cedar Valley is an excellent place to feel connected to the teachers and staff while getting a quality education. I felt prepared for college through the high levels of English classes. However, the science classes could be improved to better prepare students for science-based college degrees.
I have gone to Cedar Valley Christian School for almost 13 years and I have fully enjoyed it. It is a small school but I have always liked that because it means I have the opportunity to know everyone. It's wonderful that the upper class men are able to be around the elementary kids and are able to be shinning examples for them. There is always a strong focus on God and the teachers are all strong in their faith. This better equips them to grow the students into strong confident young Christians.
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