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Cedar Tree Christian Classical School Reviews

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I loved the community and the educational experience at Cedar Tree. I came out of my 5 years there having learned how to think critically and how to learn well. I was provided with amazing teachers who not only genuinely wanted me to succeed, but who also genuinely wanted to see me mature both as a person and in my relationship with God. I have made relationships at Cedar Tree I will never forget and I have been taught skills to take with me through college and my adult life. I was a part of the Cross Country team at Cedar Tree for 3 years and I enjoyed it immensely. I would like to see more team sports being developed at Cedar Tree such as, soccer, volleyball, and basketball. I would also like to see more variety in the form of non-athletic extracurriculars at Cedar Tree such as clubs to encourage other interests and fellowship among students. Overall, I am thankful that I received a holistic education rich in personal, spiritual, and academic development.
Parent involvement is stellar. Academics are absolutely exceptional. Students will work hard, but love it. Teachers care deeply about students both academically and spiritually. The community of the school is unmatched. I am thrilled with my two boys experience at Cedar Tree. I would recommend Cedar Tree to anyone who desires an outstanding education for their child.
It is a great school that gives a wonderful well-rounded education. Students learn not only the facts, but how to learn.
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I love that Cedar Tree challenges us to work hard and do our best. They care about developing character as well as wisdom in their students.
Cedar Tree provides a Christian-liberal arts-based curriculum that prepares you for life after high school. It is categorized as a college preparatory school, and shows this through its many courses students are required to take. Rhetoric, Physics, Chemistry, Greek, Spanish, Philosophy, and United States History are examples of the classes. The school is very small, only being about 200 students, but this makes it so that there is a sense of having a well-rounded community among the attendees and staff.
The only extracurricular opportunity offered is drama. We have an excellent drama teacher and program, considering the school is so small.
Many students and parents don't mind the policies, but some do. I left because the administration put too much emphasis on the specifics of the uniform code and behavioral codes. Attendance for all classes was mandatory unless a parent called the teacher to say the student was sick. There used to be a no cross-gender hugging rule that created tons of controversy.
The workload is too much at times, but the teachers are pretty understanding. We have a variety of subjects, but cannot choose our classes or schedule.
In PE they teach the basic sports but we have no teams. Most students just play for their public high school.
I loved the school for my first two years. The students are nice enough and there are a variety of people, but after two years I got tired of the legalism and wanted more freedom.
I am taking college courses in my senior year in high school and feel very prepared.
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