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Cedar Springs High School has been a very nice school to attend and I have had a very positive experience so far. The teachers at this school are very caring and want the best for their students; they also are talented in their fields and are great educators. At Cedar Springs High School there are plenty of opportunities to succeed whether that be in one of their many AP courses offered or an extracurricular activity or club ran at the school. The atmosphere is also very nice at this high school because everyone tries to be as friendly as they can. Cedar Springs is a smaller town but the school is a perfect size between a large city and an itty bitty town. As the incoming classes are growing in size, the district may want to consider expanding the building or growing the campus to account for that. I have enjoyed my time at CSHS.
Cedar Springs High School has multiple opportunities for many sports and many students are highly invested in going to games and supporting athletes. The were chosen as one of the best high school fan bases in the state and nation. The school also offers many AP courses, Duel enrollment, and early middle college. These opportunities help ensure that students are ready for college or any other post graduation plans a student may have.
Cedar Springs is a small town. However, we are mighty. I love the teaching staff at Cedar. Many schools underestimate us in academics, sports and school spirit but we always end up proving better than what they thought. As I graduate this year I am going to miss the people I grew up with and all the amazing high school memories I made. When I grow up I want my children to attend school there. They will succeed and feel loved just as I have.
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When at cedar springs high school some things that I loved about the school. I loved that I was able to go to anyone in the building and be able to ask for help or ask a question I had. The office staff made it very easy to come and go for appointments. While in sports the coaching staff is amazing in the sports I played, and the culture and the bonds that I had made throughout the years of playing sports. Overall, cedar springs is a very inviting community with many opportunities for students to grow.
Cedar Springs High School is where I graduated from and I loved the environment. The teachers were always willing to help no matter the situation and the all were the type of people who strive to see their students succeed. Some teachers would help prepare their students for the college environment, while other made sure that students weren't falling behind in the fast paced environment. Additionally, there was such a wide variety of classes. Many students, including myself, had the opportunity to take dual enrollment classes to earn college credit, or we could take advanced placement courses where we could end up testing out of college classes. These were super important to myself and others who looked to go into college with some credit already under their belt. Overall, I think the school had a very welcoming environment through the faculty, my fellow students were the only ones who made high school a little tough on my end.
Cedar Springs High School has an amazing program built upon a cultivated education driven by well-qualified teachers. The school is just large enough, but not too small to feel like constraining. There are many programs to help both gifted and struggling students.
Cedar Springs High School is a place to be yourself and find comfort in peers and administrators. When walking around school you are greeted by teachers and other students. All of our programs (science, english, math, history, art, theater) are outstanding and the teachers within those programs do everything in their power to help students understand the course work and pass. I am glad to be an alumni of this great school because even once you graduate and leave for the real world, you are always welcomed back to the Red Hawk family.
Overall CSHS is a very good school with excellent teachers and resources to help you get the best of your education with various classes that could help you in your future career.
Cedar Springs High School is a pretty good school that offers a variety of course options and after school opportunities. In recent years, the school has been growing in size, so class sizes are generally anywhere from 18 to 30 students. Most of the teachers in the school genuinely care about their students and will not hesitate to take the time to help, or even just chat with, their students. As time moves forward, the district is doing its best to evolve and create an even better learning environment for its students. With a variety of AP courses, clubs, and sports teams, Cedar Springs High School is a great school.
I really enjoyed my high school experience because most of the teachers I was taking my classes with were very personable and willing to help. Although most of my days were good, I would like to see the teachers and staff embrace a more modern technique of teaching. Rather than teaching from a book to pass a test, teach the students more life skills and lessons.
There are many positives about CSHS including the courses that are offered. They have a wide variety of AP courses, dual enrollment options, and other college readiness options such as the early middle college program where your associates degree is paid for! On the other hand, one thing I would change, is the class size. Many classes are too large for ideal learning conditions. I was never in a class that was less than 25 students and for many it was hard to deeply understand the material. Overall, the staff and administrators care for their students and their futures. They try really hard to prepare them for college or the workforce.
I have had the opportunity to take some interesting classes that some other kids do not get a chance to take. I have formed strong friendships here and overall I have felt pretty safe. However, there reason why I have not put 5 stars is because there is a lack of communication and not many people know what is going on.
The school is great. A few things that could make the school better is more parent involvement and more college readiness. although these would make the school better, they are still present within the school, they just need a touch more involvement. The best things about the school is the teachers and the food. I've never once had a teacher who, couldn't teach the material, had bad relationships with a students, or not be able to help a student who needs help. The food has a lot of variety.
CSHS tries to get everyone involved and want to make sure everyone is comfortable. It feels like a very safe place.
Cedar Springs High School has excellent teachers that care about your success. Sports are also really important to the school's community. The school's administration could be better as it is quite a mess.
What I like about Cedar Springs High school are the environment and the staff. The students (my classmates) are so encouraging to everyone. They make an effort to talk to the special education kids and make their days better, even when they do not have to. The staff also are encouraging. They push us to do our best even when we do not want to. They care for us, our education, and our future.
Cedar Springs High School offers multiple advanced courses such as AP and Dual Enrollment for minimal prices. CSHS even helps students to get into ;lesser known advanced programs such as ATYP which allows students to take accelerated courses in math and English. They allow students to go to Kent Career Technical Center in order to get job experience and certification. Most of the teachers truly care about their students and the subjects that they teach. The school offers a wide variety of sports for students to play but doesn't have many winning teams. Cedar Springs is not a diverse area, with the majority of the school being Caucasian and from a rural area. I have not personally seen instances of prejudice or bullying among students, but it would not be unrealistic to say it happens.
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Cedar Springs is a great district overall, but the Superintendent has made it a negative environment to be a part of. The high school itself is a decent environment. There is a lot of cliques and bullying throughout the school. Some of the teachers don't take their students into consideration when teaching or getting involved with the class. However, there are a couple teachers I've had that really take an interest in their students' lives.
When it comes to sports and teams and how they're treated, they are not treated equally. Some sports are favored more by the district, are treated with more respect, and receive more recognition for their success.
I enjoyed the atmosphere in general, for the majority of the time. However, my senior year was diminished due to poor administration.
Laura VanDuyn is the current superintendent and is destroying the sense of community in Cedar Springs and has been doing so the past few years
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