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Cedar Shoals High School was a roller coaster of experiences in the 4 years I was there. Sometimes it was very challenging to be there and with some of the stuff that the whole school went through it was hard to focus on college readiness and learning stuff in general. I loved the school, but I just wish some of the kids didn't act the way they did and I also wished that they would have prepared me more for college and what was all to come.
Cedar Shoals is a very good school because they make sure their students are well taken care of. Also they help the seniors make sure they have everything they need before they go to college such as the right score they need for the school they are trying to get into.
Cedar Shoals is a good school overall, what school don't have a couple problems? The teachers work with you to help u improve and be able to move on to the next grade, they really do care for u! We also have a great sports program from football, to basketball, to baseball! Our student section is outstanding and very involve. in the 2018 football season our student section help the football team beat a 16 year losing streak against out hometown rivalry team Clarke cental high school!
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I have been at Cedar Shoals for all 4 years. It is extremely intimidating at first, and not just because it is high school. But once you start to make relationships with your peers, your teachers, and even your environment, it is truly another home. I would like for it to become more positively recognized, because we have a lot of amazing things happening within our Cedar Shoals community, but everyone else on the outside only focuses on the bad parts of the school, like the fighting, the drugs, the scandals, etc.
What I liked about Cedar Shoals High School is that all the teachers I had there were caring and supportive. They made sure you had and knew everything you needed to succeed.
Throughout my time at Cedar Shoals, we have had quite a few principals, many of them were not so great. Our most recent principal, Mr. Maxwell, has greatly improved our school. Students actually like and respect him, especially compared to a few of our past principals. Even though we have had our problems, I wouldn't want to have gone to high school anywhere else. I have gained so many friends and relationships.
Cedar Shoals has definitely improved in the past few years. To succeed, all you have to do is keep your eye on the prize (this is easy to do) and not fall into a bad crowd. The school has an awesome fine arts program. I subtracted a star because the administration can be frustratingly slow sometimes.
Cedar Shoals gets a bad rap. If your child cares about their education they will have every opportunity to excel there. The faculty is excellent and there are many AP classes offered.
Would love to see more teachers that care and celebrate students more and push students to do more in life rather than just get thru. Would love to see more ACT/SAT readiness and college readiness! More up to date text books and learning at a 2019 rate
It's alright, and when you need help emotional help they don't really help. They just send you home.
Cedar Shoals provided a lot of resources to my kids that helped them to prepare for college. There were some behavioral issues in the school, partially due to the low income population in the area.
I had an okay experience in high school . I would like to see the student involvement change. I would like to see more parents get into the school spirit as well. While I was attending the school , it wasn't at all how i thought it would be .
Cedar Shoals would not be the place you would like to send your child, or anyone that is looking to widen their learning experience or to open up. There twenty times more negative things said about Cedar than positive. I am so ready for May so I can graduate and leave.
Cedar Shoals has a great community environment. This school has allowed me to use my skills and talents to be involved not only in school but as well as the community around us. I'm proud to be a Jaguar of this incredible JAG Nation.
Cedar Shoals is a good school, as far as academics go, they do better than most schools. When I moved to Cedar I thought they wouldn't have much to offer with my education based on how the school looked but they proved me wrong and showed me that judging a book by the cover is always not the best thing to do. I've been able to explore ideas and bring them to life attending cedar shoals and in a way the school really tries to help students to their maximum potentials.
It's an IB candidate school in Athens, Georgia. On average, it was a good school with a good sense in education and scenery. However, some of the teachers and staff were not good because the way they take actions towards things.
Cedar Shoals overall is a good school. Teachers and Administration are involved and student centered. Plenty of clubs and activities for students to become apart of and participate in.
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I only attended cedar for two years then I transferred to Career Academy so that I could start taking college classes . For the most part it was a good school just need more security and discipline .
I am a senior at Cedar Shoals High School , I like some of the characteristics of Cedar but some I don't. The school is sometimes unprofessional and doesn't do well. They have a hard time getting students under control. Also the school doesn't focus on academics as much as it needs to. When it comes to tending to the classroom setting where your supposed to get help from your teacher . But some classes are so disruptive it doesn't go that way.
I transferred to Cedar shoals high school my second semester of freshman year. At first I got off to a rough start, because the school was bigger than what I was used to, and I really didn't know many people. As the years went by I grew to love my High school. My friends that I had met, they are family. The teachers are also amazing! I had a bound with some of my teachers that I know will never be broken. Cedar shoals is a place of diversity. You're always going to fit in somewhere. We are One Cedar!
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