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Cedar is not a bad school. It's not the best there are improvements that need to be made but overall if you work hard you will be able to succeed.
The School has changed a lot since I've been attending since 9th grade I am now a senior. Teachers really push the students but in reality the students don't ever try to get good grades
Most of the teachers are good. The majority of the students are rude and don't follow the rules. Wrestling and JROTC were fun!
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My experience with Cedar Shoals High School was bittersweet. The sweet part would definitely be a few of the teachers I had who were really invested in what they were teaching. They did more than required of their job, and cared for each and everyone of their students. And then there is the bitter part. Fights and sexual harassment lingered in the halls. Homophobic slurs were constantly being shouted and made me (an LGBTQ+ student) feel very unwelcome. Also I had a substitute teacher in my graphic design class who was swearing at students and teaching them how to fight.
Cedar shoals is a great school with many college courses to offer and advanced classes. The teachers are great and the advisement program gives you many of opportunity for extra help with task you have to offer.
I am currently a senior. I began attending said school my junior year. During my time at this school, I have noticed the school prioritizes sports, rather than the arts. I have also experienced a lot of racism, and sexism. Whenever there has been an altercation with the students, more specifically the athletes, they never get punished. They're always let off with a warning. Why? Because as i said previously, the school prioritizes sports over anything else. The students giving their all academically are never shown any appreciation, whereas you always hear a certain athlete get a shoutout during morning announcements.
Cedar Sholas is a very diverse school. The faculty members and staffs are very nice and always help the students with what they need because they are very good at their jobs. The classes are small and very comfortable. The food isn't always great but we eat healthily and we are served with clean trays. Cedar is more than a school. It is a community.
The teachers are great and teach very well.They offer college courses.They offer extra curricular activities etc.Most students are well rounded and positive people.I enjoy going to Cedarshoals because they offer great classes!
Cedar Shoals may have seemed from the outside like a gloomy school but the inside is filled with vibrant students, teachers, and faculties who form bonds and creative ways to help others from their environment and succeed.
The Cedar Shoals school environment has its ups and down with the highs being the actual education provided for the students. On the flip side, the school has constant drama and fights but there isn't really anything to do about that. Another problem would have to be the school food. Not to talk down on my school but no school is perfect however I feel that if one thing is good about the school it would have to be the school spirit.
I give my high school the highest rating because of their achievements in academics and even sports. I am proud to say that I attend Cedar Shoals because I really do believe that their academic system, the classes they offer, and even opportunities with sports are one of the best experiences that tops all other schools. Also, the teaching staff is incredible considering all the support they offer and their never ending dedication
I like Cedar Shoals High School and I like the people who work there. They are problem solvers. The one thing High schoolers need are problem solvers because high schoolers walk through those school doors with many different problems. Problems, that if not dealt with properly, timely and in a discerning manner, could hinder their learning. Cedar Shoals staff takes the time to get to know their students and they put forth the effort that's needed to help the students achieve their educational goals even when the students are not always willing to cooperate. They treat their students with respect and they give them good options to choose from. Students are given options that help them to understand and learn to make better decisions for their future benefit and their profit.
My hat is off to the teachers , counselors, cooks, janitorial staff , administrators and all who help the young people at Cedar Shoals High School. Keep up the good work. You are saving a generation.
All my four years at Cedar Shoals High School it has been a great environment. All of the faculties want you to succeed. A family oriented school. The students can have their moments there sometimes but that’s at any school but it’s very safe there. A great school overall.
The library was a popular place that represented the school's investment in new books and technological devices, such as Macs and Chromebooks, which I very much appreciated. Of the teachers I had, it was easily distinguishable in which ones were actually passionate about teaching and offering students additional help with their struggles in the coursework. While some teachers were supportive during after school tutoring hours, others barely had their lesson plans ready. There was also a diverse array of AP classes provided, which allowed for chances of college credit. One thing that could've been improved was the layout and teaching for those AP classes, in which most of the teachers chose not to be as involved or helpful in teaching college level content. Another thing to be improved was the advisement sessions provided, in which counselors were lacking in being informative of planning for classes, helping prepare students for the SAT/ACT, and applying to universities.
While i was at cedar i didnt realize how much your school work impacts you .The teachers help if you ask for it or stay after school something you should do if you're stuck.
I like how Cedar looked after their students when the students needed help. Something I would like to see change is Cedar being in the paper for good things instead of bad things.
I love the connection that Cedar gives you between students and teachers. If there were stricter safety rules it would have gotten five stars but they just need to change the way that discipline is given so that people feel safer than the way it was when I was still there. The school is great and I loved how students were able to become one with sports and we all bonded and will forever be bonded with each other because of Cedar. I do feel as if they also need to change the way they ready us for college. I myself didn’t feel as prepared as I want to be but others may feel a different way. I have nothing but good things to say about Cedar other than the fact of safety and college readiness need to be updated.
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Cedar Shoals High School was a roller coaster of experiences in the 4 years I was there. Sometimes it was very challenging to be there and with some of the stuff that the whole school went through it was hard to focus on college readiness and learning stuff in general. I loved the school, but I just wish some of the kids didn't act the way they did and I also wished that they would have prepared me more for college and what was all to come.
Cedar Shoals is a very good school because they make sure their students are well taken care of. Also they help the seniors make sure they have everything they need before they go to college such as the right score they need for the school they are trying to get into.
Cedar Shoals is a good school overall, what school don't have a couple problems? The teachers work with you to help u improve and be able to move on to the next grade, they really do care for u! We also have a great sports program from football, to basketball, to baseball! Our student section is outstanding and very involve. in the 2018 football season our student section help the football team beat a 16 year losing streak against out hometown rivalry team Clarke cental high school!
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