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I liked the fact that most of the teachers did a decent job of communicating their expectations of the classroom and assignments to students. However, the inconsistency in grading across teachers' classrooms that were teaching the same subject, the lack of rigor in some of the higher level courses, as well as the general notion that at best you'll graduate top 10%, attend a public state school, and work an office job was something I thought the school prided itself on are things I would like to see change.
Cedar Ridge is a nice school. It offers many opportunities within clubs and organizations. The scenery is very modern. The students show school spirit and it has a positive environment. The teachers are nice and greet each student outside of the classroom doors. The sports teams are quite good as well. Academics are really well from my personal experience. I would reccomend someone who is thinking about attending a high school it is definitely Cedar Ridge.
all of the teachers and excellent at their job they make sure that parents are notified if the kids need extra help or anything. They do a very good job by making sure the kid know what they are doing and making sure they do what they are supposed to be doing.
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What I like about Cedar Ridge High School is the atmosphere on campus. It's a fairly new school so the campus is very nice and well kept. The teachers here are amazing and are really dedicated to the job and helping the students. I'm currently on the Cedar Ridge Drill Team, Royalty, and I'm very involved in the school life. Cedar Ridge also has amazing academies with a large variety of classes to take for your career path.
Cedar ridge had been my home for many years and as much as I've loved my teachers and friends there have been some problems. Most problems come from teachers who honestly either don't care about their job or hate their students, students who would rather be anywhere but here, and just a lack of funding to some classes. Over all a very positive experience.
In my past years, in Cedar Ridge High School helped me blossom into the person I am today, helped me become successful in my career path that I have chosen. I couldn't have been more prepared for college than what this school has provided me with. If I had to change anything from my school, it be the little things like the schools pride or how were able to express it.
There is many classes available for everyone. anything you're interested in there will be a class for it.
The school is beautiful, we have many resources to help with school work. The teachers really care about success, the only thing I would like to see change is the cultural environment of the students. Students need to be caring and kind towards one another.
Cedar Ridge High School was an amazing high school. They had so many clubs and sports. The teachers and counselors were always there to help when needed.
Cedar Ridge High School was a great school and the teachers cared. There were fun classes like Culinary that I particularly enjoyed. They would play music during passing periods which was fun.
I liked that I didn’t have to change who I was, and that I could be comfortable with the people around me.
I had good teachers, some of them really helped I still think about what they taught me when I take similar classes in college. The school was enjoyable, always clean. They have really good sports as well.
I do not spend a lot of time with the rest of the school, but people come to Cedar Ridge for our arts programs- theater, band, orchestra, choir. I myself am in marching band and not only does it help me develop vital skills, but it is a place for me to belong; a family.
My experience there was great! Friendly teachers, staff and clean school. Made great memories that will last a a lifetime!
I like Cedar Ridge because it provides amazing opportunities for students with the academy classed it has to offer. For example in the past 4 years, I have achieved multiple college credits, gotten to 2 medical certifications (CCMA and CNA), I have also preformed in numerous shows. Cedar Ridge also offers many other course including in architecture, dance, STEM, and business. The school also has great school spirit. Friday night lights are so much fun in the student section of the bleachers. We always go all out for homecoming as well.
We chose Cedar Ridge because it said on the website that Sports Medicine was one of the Academies, but after registering and finding an apartment, we found out that this wasn’t offered anymore. We were excited that there was a student athletic Training program though. The only thing is the coordinator of that program is very strict and finds any reason to eliminate students. They are expected to work several events, but if they do not attend the entire event they are given no credit. So if a student has other obligations they may miss information and be booted out of the program. There is definitely not equal opportunity for students to get this experience.
I do like the variety of other electives and the RRISD as a whole is great. There seems to be a real concern about student success and a lot of communication regarding opportunities. My child, however feels they are not challenged. Pre-Ap and AP students definitely get a more quality education experience.
I entered high school the third year Cedar Ridge was open. It was awesome to attend a brand new school. It was still fairly small but quickly grew to have one of the largest graduating classes in the district. One of the things that I loved about the school is the way the principle handled passing periods. Music would play in between each class and when there was only one minute left before the next class began the music to "Jaws" would play and we would all hurry to our rooms. I felt that I had good academic support and lots of opportunities and loved my teachers. They were enthusiastic and I felt comfortable going to them. I had some very difficult classes and the teachers were more than happy help me so I would succeed. I also really liked my school counselor. She was thorough and genuinely concerned about my well being in high school and on into college.
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I very much enjoyed my high school experience at Cedar Ridge High School, the school was very inclusive and they had very high expectations of their students. All the faculty and staff were very helpful and kind, it definitely felt like I was part of a big family there. They value leadership and succuess very highly and they expect all of the students and staff to uphold these standards. I would recommend Cedar Ridge High School to any and every upcoming high school student as this school helped shape me into the person that I am today and helped me establish goals and dreams that I continue to strive for today.
I think the school provides many learning opportunities for students but should treat all extracurricular activities equally rather than emphasizing solely on one. Every student has a passion for a particular activity and it is not fair to these students who work tirelessly to not be recognized in the same way that others are.
The teachers at cedar ridge take the extra step to make sure you feel up to speed in classes and make you feel included. The school is very diverse and puts emphasis on treating people fairly and politely. Overall it's a great atmosphere with amazing opportunities in the way of clubs and sports.
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