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I had a great overall experience at Cedar Ridge and many of the teachers I had truly cared about my well being.
I really enjoyed my high school years at Cedar Ridge I met a lot of new people and created so many fun memories.
As a new student at this school, people were not particularly friendly. However, the curriculum is challenging and if you don’t prioritize friendship, this school is great for you!
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I loved the variety of students at the school. But that comes along with fights and illegal activities.
I loved the accepting environment with the teachers and students! students were adequately allowed to express themselves and creativity was encouraged.
Cedar Ridge had amazing teachers who wanted to see each student succeed. The principle is extremely nice and genuinely cares for everyone. However, I believe the classes that are not advanced do not hold their students accountable enough. Even though those students are in an easier class, the class should still be challenging to prepare them for college. In addition, the cultural is lacking at Cedar Ridge. I wish they would have done more spirit dress up days for the students, teachers, and staff.
While Cedar Ridge provides an excellent education, security needs to be enhanced, as they have had multiple incidents since I have been in high school. They also need to work on their organizational skills.
Cedar Ridge was all around a great high school to attend right here in Round Rock. However, I do wish that college readiness was a larger aspect of the academic setting and making classes a little more challenging. Most of the STEM teachers were excellent, but there were a few black sheep that made it extremely difficult to learn. Sports and other extracurriculars were awesome.
I had a great experience in my high school years. I loved the theater and music. Great atmosphere and staff (teachers). I would recommend this school to any student, it can be overwhelming at first because of the large size, but everything turned out okay. I have gained fun and memorable times for my high school years, that I wont forget.
I enjoyed the atmosphere that Cedar Ridge High School had, but there are a few things that could be improved. Things such as the food they offer their students and the safety which indeed needs some work.
I appreciate the staff and teachers for being available often and trying to improve curriculum. The campus is very nice and the athletics are competitive. The school should establish more traditions and student lead events. Overall was a great experience.
The overall atmosphere of the school is great. It's easy to navigate, students get along fairly well, teachers and counselors are kind and helpful, and the school offers many extracurricular and club activities. The school also offers flex time, which provides a free time that can be used for rest or studying.
I was not happy with the way they always seemed to make the students feel like making a profit off of them is so much more important and always putting rich kids with status first before low-income students. There were only a handful of ok teachers there that were underpaid and under-appreciated, the music, and theater department was terrible it made most students who loved performing arts hate it to the point they didn't want to do it anymore they hired a choir teacher that enjoyed verbally abusing his students. It was some of the crappiest education I had ever received.
Cedar Ridge High School has phenomenal resources for not only the arts but also the academics. The facilities are absolutely beautiful and I was always amazed that I went to a school that was so pretty. I will say that the school does lack diversity, there is still a focus on getting to know your peers even if they are outside of your immediate circle. The teachers are so supportive and I absolutely imagine myself coming back to visit after I graduate. I have learned so much about independent studies at Cedar Ridge and the faculty really put an emphasis on student lead learning and leadership.
Cedar Ridge High School is a great school with kind staff and I love how diverse the student body is. I've always felt welcome and appreciated and there are so many interesting clubs and classes you can join.
The people at the school, students and teachers, are friendly and helpful. The academic and athletic departments are top notch. I have many friends, and I excel in athletics and academics.
Overall, I had a very good experience at Cedar Ridge. The difficulty in academics varied, some classes I felt were too easy, and others challenged me. It is a great school.
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Overall, Cedar Ridge High School is a great school with many opportunities. I would only wish the teachers could try to help the students understand the concepts better instead of rushing through.
I truly enjoyed my high school experience. Sure it had its up and downs like any other but over all it was good. My high school is still fairly new, so everything is still nice and pretty, which was a plus. I don't have a single complaint about any teachers Ive ever had, they were all wonderful in their own way. I honestly don't think I would change a thing. But if I had to stay one thing it would be, that the school is still new ,so it still has a lot to learn and grow from. Ot hasn't ha the chance to mature, like all the other high schools in my area.
I liked how Cedar Ridge was diverse. Cedar Ridge had various clubs, sporting events, various classes, and different events a student could be apart of. At Cedar Ridge there really was always a place for everyone on campus.
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