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I have very few close friends at this school and have a great time in the school band. I wish that the school band had more funding and that we wouldn't have like 17 rats in the middle school building. I would like less discrimination to LGBTQ+ people in this school and to be treated equally. I wish that they would have more food options and more varieties of library books.
Most of the teachers here are wonderful, although there are a few that could maybe use some work.
There are so many clubs and ports to get involved in at this school. From volleyball and golf, to FBLA and Forensics Club, they have lots to offer at this school. All students are encouraged to participate and get involved with the school in some way. Just about every single person at this school is involved in some kind of extra curricular activity.
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This school is a good school, and is improving every year. The best thing about this school is the size. This school is so small the teachers have more time to slow down and have a little more one on one with the struggling students. My favorite thing about this school is the understanding all the staff has. If a student is having a hard time with school, or even at home, they will go above and beyond to help and ensure that their students succeed.
The teachers at this school, overall, are some of the nicest people one will ever meet. Most of them care for the students and hep them the best that they can if they are struggling. Some of them, however, are too smart for their own good. They know the material, but they have a hard time teaching the student to where they can understand and perform at their greatest ability. It is a challenge, but I like challenges. They have made me study harder than ever and have prepared me for college to the best of their abilities.
I love Cedar Ridge High School i am honestly not ready to leave. I am going to miss my wonderful friends and teachers.
Its fairly great, I wish the school provided more funding for the clubs though. I am an active participant in Beta and a few other clubs. I thoroughly enjoy it.
School Administration: Superintendent is awful and should be fired. School counselor is worthless. Principal is great. Office staff is wonderful. Bullying is handled as best as it can be. Dress code needs to be enforced.
If you are looking for a challenge, this school is not the place to be. The classes are typical, nothing impressive. It has a few college credit classes and AP classes.
Clubs and organizations are really lacking. The few that we have are not very active in the school or the community. The clubs do not promote what they are doing, you aren't even aware of their existence.
Some teachers care a great deal and others don't as with any school. We have a new principal and he's done great things at our school. Our school counselor is not very good at her job.
Our school has football, baseball, softball, tennis, golf, archery, wrestling, cheerleading, basketball, and track. Lots of participation in sports because we are a small school in a small town and that's all the students have to do. Lots of support from the community.
I don't really like the food, but some people do.
I think all of our teachers are great! They really try to help us with everything we need.
We have Softball, Volleyball, Basketball, Wrestling, Football, Golf, and Tennis. There are a lot of athletes at this school, and they also participate in other extra-curricular activities.
Our counselor is not very helpful. She is nice but no one really feels helped by her, including some if the teachers. Our school does take action against bullying and our dress code does kee students from wearing clothes that are to traveling as well as certain piercings. We also have a PDA (public display of affection) policy that keeps kids from doing everything down to hugging. our school is different and some of it's policies are different but for the most part our administration takes care of us. Discipline is not very threatening at our school however.
We have generally the same clubs as every other school. Atheletics gets most of the funding because that's generally all anybody cares about, however we do have a variety if clubs for almost anybody! You can also expect to find full support from almost any staff member or administrator. This year I myslef created a student lead Christian Ministry which has taken off rather well and ,I believe, has opened up the doors for more students to be involved in what they like to do.
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There may be several problems with our school but I would never trade it! Not only have I had so much fun but it has given me oppurtunities that I could never expect to get on my own. It has taught me so much and made me grow into a man who is prepared for college. Sure our academics need work and the athletes get every single bit of attention, but I have generally felt loved as taken care for by my teachers.

Our teachers make sure that we get exactly eat we need, however sometimes that is a problem. There are very few teachers that I have actually felt challenged by. Due to the strict and large mandatory frameworks set by the Department of Education we are constantly doing only what has to be done to meet frameworks. Our teachers also become
stressed and overworked which cna create tension in the classroom. We do learn but I feel like I haven't ever learned how to study or work hard for academics. Those were qualities I had to either learn on my own, or go to another source for.
At Cedar Ridge High School we have several reserve and city officers that come and keep us safe. Two of the reserve officers are actually teachers and one is a school board member. These people are friendly and make all of the students feel safe! On one occasion there was a possible gun threat at the school and the officers made sure every student was secure and safely and logically had the situation under control. Fortunately there was no gun, but the officers showed us that day that we were safe and that they are always taking care of us, rather it be bullying, gun threats, or just keeping students in line.
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