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We have been experiencing lots of threats to my school lately. There has been three communications of shooting up the school in the last couple of weeks. Right now I'm having a hard time focusing on getting ready for college because I'm not sure if these threats are real. I've been making sure to go see my guidance counselor to find out if she has any more info on monies available for college. I've already been accepted at UTI and I'm supposed to begin class on August 10th 2020. I have ADD, so many things pose obstacles for me that are mostly easy for other students.
Cedar Ridge High School is a very well rounded school. There are both IB and AP classes along with a wide variety of honors classes. Cedar Ridge has a multitude of clubs and student organizations in which students can participate. I would like to see more school spirit related to athletics.
This is first year in Cedar Ridge High School as senior. This is the eighth school I've ever attended and I must say, it is probably the best school I have been enrolled in. Of course, I did enjoy attending my last high school in New York but it was only because of my friends. Cedar Ridge High School is a very safe and protected environment and I've never felt uncomfortable in the few months of being here. My current teachers are very efficient in their job and they are all extremely helpful and generous. Cedar Ridge does its best to make sure that students are getting their work done, and receiving the help they need for anything. The students are also very nice. As said before, I'm from New York. I have never noticed how rude some New Yorkers could be before joining this school. The first day I attended, I had very easy flowing conversations with many kids who felt eager to know about me. I continue to make friends here, as it is very easy to just talk.
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The good thing about this school is that there are no cliques. But the school needs to offer more opportunities so that students can be academically successful. There needs to be more student involvement in activities.
So far, my time at Cedar Ridge High School has been overall quite good. However, this is the result of a few select teachers that truly magnify the value of attending high school. Our facilities quite good, but aren't necessarily used properly or to their fullest extent and once again depends on the teacher you have. Administration has been quite poor as we've had at least 3 principal changes in the 3 years I've attended cedar ridge. In conclusion, I'm very lucky to attend the school that I do despite its numerous downfalls and I intend on doing everything I can to get the most out of it for the next year and a half.
I liked the teachers and the classes were amazing. It is a great school academically and the teachers challenge you to your full potential. I am a senior at the school and I have loved every single year.
Cedar Ridge is a very nice school that has allowed me any opportunities. The school has great academics and really encourages good work. The woodworking program is especially good.
I loved the high school. I was class of 2004, its first graduating class. It was brand new and still under some construction when I went there. I absolutely loved my teachers and between them and some of the school programs, they helped me graduate when my family was telling me I never would.
A lot of people will tell you it sucks and it's horrible. But it not as bad as people put it out to be. There are some very good teachers and the overall students are great.
Overall, I loved my high school years. There was a lot of turnover in the administration department, but the teachers really cared about there students and established meaningful relationships. The sports programs were average in terms of their records, but the coaches of the cross country and track teams were phenomenal.
I really liked a lot of the teachers, they were fantastic. The club culture was very nonexistent and could be improved upon, more open more awareness of what the clubs were and how to sign up.
What I liked the most was the arts program and when you join it was like you were family and that the teachers would push you to your best. Also the choir program is amazing it gave kids a chance to just sing for one hour and thirty minutes a day and just relax and be away from drama and other kids and pressure. Like you would leave the stress at the door and just have fun in the class. Also the lunch ladies were amazing is was even better after they got to know who you were because you would see them every day and just talk to them and just have a conversation with them and I just enjoy that the most because they would joke around with you too as well.
I like how Cedar Ridge is very inclusive with all the different types of students that go there. I wish that the school had more fun traditions and activities to get the students more involved.
I liked the academic availability at Cedar Ridge. The classes were a fun array of subjects and more challenging options such as AP classes or IB classes are also offered. I would like to see more school spirit though, such as more attendance to football games and less strict rules regarding sporting events.
One thing I like about Cedar Ridge is that no matter your race, religion, size or gender everyone is welcome. Cedar Ridge allows us as students to feel like a big family and allows us to know that we can each count on one another.
Cedar Ridge was a great school and really helped make me feel prepared for college, especially my senior advisory. Participation can really effect your experience with the school and how much you get out of it but as long as you put the work in, it helps to reap the benefits! I also love the extra curricular activities, take advantage of all the school has to offer!
Great education. I loved being a part of the music program. The academics were challenging, lots of AP classes taught. Newer school so it looks really nice and clean. The only thing that sucks is sports suck.
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Cedar Ridge has really good academics but the teachers need to learn how to be more interactive. My experience at Cedar Ridge was pretty good because they make you go to tutoring during lunch time. This is a good thing and a bad thing because yes it does make sure you do your work but also it doesn't prepare you for college in the sense that college professors aren't going to chase after you like High Schools.
This school is a great all around experience. I transferred sophomore year to be able to participate in the IB program which is not offered at my districted high school. The IB program is worthwhile and should be considered when you are about to enter highschool.
I have enjoyed my time at Cedar Ridge, especially as a student who is involved in the IB program and several clubs.
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