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Caring teachers and stuff. Great opportunities to succeed. Variety of classes and programs to take. Great selection of sports.
Cedar Ridge High School is a pretty average school. In my opinion, school isn't amazing but it also isn't bad. The communication throughout the school is a little weak but overall I think the teachers are good and the students get a good education and learn a lot.
There is a sense of community of the teachers who really care about the students. My children’s teachers have gone out of their way to help both of them get the most out of the the IB program. Also, having an IB diploma afforded my daughter to go to a well respected school since they gave her an IB merit scholarship of $50,000 towards tuition.
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Cedar Ridge High school is a great school. The teachers are always willing to help you when you need it and are very encouraging. Also Cedar Ridge has the IB program and a lot of higher level classes.
Overall, Cedar Ridge High School is an excellent school. Compared to most public high schools, there is a significant emphasis on the arts. Most of the teachers are not only effective at their jobs, but they also provide plenty of support and resources to students outside the classroom. My only complaint is that the science department isn't very strong. As someone who isn't particularly strong in science subjects, I found that many of the teachers in this department failed to effectively teach these complex topics. Other than that however, Cedar Ridge High School is an excellent school, with plenty of opportunities for students of all kinds.
Many of the teachers and very kind and helpful. However, the administration doesn’t communicate well.
I enjoyed my time at cedar ridge . It is a nice school and a nice place to learn. The IB program was a great role that helped me to be prepared for higher education.
My four years at CRHS were well spent and this school has lots of opportunities! I played plenty of sports and I participated in the choral and arts programs and I feel like our school provides plenty of different extra curricular options for everyone!
Cedar Ridge is growing at a slow pace, and being a student there can be frustrating at times. However, the staff is dedicated and try to make the experience as enjoyable as possible. Although regular academics can falter, the AP and IB programs produce really successful students, and those who want to prepare for college should take advantage of them.
The uniqueness of Cedar Ridge comes from its commitment to IB. This commitment is usually seen as an upside, but can also be seen as a detriment to students and affect their ability to get into their desired college. This is primarily due to poor engagement and having no clear direction. The situation is so severe that we have had 3 principles in the senior year alone. The sciences and math do have excellent teachers and, at least within IB, great history teachers.
I have been a student at Cedar Ridge for all four years of high school, and I have thoroughly enjoyed it. The highlight of the school to me is the academics and the teachers, especially in the international baccalaureate Program. It is a school that supports learning and stresses achievement. Their has been a lot of administration changes over my four years, but I believe the school is finally finding a team ready to lead it in good direction. There is a lack of sports culture and "school spirit", but these are things that are being worked on. Overall a great experience.
Overall, I feel as if Cedar Ridge does little to care for the mental health of their students. Several teachers preach mental health awareness while others seem to not understand how to approach children in times of crisis. I have experienced several instances in which teachers ignore or make fun of me during a mental break-down. The IB program is forced onto many students who don't intend to reach Ivy League-level colleges in which those classes would be beneficial. Therefore, the school often pushes students past their mental limits for no reason. Although there are many faults, a handful of teachers at this school have positively impacted my life and will continue to inspire me for years to come. I don't feel as if drugs and fighting are as much of a problem at Cedar Ridge as other schools, and I think that part of the staff genuinely cares about the improvement of school conditions.
Cedar Ridge has an excellent staff of teachers and all my classes have been good sources for learning. The arts program is spectacular, but there have been many shooting threats and high turnover on administration.
We have been experiencing lots of threats to my school lately. There has been three communications of shooting up the school in the last couple of weeks. Right now I'm having a hard time focusing on getting ready for college because I'm not sure if these threats are real. I've been making sure to go see my guidance counselor to find out if she has any more info on monies available for college. I've already been accepted at UTI and I'm supposed to begin class on August 10th 2020. I have ADD, so many things pose obstacles for me that are mostly easy for other students.
Cedar Ridge High School is a very well rounded school. There are both IB and AP classes along with a wide variety of honors classes. Cedar Ridge has a multitude of clubs and student organizations in which students can participate. I would like to see more school spirit related to athletics.
This is first year in Cedar Ridge High School as senior. This is the eighth school I've ever attended and I must say, it is probably the best school I have been enrolled in. Of course, I did enjoy attending my last high school in New York but it was only because of my friends. Cedar Ridge High School is a very safe and protected environment and I've never felt uncomfortable in the few months of being here. My current teachers are very efficient in their job and they are all extremely helpful and generous. Cedar Ridge does its best to make sure that students are getting their work done, and receiving the help they need for anything. The students are also very nice. As said before, I'm from New York. I have never noticed how rude some New Yorkers could be before joining this school. The first day I attended, I had very easy flowing conversations with many kids who felt eager to know about me. I continue to make friends here, as it is very easy to just talk.
The good thing about this school is that there are no cliques. But the school needs to offer more opportunities so that students can be academically successful. There needs to be more student involvement in activities.
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So far, my time at Cedar Ridge High School has been overall quite good. However, this is the result of a few select teachers that truly magnify the value of attending high school. Our facilities quite good, but aren't necessarily used properly or to their fullest extent and once again depends on the teacher you have. Administration has been quite poor as we've had at least 3 principal changes in the 3 years I've attended cedar ridge. In conclusion, I'm very lucky to attend the school that I do despite its numerous downfalls and I intend on doing everything I can to get the most out of it for the next year and a half.
I liked the teachers and the classes were amazing. It is a great school academically and the teachers challenge you to your full potential. I am a senior at the school and I have loved every single year.
Cedar Ridge is a very nice school that has allowed me any opportunities. The school has great academics and really encourages good work. The woodworking program is especially good.
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