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Cedar Park Middle School Reviews

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Overall, a satisfactory public middle school. Cedar Park provides all the features of a middle school that can be standardly expected.
I really liked the community of Cedar Park. It always seemed like the teachers really cared about you. The academics were great and I always had challenging and hands on projects in all my classes. However sometimes it did feel like the administration wasn't the best and that they didn't really care about you as a student. Overall it is a pretty average middle school.
if i could give them a zero i would i hate everything about it no bodys nice they all suck they are horrable people to
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School has very engaging teachers if your on the right teams.
School is extremely crowded as it is largest middle School in district. So expect large class sizes in electives (30-40) and core (25-35).
Math teachers don't really seem to care about doing your homework and it is very easy to get away with these sorts of things.
Spanish electives are a joke and students are disruptive and joking around all the time. Haven't learnt a thing.
first of all my teachers, the teachers are overall very good, some of my favorites are Mrs .Ross and Mr Burton, I think Mrs .Ross is good because she is always very nice and not that strict, I think Mr .Burton is a good teacher because he talks to you like a normal human being and not one of his pupels. then the material, my personal favorite classes are art and drama because I like acting and drawing, math is a pretty chill class and it doesn't matter as much if you don't do the homework or maybe that's just the teacher tweaking the rules of the class, humanities is pretty strict and the homework effects you're
Cedar park is a very generic middle school- it's pretty old but is in ok condition. Most of the students who attend there are upper-middle class and white- there is not a lot of diversity. There were a lot of really good teachers when I went there, but also some who were pretty bad.
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