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I really liked the teachers, I felt that each of them showed their own unique personality in the classroom.
It was a very nice school with a lot of different activity's you could do. A great starting point to any college in texas. Teachers were very good at their job.
Teachers are willing to help any and all students no matter if you have them. The faculty keep the school clean and the counselors will help in finding the right college for you with the right college prep needs.
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I enjoyed the teachers, they all loved their job and were committed to teaching. But I would have liked to see more diversity and inclusivity.
I think the teachers are amazing here and the school spirit is the best. We have amazing athletes and a lot is expected from the coaches. The only thing I would change is the diversity. We aren't a very diverse campus.
I honestly enjoyed being at Cedar Park High school. It has a lot to offer and is a very nice high school. I most enjoyed being on the football team as we were very good and won a state championship.
I would say my overall experience at Cedar park High School was very great over the past year. Last year I started my time at this school as a freshman. I also played volleyball at Cedar Park High School so that defiantly helped me make friends easier. I started my season on the Junior Varsity team and with hard work and determination and ended the season on Varsity. I love the teachers at Cedar park High School because they all really care that you absorb the information they're teaching you and really want you to be successful with your work. So i love their dedication to that. Something that I would like to see change at Cedar Park High School is the food because a lot of the food in their cafeteria is not very appetizing so it makes some students that need to eat lunch not want to eat and would probably rather starve than eat what they are serving.
My experience at Cedar Park was that it was a very welcoming and spirited institution. The staff, for the most part, all are kind and helpful towards the student's education.
A lot of people have troubles growing up in high school, can't find the right group of friends to be with or the right classes to take; but luckily Cedar Park is an amazing school that offers so much opportunity and happiness. It's a fantastic school and I'm glad I grew up being a Timberwolve!
I was supposed to go to Vandegrift but chose to attend Cedar Park instead because of the choir program. Cedar Park has one of the best choir programs in Texas and many students are state-awarded or nationally awarded. I taken AP courses and find the teachers to be very helpful when preparing for AP tests, even having Saturday study sessions weeks before the AP test. I have gotten 4s on all of my AP tests because of the teachers' support and resources provided to students. While Cedar Park has been a blessing, there is still an issue with prejudice at the school. Racism, homophobia, and transphobia is rampant among some students and I feel that perhaps administration hasn't properly treated prejudice among students.
The school is average, great place to learn and make friends. Nothing special about it other than the sports teams.
Overall a pretty great school. When Covid-19 hit they moved over to google classroom pretty efficiently. Zoom classes were educational as they could be considering the situation. The FFA teachers were great and highly recommend raising a pig at the barn.
I liked the work ethic everyone at the school had; the teachers made it very interesting to learn. There could be more diversity and better facilities, however.
Cedar Park High School is a well-managed school. Most staff will listen to your personal needs. There are some areas that need to be improved such as bathrooms, staircases, and hallways. All in All, this high school is a pretty good school to attend.
I really enjoyed the teachers and the whole school as a whole. All the teachers made everyone feel welcome no matter who you were and there’s lots of clubs and groups to help you out too.
I absolutely adored my teachers and the staff. High school is tough to navigate, but I truly felt supported and loved during my time at CPHS. My teachers took the time to help me in ways that I'm sure their job description did not include.
I had some really good teachers - especially in the History Department, and English Department. I loved most of my teachers throughout the 4 years I went there and even the ones I didn't like I still respected and believed to be good teachers. Great school district and I think it is a wonderful school for kids to attend. The only thing I would change is having the counselors help more for college admissions. If my parents weren't there to help me, I would have found it a very difficult and confusing process.
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All the teachers I had were great and genuinely care about students. The band and sports programs can get pretty competitive, but it creates a strong sense of school spirit. Many students are hard working, and it's pretty easy to make friends. The dual credit program here is also easy to apply for and provides a lot of college credit. Overall, the environment is great, but funding is disproportionate for some programs.
This school is above average in key measures of college and career readiness. The teachers are so nice and patient. There are always time to get extra help. The amazing sports hype brings school spirit, and the arts departments are marvelous, fun, and welcoming of all levels. There are many clubs and organizations to join and most of them are awesome. Overall I had a great experience at CPHS
The teachers here are great, but definitely not as good private school teachers. No matter what teacher you get here, they will try their best to answer your questions and help you. The students here are pretty welcoming and it will be easy to find friends here if you try. In my 6 years at this Leander district, I have never seen anyone get harshly bullied.
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