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This district and school staff has gone through a tremendous amount of effort to make me as a student prepared for college and to help me get started on a career path. The arts programs were amazing and the STEM courses were rigorous and thorough.
Cedar Park High School has many opportunities for all students no matter what they are interested in. The school offers many AP and dual credit classes for its students which helps prepare for college. There are also clubs for just about everything which makes it easy to find people with similar interests.
The atmosphere and academic level throughout each year from freshmen to senior year. Change would be the food served for lunch.
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I absolutely love going to Cedar Park High School. The environment the campus creates is very accepting of all and has so many fun programs. There is so much school spirit and everyone is very happy to be there. The students and faculty are all so kind and will help whoever is in need. The teachers are very helpful and want each and every student to succeed and will do anything they can to make that happen. Each program the school endorses has such high standards and won't settle for just being average. I would say it is the best high school in the district and may as well be the best high school in the state of Texas. I wouldn't want to go anywhere else.
Went to Cedar Park and have to say I got a great education as well as sports experience. Which landed me at a top notch college. Thank you Cedar Park.
Cedar Park High School has a great family appeal, everyone is super nice and always willing to help you. The counselors and assistant principles are always there for you.
My experience so far has been excellent! I've been blessed to know many kind peers, and great teachers, some of whom have become mentors. Most of the teachers are patient and kind, and the staff is also very friendly as well. I'm very blessed to surround myself in an environment where my peers take their academics very seriously, which motivates me as well to do well in school. The honor societies I'm involved in provide a perfect fit for anyone who enjoys community service, and the clubs at my school are excellent. The sports program is great as well if you want to get involved in athletics at CPHS.
I have moved schools throughout high school and cedar park has made me feel very welcome for being a new student. When I ask for help they always find a away to help me with the problems I am having. Help students that are new get a over view of the school to help student get more involved and how to get involved.
There were some amazing teachers here and I learned a lot. There was a lot of school spirit and unity. The school could use some renovations but they have already started working on that. Overall I had a pretty good experience here.
It's an okay school. The only thing that really makes this school good is the band and some of the teachers. However, there is a really big "depression" culture that is present and the counselors are some of the most unhelpful people.
I love attending Cedar Park High School because we are a close community that consider each other like family. We build each other up, and lend a helping hand to those in need. I always feel safe, and comfortable at school and receive the help I need when I struggle.
I had an overall good experience at Cedar Park High School, it was a good place to learn because the teachers actually cared about you and your journey through high school, I would change the academic environment because I think since the district holds us particularly to higher standards based on sports and such, there is always a tremendous amount of pressure and competition to do well.
This school offered decent academics and the students were generally nice and accepting. There was nothing that stood out about my experience here and my mental health suffered pretty bad without help from teachers or administration.
Cedar Park is a 3/5 star high school because most of the staff there is there to teach and they are passionate about what they do, however, for the students, there is not enough support. The teachers do give opportunities for the students to help improve grades, but there is no support for a student in emotional distress or has any sort of problem. Some of the assistant principals and councelors will listen to a student, but the student will be met with a "I'm sorry. Try your hardest.". With that being said, this is still a good school academically and athletically. There are many chances for a student to be able to advance and get the challenge they need.
It's a great school in both academic and extracurricular aspects. The competition mindset is set high and the people that go to this school are there to succeed.
I love everything about Cedar Park High. They teach discipline, courage and how to apply yourself with confidence. The coaches are outstanding, helped me make a man out of myself and taught me what team and brotherhood really mean.
Great school in so many ways! Would not trade my four years to learn, grow, mature, and blossom at this school for any other school experience. It was a wonderful environment that allowed me to further my educational goals.
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Great teachers, academics, and sports. Community and parent involvement is high. Mr. Sloan is the best principal. He supports everyone from football, to the choir, to DECA, and every organization in between.
My experience at Cedar Park High School has overall been very good. Cedar Park High School is a fantastic school and with one of the best educations that I have ever had, and I have been to a lot of school. I would highly recommend it to families that have children going into high school.
The campus is large, safe, and bustling. The school provides many many AP and hands-on career-related classes. It's relatively moderate when it comes to verbal and physical expression, and it's ranked very high academically as well as in the performing arts department, but like most public schools it is still subject to the stifling atmosphere of modern American curriculum and grading systems -- curbed by a good amount of understanding and accommodating teachers and staff.
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