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The school overall gives me a level of PTSD. All juniors last year received their papers from the English teacher twelve hours before the time of them being due. I was in tears and many of my classmates were about ready to go nutsall of the juniors stayed up till at least 4 am fixing the mistakes.
Cedar Park needs to renovate the bathrooms for the high school students. Definitely need funding for arts programs (music, drama, art). Some teachers at the school don't realize when teenagers are being bullied by their peers. The cheerleaders need more funding for performance mats. The school could use more variety of class options.
I have such great memories from this place and feel like I was prepared for college very well. The school had strong academic rigor and was big into sports. The teachers made an effort to connect with the students and continue to be some of my greatest life mentors to this day.
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there is wifi but you're not allowed to use it... even the guest wifi is locked for some reason. this can be hard for students without data etc. they also don't allow phones at all, even at lunch... some students have had their phones confiscated just because some teacher saw the outline of it in their pocket. students aren't allowed to even listen to music. they aren't allowed to chew gum.
Overall an okay school but there are things that can be fixed. The dress code is fine but some policies are way too strict. Some students are not treated the same as others in certain situations and receive much obviously different and harsher treatment. Don't get me wrong, there are great people but students should not have to fear in asking questions. Students do not have the time to overthink a harsh comment when they have piles of homework to turn in. The diversity is also lacking. There also are not very many classes to choose from, so often you get stuck in classes you have no desire for. In some classes, the tests are so difficult that extra credit is heavily relied upon. There are also not many options for extra curricular activities to choose from.
i don't like dress code policy where they often play by favorites to condemn you. chapel days are uncomfortable. is it not ok to worship God in not a dress/suit? cedar park isn’t a normal school but they should listen to their students' opinions. some teachers are biased to students. they pick favorites. also one in particular is hard to approach to ask questions cuz he either yells at the students or explains too fast, then says "got it?" & walks away w/o a second thought. teachers sound annoyed when approached with questions & this encourages the students to NOT ask questions, cheat, & use extra credit. another teacher hands out hw as busywork. another treats the students like children. a few classes are pointless & there are not enough to choose from. hs sports are often riddled with jr high cuz of the lack of participation. this ruins the success of playing in a hs game & not earning your spot. students should be able to grade teachers like the teachers so willingly grade them.
This school is absolutely insane; most of the teachers are horrific. The dress code is also very unreasonable. For instance, students are forced to wear dress clothes once a week for a chapel time. If the student does not come dressed properly they are sent home to change. Speaking of chapel time, the person speaking is often non-interesting or good for that matter. For example, there were many times where one particular faculty member would rant on and on about how the world was going to end. There were other times where the chapel messages did not seem in line with Biblical Truths. Another problem with the school is the administration. The administration at this school does not care about the student body. They show no mercy or grace when it comes to their wrongdoings (like a Christian school should), but rather they are quick to hand out very severe punishments for very minor offenses. I would not recommend this school to anyone.
Teachers care, but the quality of education could be much better for how much money is being forked over. As a result of being a small school, they often insert their presence where it doesn't belong, like in romantic relationships and religious preference.
This school is gorgeous and is so close to the city I am never short on opportunities. I am able to be myself and am encouraged to get involved in as many student activities and groups as I possibly can. The connections through Manhattan College are also very vast and helpful. The internship program is great because it gives you a way to find what you would like while also making it important to your education. The staff here truly care about you, and that is very comforting.
The teachers here are exactly what work best for me. With small classroom sizes and open-minded teachers I am able to have all of my questions answered while not feeling unheard or unexpressive. I love how each teacher is also encouraged to express themselves so personality is everywhere here. There are resources available everywhere. While some teacher's do not go as in depth as I would prefer, I still appreciate that they teach it in a way that is exciting and relatable to my major.
Lack of class variety, limited food options, harsh rules, required chapel/religion involved in EVERY class (even math), very small class sizes, poor teacher quality, creationism is taught, gay marriage is looked down upon, etc.
Cedar Park is really honestly the best school i know of. The teachers have molded me into the woman of God I am today and they are the reason I have thrived at Cedar Park. The admin and office ladies never fail to put a smile on my face. They are always updating things around the school and trying to make it as enjoyable as possible. I feel as though they handle situations well and let the students know when there is a problem. There is no doubt in my mind that CPCS will still be around when I have children, and so my hope is that I can send my child too the best school in Washington.
Sports teams (Soccer, volleyball, basketball), ASB,
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