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Cedar Park Christian School - Lynnwood Campus Reviews

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I have attended Cedar Park Christian School - Lynnwood Campus all my life, and I can safely say that this school has helped in my studies greatly. The teachers give you many helpful resources for college, and there are many opportunities to earn college credit. If you have any questions about anything really, whether it is about college, homework, or anything going on in your personal life, the teachers are more than willing to help you out. My only problem is that there aren't really that many clubs or activities outside of school to attend, but other than that, this school has been an excellent helper in helping me get through most of my life.
Teaching standard is poor. Not sure why some one would be sending kids to this school paying 10,000$ for such poor standard of teachers and doubtful accreditation. Past students have reported that their previous study at this school is not accepted by college for couse credit.School which runs with Physical Education teacher as Administrator says it all.People looking for private education opt for either Kings School or Providence School.
Routinely state qualifiers in all sports
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EC graduates all of its seniors and routinely places 100% of graduates at top universities
We are very happy with the health and safety policies
There is often tutoring available to students, but college credit is not available through the school. The classes have prepared me well for college, but did not give me credit towards college. The previous guidance counselor was very helpful and knowledgeable and involved in the school, but the last guidance counselor (who recently left the school at the end of last year) was not very helpful or knowledgeable and I did not feel she was interested in helping me when I asked. I do not know who they have now hired for that position.
There are not tons of different extracurricular activities or clubs, but there is a growing forensics/speech and debate team as well as a drama team, and things like leadership/ASB, sports teams, and a politics club. If a student wants to start a club they are welcome to do so after getting the schools approval and help of a teacher. There are regularly opportunities after school to get help from teachers who are generous and willing to give their time and effort to help their students.
There are not any problems with race or ethnic acceptance it is just because of the location and majority of the school's makeup it is not a diverse environment. Acceptance and peer pressure are not major issues among students. Students and teachers are actively involved in the school. Sports games and being part of sports teams are a great way to get involved and show your school spirit and involvement.
Most administration is very helpful and friendly and regularly enforce school policies. Dress code is very strict and can sometimes seem ridiculous or unfair, but they do their best to try and keep that situation under control and that is their system of doing so. I believe that often times there could be better communication with the parents from the administration. Teachers do a great job of being involved with each student individually and doing what they can to help students succeed.
Cedar Park is a fairly small school. With that being said they do not have a pool or facilities for gymnastics or even lactose. A new field was just recently built and opened for use this past year (2013). There is now a full size soccer field that is also used for softball and baseball practices and softball games and a half length football practice field. Otherwise the school does not have some of the major facilities a larger public school would require.
There has neve really been any major safety or health concerns as the school itself is located in a pretty safe environment, but the school could do a better job of takings the precautions. You can never be too safe or too prepared especially when they have been given the responsibility of keeping other peoples' children safe.
I think one of the aspect I was most appreciative of was the genuine involvement and care seen from the teachers. They were always willing to help and that could mean on more than just an aadministrative level. The sports teams were probably my favorite. Soccer was my main sport and as a team we would become so close as we were seeing each other everyday, always encouraging one another, and always willing to pray for each other or all together.
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