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Cedar Park Christian School - Bothell Campus Reviews

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As a graduated Senior from Cedar Park (Bothell), I really enjoyed going there for the 4 years I attended. The community was fun and all the events were exciting! The academics were good, including CWI & Revelation Choir! After school, there were a great amount of activities and sports to get involved in and I personally loved getting into Cross Country! There is a wonderful community there, great teammates and an even better Coach! The school and teachers invest a lot into the students personally and it is a gift. There were days were I didn't want to walk into school but, the teachers make it such a fun and wonderful environment for students to talk about things. The principal is absolutely WONDERFUL, I was thrilled to have him for the short time that I did and it was a true blessing, if you have the chance, meet him. Overall, a wonderful school and a great experience for your kids, I wouldn't have wanted to go anywhere else.
Cedar Park has been a great experience for me and I am very happy that my parents chose to enroll me at this school. The teachers care so much about the students and the coaches care about each individual player so deeply.
I love the teachers and pastors. I was ahead in college because of Cedar Park. Although the buildings are old and needs repairs, overall its a great school.
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Cedar Park has many amazing teachers who taught their children to think critically, and who cared about them on a personal level. The school and administration, however, cared only as far as students (and even their families) fit the specific mold they thought an Ideal Christan Family ought to. Christian belief and manner of living is not just talked about, but demanded of each and every student, under the guise of a signed behavioral code of conduct that every high school (and even middle school) student must sign. It demanded that even music and clothing choices must be "honoring", EVEN when the student is at home. I had friends who refused to sign, or asked exemption from attendance demands for medical reasons, and were threatened with expulsion. I never questioned this as a student in my eight years there, but looking back, that level of control on a student's life horrifies me. School is a place to teach children, not demand they bow to your life choices
It is a very good school, faith and Christian based. Great teachers and good people to make friends with.
I love Cedar Park! I attended the school my junior and senior years of high school. I loved the Christian community cultivated by sports and school activities. The academic program prepares you for college and is taught from a Christian perspective.
I liked the Christian environment, but I would make the dress code less strict. It is very nice to have freedom to practice the Christian faith in a school setting. The academics are also great and the teachers are very dedicated.
I loved the teachers.They genuinely cared for me and valued my education. I built lifelong friendships and a community of peers.
Cedar Park Christian School-Bothell Campus taught me what it means to have faith and how to use that faith when faced with difficult circumstances. I had great teachers that helped me throughout my time at school.
Cedar Park is a community for my family! The kids show up at 7:45 am-stay after school for sports & clubs, then they come home sometime between 6 Pm-9 pm depending on their activities.
I enjoyed the decidedly Christian atmosphere and the effort of the teachers to help students in any way they can.
I had a great experience at this school. My only complaint in my whole time there is the leadership of the school. The teachers are great and genuinely spend the time caring and learning about the students.
Faith is well integrated into the school, but they need to step it up on their math and science. Compared to the public schools, their academics are falling behind. Another thing is they lack resources, such as having student computers or janitors. Other than that environment is great and teachers are nice. They all really do care and are very welcoming.
I liked how teachers cared for their students and pushed them to take hard classes. It was a friendly environment, but administration is extremely sexist and cuts corners to make sure it gets what it wants.
Cedar Park Christian School provides a strong Christian community and helps develop the students to succeed. The academics create a foundation that is strongly rooted in the Bible. Teachers work alongside students for both spiritual and intellectual problems.
Strong christian faith, solid academics and good athletics. Teachers, staff and administrators are wonderful and care deeply for the students. They offer flexible options with their Independent Studies program, which we used for our daughter. The Eastside/Bothell campus location is very convenient for our family.
Cedar Park is a small, private, Christian school which provides a lot of benefits. I always knew that my administrators and teachers wanted the best for me and they each helped me work to become the best student I could be. But these benefits came at a cost. The religious aspect of Cedar Park is harmful and dangerous at times. I witnessed teachers be fired for going through divorces. I witnessed students in the LGBTQ community be expelled due to their orientation. On multiple occasions, I was told to go home and change my outfit because my skirts were deemed too short. Overall, Cedar Park is an excellent environment for a certain group of people. But if a student doesn't conform to that group, they will be punished in a way that is unfair and potentially abusive.
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good education provided while getting to learn things from a biblical view. the teachers are knowledgable and prepare students well for college.
I had a great experience here. I attended K-12 and received a top-tier education. I do understand, though, that private school isn't for everyone, but I personally love that small-town feel. The community is fantastic and the Christ-centered classes are a huge highlight.
CPC is a great school for some people. Because of some of its values, it’s not right for everyone but I have had a very good experience attending. It has provided me with many academic opportunities and personal relationships. I feel lucky to be going to school there.
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