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I enjoy being apart of the Cedar Mountain Secondary school district because there is a wide variety of people who show efforts to give back to the community. Many offer their time and service to volunteer in ways that benefit the community. It is a very positive environment that makes me happy to be apart of.
Where to even begin ... bullying policy what's that here ? Cyber bullying is allowed because they cant stop it anyways , kid that is being threatened in front of staff has to have friends miss bus and walk him home to keep him safe , if your kid has any mental health issues well good luck 50% of the staff think they are mental health docs and they can determine what is best for your kid , if you have need to call in principal record record record the coward wont even admit when he has made a mistake and will lie to make you look bad so he dont have too !! Wont apologized or take any ownership at all ! Never in my life met a more unprofessional, un caring , lying adult in my life. The goal is children 1st that is not what we have experienced at all =(
The class sizes are small, making it easy to personally get to know teachers and other faculty. Students are able to have one on one time with teachers if they need extra help learning the material or want more study tips.
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There aren't a lot of options if students don't like the main course.
The teachers are very friendly, which helps students feel accepted and comfortable in school.
We have an excellent anti-bullying policy to help keep students safe.
There are very few extracurricular opportunities, other than the following sports: football, volleyball, basketball, golf, and track and field.
The peer pressure is typical to any other high school. There's some bad peer pressure, but there is also a lot of good peer pressure to be involved in things like sports.
The athletic facilities are mostly average. The track is very poor, but the football field is excellent.
There are very few AP/honor classes offered. Some classes can be overwhelming when it comes to the work load.
he Staff And Faculty Are Friendly And Helpful.
The Facilities are average at best. Access is limited. The Atmosphere is very enthusiastic. Our school has many athletic opportunities for anyone. Our programs for men include: Football, Basketball, Golf, Track, Tennis, Cross Country, Wrestling, and Baseball. The programs for women include: Volleyball, Basketball, Golf, Track, Tennis, Cross Country, and Softball
The social science, english, science, and math departments are all up to par, but the Agricultural department is lacking further and advanced opportunities.
I do enjoy my school, because of the friends I've made and the athletic opportunities, but the scholarship opportunities are very poor. The agriculture department is very lacking for students who want experience in technical professions. The teachers are very nice, but discipline does suffer a little bit here at my school because of this. Our general college preparation courses are sometimes not up to par. Plus, our honors courses are very lacking along with the honors extracuriculars.
I feel that our workload does not prepare us for the next level of education past high school nor does it give insight into future careers. Our classes and general atmosphere of the classrom does prepare us for future social situations though.
Some food is actually made from scratch like the deserts and vegetables, but we still buy mid-grade quality items in bulk though. Alternatives are slim pickings, but they are existent.
Th senior high students have only two options to socialize: 1. High School sporting events in the fall and winter 2. Prom-only 11th and 12th graders can attend with the exception of invited 10th graders. Students are getting less and less involved in dress up days and school pride. Pep fests are held at odd times in the day and are not getting as many students fired up any more.
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