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This school has several students who fail multiple grades. They dont have the resources to keep kids on par. Its all about image. But the fact is the school is lacking in all areas Class selection, music, clubs, programs, extracurriculars, athletics. My students have received food poisoning multiple times. Several parents are taking their students out of the school, the teachers are even leaving.
The care for the difficult students, or just in general doesn't exist. Their teachers seem overworked and frazzled, the organization of the activities or trying to get assistance with a student is terrible.
They've baker acted students.
And unless you are part of the staff cliques parents have no idea whats going on. It takes weeks for the coordinate together for anything.
I think because the community is infested with addicts they hope the parents don't notice, but we do.
This school will show what you wants see, but give it a couple months in you'll see your true colors.
Although it is the smallest public school in Florida, Cedar Key School has a lot to offer academically and athletically. All of the lessons are up close and personal and very detailed. If you struggle in large classrooms, then Cedar Key School is the place for you.
The school lunch is absolutely terrible. The only time we had something decent was when we had the nutrition people from the district and to only find out that it had been planned for WEEKS. They only care about their image and that's why I'm explaining what actually goes on. The principle literally body shamed a student and sent a student home for wearing shorts that WERE DRESSCODE and made them late for first period.
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This school and everything sucks so bad i hate it!!! The teachers are stupid and dont give a crap. Ive gotten sick because of the food.
everything in this school is terrible. nobody likes it here. it's going downhill. the teachers don't care about their job and suck at teaching. the food had given kids food poisoning. milk is out of date, lunch is undercooked.
The intimacy of the school helps with Academics sense everyone knows each other and has each other backs, the fact that it is such a close-knit and small school everyone pulls through for each other in a time of crisis, even the faculty will be on your side and are very understanding.
I spent K -12 at Cedar Key school and I'm happy that I stayed there. The teachers are dedicated to helping the students succeed and everyone was very close to one another. It was a very small school, my graduating class consisted of just eight people. The school itself is very safe school when compared to others.The teachers at CKS are probably the most devoted that you'll ever find.They truly care about the students in their care, but when a school is understaffed it can be difficult to reach every student and make sure they are progressing. I feel like my development was definitely improved upon by the environment that I grew up in.
Cedar Key School is terrible. I can't wait to move to Trenton High School! I get bullied here, and the teachers tell me its alright. Shout out to Mr. Powers, cause he's the only one who cares. Thanks classmates ...
This school has been great in my experience since the current principal has joined the team. The teachers are so caring. No one slips through the cracks!
The school has approximately 250 +/-, Pre K thru highschool is the student base.
I am glad to send my children there because it is so small. There are some areas that I would like to see improvement, like sports. The school generally completes against small private schools, but the new P.E. teacher is working to fix that. The community also plays a huge role in donations for the students in the school. For example, when the schools needs money for uniforms or computers someone from the community puts forth the money.
Both of our school nurses are friendly and I feel like I could talk to them about anything.
We don't have many teachers/workers that could do much more. They already stretch themselves between 6 different classes and most of them are leaders of a sport or organization
Not very accepting. I am a bisexual buddhist. Every one here are straight as a ruler and raging christians. There is maybe 2 black people. And one guy from the Czech Republic.
We have High-Q and 2 sports. It is really terrible.
The teachers are okay. I don't really like the way my math teacher is. He teaches so weird. English is terrible. But science is amazing. We have an amazing teacher.
We have basket ball and volleyball. Boring. I hate it.
All the classes in high school are; Environmental Science, Marine Biology, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, AP Stats, Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, Pre- Calc. (maybe I don't know), English I, English II, Journalism, Remedial Reading and Math, ELP, Hope, Gym. If you want anything else go on FLVS. I hate the options of classes I want more science and trig and calculus. Band, art something!
There is one option most of the time but every now and then there are two. Not very good. No snacks no water.
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I am well taken care of besides the fact that there are a bunch of homophobic and judgemental people.
The school is tiny... The computer I do all my work on is ancient. But as I stated previously, the guidance counselor is amazing. There is some but not much college prep sources and tutoring. The parent involvement is great.There are two older busses.
The guidance counselor is the best, she helps everyone and has a sense of humor. The principal I think is rather biased on who she suspends, expells, etc... The rest of the staff is pretty amazing though. They all take our policies strongly and enforce them.
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