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Physically and emotionally draining school. Biased and unprofessional teachers. Academics are decent. Mess of a school.
This school is superficially impressive and we were fooled at first. The owner, Nan Menon, puts on a good show for parents. But the reality is that the school is a complete mess.

There is a crazy amount of teacher turnover. Worse, some of the teachers are wildly unqualified and borderline abusive. Our son has reported witnessing both physical and verbal harassment of other students, by both the Spanish teacher and the Phys Ed teacher in particular.
As a parent, this school has offered everything to give my child an opportunity to learn, grow and excel in various fields, be it academedics or fine arts. I would love to have more sports programs in the school. The faculty has proven more than just teach. They are mentors and provide guidance to each and every child here. Would recommend CHP to every parent looking for enrichment and overall development of their child. Go CHP!
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This school is wonderful for children. Class sizes of about 12-15 allows teachers to get to know each and every student so they get more individualized instruction and deeper understanding. SmartBoards help give diverse instruction and this school believes in family and community. The school not only cares about academics, but, cares about developing the child as a responsible, respectful member of the community as well.
The teachers are very passionate about what they do. My children love to go to school everyday. CHP has a great environment. And the children excel.
While the emphasis is on academics, the teachers and the administration care about the whole child. The members of the adminstrative staff get to know each child personally and are available to the parents when necessary. This school works hard to hold each child accountable for academic success and behavior while lifting up his/her self esteem at the same time. There is a real feeling of community among the students and parents. I would highly recommend Cedar Hill Prep to any parent who wants their child to learn and be challenged in a caring atmosphere.
This is a community of curious students, educated teachers, empathic administrators. Apart from excelling academically, CHP teaches respect, civility and the importance of community services.

Benjamin Franklin said it best: Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.

CHP involves the students in every milestone of educating our children..!
I moved my daughter to this school after attending Pre-K and K in public schools, so I can honestly compare the two. At Cedar Hill Prep School you do not have to worry whether your child will wind up in a class with a good teacher, because they are all excellent in the first grade. At this level, they are learning things that I would not have imagine doing in first grade and I am amazed at the children's ability to understand what they learn, which leads me to believe that our children's world is bigger than we know and definitely left untapped at the public schools. I have already visited the 2nd grade class teachers and I expect that excellence will continue from here on.
My daughter absolutely loves her school. The teachers are attentive, friendly and take pride in their work. I am so happy that my son will also be joining CHP in the fall in Kindergarten. There is no other place I would like to have them.
Having been a part of the CHP community since my son was in Kindergarten, there is a considerable difference in his preparedness for high school vs his peers in public school due to the academic rigor at CHP.
This is a school where I would want to go. This, is a school that I should have always went to, where I fit in. The diversity of this school is so amazing, racially and socially. There is not a single person at Cedar Hill Prep School that I know to not have friends. The teachers are part of the community, and are with students every step of the way. But my favorite part about this school, as a student, is how incredibly high academics are, and how special, this school is, no matter whether academically, socially, or its traditions.
Nurturing and challenging environment. Teachers and admin are easily accessible to parents. Students are taught to work independently, but also to work as part of a team. Life skills, character ed, and academic success are part of students’ daily curriculum.
CHP is an overall amazing school academically and diversely. The teachers are trained the fullest and know how to enforce rules. CHP is like a family the students in you grade become so close over the years. The classes may seem small but this adds to the unique little family. The rule enforcement is amazingly on point and is very harsh at times but only when absolutely needed. The debate and robotics program are amazing! The resources and competition fostered at the school makes you feel bad for having lower than a 90 which pushes everyone to succeed. If u are struggling the teachers will sit with you one on one until your problem is resolved whether it is emotionally or academic stuff, CHP is the right choice for you.
cedar hill prep school is an amazing private school. This small school will lead you to success. It has many races and there are absolutely no bullies in this school. If you or your child are in grades Pre-K3 to 8th grade, make this school in your "top schools to go." This school gets you ready for college in no time. This is one of the cheapest private schools, but one of the best. It is in the top 10 schools in new jersey. Just give this school a chance. You surely won't regret it!!!
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