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I am a 10th grade in this school, This school really cares about our safety . The teachers seem o want to teach and help the students. But one bad thing is that They don't have enough opportunity.
I loved the atmosphere. I came from a really small school with 80 kids in my graduating class and even though i moved to a bigger school with more student to teacher ratio i still felt as if i was seen my my teachers. They knew me just as much as my teachers did at my old school. Not to mention the opportunity i had to do extracurricular activities. I have been able to be cheer captain take advanced classes and be in the national honor society. My high school experience has truly been great even amidst the whole pandemic, i have still been able to have a great senior year.
You get more freedom from your transition from middle school to high school. The teachers work hard to make sure you are working diligently. I was worried about starting high school during COVID-19 but they really make sure you are safe and taking precautions during this confusing and difficult time. The school is massive and is like a maze but i finally figured out my way around. Overall the school is great and I've had a good experience so far.
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It is a very great and diverse school with plenty of guidance counselors, trusted teachers, and great staff members. It has a great sports and extracurricular program and is very understanding towards students with special disabilities. It is a school that loves and takes care of their students just as if they were family.
During this pandemic the CHISD has shown just how much they really care about their students. All students were given a laptop to work from home, as well as food to feed students during the week. I loved how they shadowed surrounding school districts before opening, so that they may find the best and safest opening for our kids.
My experience at Cedar Hill High School has been great so far. I love the family feeling vibe that it gives off, and the social aspect of the whole school.
Overall my school is somewhat okay. They dont offer a alot of classes like most schools around us do. And our school is behind on technology so we dont have access to things like certain programs and stuff like our neighbor districts do. This monney would help me provide myself with what my school cant.
I really like Gear Up because it helps people when they are in need of guidance. They also have excellent sports.
Big school, great environment for learning, the teachers care about the students. Just in general a great school with good staff.
I would like their to be Major improvements towards the education management fields and the maintenance of the school.
It was great overall. Great school spirit with friendly staff. The only short coming of Cedar hill are the resources for the students.
The only thing I really liked about Cedar Hill High School was sports. I was a football player and we always had the loudest and the most excited fans. The main change to Cedar Hill High School is the food. The food was terrible and sometimes under cooked. There was some food choices that were good, but 90% of the time the food was terrible and lacked nutrients.
A lot of the teachers are not very good at their job. The people in high positions always think they are right when nearly everyone disagrees with them.
All the teachers are super nice and supportive! In my three years attending there every teacher I had was patient and caring. For my fellow theater kids the plays and musicals are fun and enjoyable the theatre teacher is amazing. Also, something I will always remember are the pep rallys they were never boring and included everyone.
This school was great at making the students feel included and safe. One thing I would like to see change is the advertising and pushing for the Fine Arts programs.
What I like about Cedar High School is that I have the opportunity to take higher-level classes and still be able to be apart of the CHHS High Steppers team. At my old school, Collegiate Academy & High School, the students are not given the opportunity to play sports. Since I've moved schools, I haven't been happier. Also, at Cedar Hill High School I feel like I am apart of a family and I have greater connections with students and teachers. The best part is that I'm able to be in the Early College Academy program and still have the oppertunity to dance at football games for my school.
Cedar Hill is a very diverse school. The administration is very caring and is actually involved in your life. Very few distractions and they are always preparing you for college. In my opinion, our sports program is pretty good.
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I liked the teachers and how they demanded us to work hard. I would like administration to be more prompt in processing requests.
What I liked the most about Cedar Hill High School was the culture shared by the students. All of my teachers were very supportive and encouraging throughout all of my four years. I was able to be myself at school and maintain a good GPA all while having fun.
It was good but graduation could’ve been better I thought that the overall school experience although was amazing
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