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There is a lot of diversity and school spirit here! The school really supports joining organizations and being college ready. However, better communication to students about deadlines and events should be made. In this school, there are a few teachers that don’t seem to like their job or do their job right, but the majority does their job well and lightens the environment with their care for their students.
It’s completely terrible school system sucks, teachers can’t teach, food is disgusting, we have restrictions on basically everything mostly on clothes, and all of the schools money goes to football instead of everything else. We also get a lot of threats (bomb threats, shooting, clown threats)
I really enjoy attending Cedar Hill High School because it's the perfect size school, it's not too big or small. It's easy to make friends at Cedar Hill and everyone is pretty much friendly. We have a really good AP and Dual Credit program for students who want to take advanced classes. The only thing I would change about my high school is the career endorsements because they don't provide specific classes for some career pathways.
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i like the free dress code and that most of the teachers actually try to help us succeed. the school has many fights they're very childish and the school really does to much but overall all its a good school and is very fun. the classes teachers and students are very active for the most part.
It was okay, I had been to 3 different high schools before Cedar Hill and was not interested in getting to know other high schools.
its an alright school we have alot of issues with like supplies and bullying i feel like we have counselors for no reason they arent gonna help anything or stop anything im just ready to graduate honestly.
Cedar Hill High School has a big focus on athletics but is lacking in academics. There are not many programs that promote learning, nor people that will educate the masses on the benefits of taking AP and Duel Credit class (or someone to explain the differences between the two)
Cedar Hill High has been fun the past 3 years. Im looking forward to starting my senior year and graduating in 2020. The Ap teachers here are great. They are the teachers that really care the most.
Cedar hill high school, overall, is a poor high school that only got worse after becoming open district. The football team was really good when I was there, but just about everything else was average or below average. I think first they should work harder on academics, then they can try changing other aspects of the school, like more enthused staff. However, my personal experience was nice. I had good friends and we had fun together.
Throughout my 3 years as a student of Cedar Hill HS, I have had a pretty basic high school experience. There aren't any major issues with the school, but there also ins't anything that makes the school stand out. The biggest issue with the school is occasional fight, but those only happen every so often. The school does have a really good AP program in which students are given the utmost support and even monetary incentives. Those students that do the most are greatly appreciated among administration and teachers. There is a great Fine Arts department with their being several choirs, a band, orchestra,dance team, and a multitude of art courses. The sports teams are usually very successful in their districts. The school isn't the most diverse as a majority of students are African American and other ethnicities make up much smaller fractions.
I like the many different types of organizations you can pick from at this school. What I would like to see changed are the classrooms. The classrooms at this school give the environment very depressing vibe.
This is a school with great teachers that love their job, but is plagued with awful students and awful management.
I’ve met a lot of good people and teachers that have changed my life. I wish the food was as good as the friends I’ve made though. The school isn’t that clean and the ac is usually always broken or imbalanced.
Cedar Hill offered a unique experience with a very diverse crowd and I got the chance to grow will all kinds of people. I graduated in 2018, at the time there wasn't a lot being done for college readiness. There was one counselor who was putting in tons of work but was still overwhelmed. I wish there was more invested in the kids future, whether it be college or trades.
I like the involvement of most of the teachers with the students. I would like to see the student activities and parent involvement change.
I love the experience of being like a family. Everyone was so friendly and help when it was needed. The staff was friendly and always greeted with a smile. The sports at the school at all time high and was and still is a very recognize school
I love the spirit of CHHS, we feel like a tightly knitted family there. The advanced academics are stressed there and they make the learning process very motivating which in turn opens up doors for new opportunities.
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I liked that Cedar hill was an chill environment. They wasn’t too ratchet and we had some home training. The food and the admin could’ve been better. They could’ve changed the dressed code to free dress code.
Personally, I often feel crowded in the halls and classrooms. Some classes are not at an adequate level of rigor in my opinion. However, most of my classes are challenging, which I really like. I would like to see a bigger focus on academics as opposed to athletics. I do feel like that is slowly changing, but as a high-ranking student, I do feel undermined and overshadowed by the athletics program. Organizations like HOSA (Future Health Professionals), which I am apart of, are very underappreciated compared to the football team.
Almost everything you would want to do in college is available to you. Most teachers are willing to help.
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