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It's an amazing environment where kids can come to learn, play, and grow. They learn to love reading and learning for the sake of learning. They get outside and play games and learn teamwork, camaraderie, and sportsmanship.
I went to Cedar Hall for 7 years, and I feel that I could not have received a better education. The school focuses more on learning how to learn and instilling a love of learning and less on preparing students for tests. This form of education actually succeeded in better preparing me for both.
Even in my 3rd year of college I would frequently be met with "new concepts," that I had been exposed to in Middle School. Thanks to the small setting, the teachers are able to properly connect with each student as an individual. There is no better place for a parent to send their children.
Cedar Hall School does many outdoor activities that require students to get moving
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Cedar Hall School is very flexible with what extracurricular activities the students want. If one student presents the headmaster with and idea of something that they want to do or learn, it has a very good chance of happening.
The culture of Cedar Hall school is very personal. Since it is a very small school, people are forced to get along with each other resulting in people having better personalities.
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